“Players that picked us over them” – Latest Follow Follow fantasy is a thread of lies

Celtic Park

I wonder who actually sits down to write the p**h that goes on Follow Follow.

Genuinely I do. Don’t get me wrong, thank Christ they do put all their wee thoughts onto a public forum because without them, what could we laugh at.

Especially this latest one.

Whilst we enjoy some healthy in the transfer market, they start a deluded thread about players who ‘chose’ them over Celtic.

Here we go:

This one is a blatant lie as Martin O’Neill chased that wee goblin because he was asking for money way above his level.


Again, another lie. Celtic didn’t go for Hartson until AFTER his failed medical at the debt dome.

No and No. Plus is he talking about the Brazilian Emerson cause he never signed for them so how did he ‘choose’ Rangers over Celtic?

I mean ffs. Do they not know that Conn played for both and never had to choose and Spencer? Now, I’m no Celtic encyclopedia but I’m sure we signed an unknown no mark from Slovakia over John Spencer did we not? Plus Spencer STARTED his career at Ibrox.



How is that even a negative? How did it work out for both teams again?

I mean the thread goes on and on and on.

I would be here all day dismantling it. The link is at the top of this blog. But here is a belter.

The piece de la resistance. Hold your hats for this:

I’m logging off for today!!! Haha.

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  • The Great God Pan

    Jeez. Deludamol is now a top seller.

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer more like😝😝

  • Tommy McQuillan

    I actually read that full thread and the rubbish they talk is unbelievable, one guy said and I quote “if they came in with a bid of £75million for Calvin Bassey would we accept it and forgive him for going”. Their delusion is off the scale, they also said that in the 50’s up until the 80’s that a Catholic signing for Rangers would’ve been ostracised from their community and their priest wouldn’t have allowed it, utter bulls**t. They really are thick mutants and the spurious bile and hatred on that platform has no place in society, I’d be ashamed to be like that. I don’t like anything that club and support stand for but I don’t hate anyone as I was raised better than that and it’s sad to see how pathetic their lives are.

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