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Celtic set for major cash boost after latest Fabrizio Romano update

With some of the top teams in Europe rumoured to be interested in the right-back, former Celtic star Jeremie Frimpong appears destined to be at the centre of a transfer war this summer.

The 22-year-old just had a great Bundesliga season with Bayer Leverkusen, and has held his place in the Netherlands national team.

And now, according to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, Frimpong could be “one to watch” this summer as far as a transfer goes after the player’s agents “meeting” with the management of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United.

Romano tweeted,Jeremie Frimpong remains one to watch this summer as his agent met with Barcelona, Bayern and Man United almost two months ago.  

“Dutch RB completed the season with 10 assists and 9 goals. Bayer Leverkusen hope to keep him but they’re aware of big clubs interest.”

Leverkusen will be extremely confident of doubling or possibly quadrupling, the £11.5M cost paid to acquire Frimpong’s services from the Chelsea previous season, which he concluded with 10 assists and nine goals.

This is outstanding news for Celtic as they will be due anything up to 30% of any future fee that Frimpong manages to garner due to a release clause inserted into the transfer deal with Leverkusen.

Celtic fans infiltrate Follow Follow; what else explains this madness?

Follow Follow is a forum that is usually steeped in hatred, bigotry and stupidity. They post all sorts of deranged nonsense to convince themselves that they are superior to every other club and fanbase in the country.

But not only that, they’re hatred for all things Celtic consumes them. And to be honest, who can blame them. We have dominated them for twenty years so it is little wonder they are broken.

And this latest thread from the rabid lot is Simply The Best. After Tina Turner’s passing, the forum went into overdrive.

Threads were posted exclaiming their love for the singer. Which is why I am utterly convinced Celtic fans have infiltrated the site after seeing this:

In truth, they probably couldn’t even name one other song that she sung other than The Best. In fact, they couldn’t even get the name of that song correct either.

This is just another example of how stupid and idiotic this fanbase is.  Either that are we have some of our very own in that forum ripping them from within.


Video: Rangers fan sectarian attack on single mum’s house after Hampden Celtic loss

Yeah, I know. Nothing surprises me these days.

As the weekend’s result turns into a post mortem for the Ibrox club, this Rangers fan was so incensed at the 1-0 loss he took leave of his senses and targetted a young single mothers house.

Adrian Douglas from Lurgan in Country Armagh was filmed aiming vile sectarian abuse to a single mum and attempted to force his way into her home after full time at Hampden.

Watch the video below:

And the scary part is, what would he have done if he managed to get access? But this sort of behaviour is par for the course for some of these fans.

They don’t know how to separate football from real life. You just have to look at the fascist Nazi banner that was on display at Hampden to show you the psyche of these idiots.

Hopefully, Mr Douglas will be having his collar felt by the local constabulary after yesterday’s shameful behaviour as it seems that this sort of thing is not a one-off for the cowardly bully.

Chris Sutton’s classic trolling of ‘real’ Rangers as ex Celt cranks up the Scottish Cup heat

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure in this game, Chris Sutton does what he does best and rattles the Rangers fans with a brilliant dig at the Ibrox club.

After listening to excuse after excuse from Beale and his team every time we get a result off them, Sutton gas challenged Rangers to either put up, or shut up.

Sutton said, [Daily Record], “There’s no doubt from a player’s perspective you want to rub your rivals’ noses in it. That works both ways.

“In fairness to Celtic, the way they have treated these games has been to play everything down and doing their talking on the pitch.

“After every poor performance from Rangers against Celtic, on the Monday morning we’ve had this, ‘You’re going to see the real Rangers next time’.

“We’ve heard that a few times. Will we see the real Rangers this weekend?”

I think it’s fair to say we will never see the “real” Rangers ever again seeing as they died in 2012 but you just know the moonhowling at Ibrox will be well under way after hearing this.

Well played Sutton. Well played.

“If Celtic win, will it be, ‘we’ll see the real Rangers at Ibrox?’ We’ll find out.”