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There are some stories that get printed and I genuinely think, ‘What’s the point in that?’

A bit like if a tabloid writes about a duck eating butter. You know those kind of stories I’m on about. A ‘slow news day’ is what we call them.

One such story was written by The Sun, (yes forgive me, but at least you don’t now need to click on it) where ex imaginary flute player, Paul Gascoigne recollects the time he “almost” signed for Kenny Dalglish but now reveals the reason why he didn’t, and it is quite bizarre, “I didn’t want to leave [Newcastle], but I had no choice.

“I spoke to Dalglish and I did not understand a word he said. So that deal went out the window.”

‘He couldn’t understand a word he said’. Amazing, disrespectful and said without a hint of irony of self awareness.

Here we are talking about a guy who’s tongue is about 3 seconds ahead of his teeth when he talks. A guy who spent a decent part of his career in Italy with Lazio (how did he understand the Italians?) and a guy who ‘didn’t know’ the connotations of imaginary flute playing in a Glasgow Derby.

But then I ask myself, ‘How was Kenny such a successful manager if players couldn’t understand him?’ With 3 English First Division titles, 1 Premier League title, 2 FA Cups, 1 league cup, 4 charity shields and and a Football League Super Cup, I can see Gascoigne’s point. But then I see all the medals the midfield misfit has amassed and I stand corrected.

Gascoigne, for all his genius as a footballer, was also a skidmark on the professional game with his well documented conduct pre and post match. He really should think twice before slating one the games true professionals and legends.

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There has been a lot said about Celtic’s hunt for a new manager. The Celtic board have, quite rightly, been lambasted for their handling of the Eddie Howe affair and now they are being held to account for the potential shambles of the Ange Postecoglou appointment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Postecoglou appointment IS a shambles, but the circus that has surrounded it is.

Speaking in his weekly column, Charlie Nicholas has criticised the board by, strangely, crediting the Lennon/Hammond regimes transfer policy, “Ange Postecoglou looks set to become Celtic manager – but how many top targets will he have missed out on by then? We had the Eddie Howe disaster but now they look to be finally in a position to land Postecoglou. There is no doubt that Neil Lennon and Nicky Hammond would have put transfer targets in place before they departed.”

What a strange comment. Are we talking about the same Hammond that identified Barkas, Duffy and Laxalt? The same Lennon that said he had been tracking Laxalt for almost two seasons before he managed to get him? Or the same two guys that identified Jonjoe “Pass it sideways” Kenny? And there have been many more!

This is coming from the same pundit, who just back in January said of the signing policy, “Celtic have gone backwards and the signings have been poor. They were lazy about the signings.” The hypocrisy is incomprehensible.

Sometimes I genuinely think these “pundits” just need to take a deep breath before speaking or writing, which actually makes what he said worse as writing requires a degree of thinking. Nope, wait. It makes sense now!

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The Celtic board have tonight claimed that they have met their promise of “added value” to the fans from their pledge in June 2020 regarding the season ticket prices.

Thousands of fans forked out on average £550 for season tickets last summer to shower their backing for the club’s pursuit of the ill fated ten in a row.

The club then vowed to give the fans added value for their money in terms of a virtual season ticket where the supporters could watch all home games online. The board say the provision of two additional live matches, one live cup match, two delayed UEFA matches and some virtual programming was enough to meet their added value pledge.

The Celtic Trust disagreed and lobbied the club to issue shares as payment instead of refunds so the fans would be properly recompensed for not being able to attend games despite their financial backing.

A statement by the trust read, “The added value they say they have provided consists of a stream for a league cup game, two friendlies, two delayed European games (after they’d finished) and online programmes. 

“The Celtic Trust does not agree that any value has been provided which would meet the terms of the commitments made in June 2020 and we are also clear that no meaningful consultation has taken place given that no alternative proposals have been put to anyone by the PLC Board.

The full statement from the Trust can be read here. This is yet another example of the Celtic board still not getting the mood of the fans and proving yet again how out of touch they are with supporters.


With the madness of the last weekend and the subject of anti catholic and sectarian issues being highlighted in Scottish football and society, former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson gave an insight into his experience with playing in the Glasgow Derby but also shared his respect he had for Celtic players off the pitch when he was captain of Rangers.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson spoke at length of the chance encounters with Celtic players outside of the madness of Scottish football and what he revealed was very refreshing, “I’m not gonna kid anybody on here. He was a top player (Stan Petrov), and top midfielder and a real good guy as well. As he says we hated each other for ninety minutes minutes, but the respect was always there.

“If you where out with your friends or your wife, you would have a quick chat with them (Celtic players). You’d have a beer with them, a glass of wine so there was none a what people think goes on.

“There’s always respect. Every time that I was in a group of Rangers players or out with my missus and I see a group of Celtic players I would always go over and have a chat with them and have a laugh.

“Even when you go away with the national team, there’s always Celtic and Rangers players and people would say me, ‘Did you sit separate and not speak to them?’ Listen, come on, we’re playing with the national team here, you’d have a laugh and a joke, and you try and give them a wee sly boot in training or whatever but there was always one thing I will say, with the guys that I played with at Rangers and the guys I played with at Celtic, there was always that mutual respect.”

To be honest, in a day and age where sectarian singing and fan hatred of each other was probably at it’s height, this is a refreshing insight to the relationships players on both sets of the divide.

the time celtic scouted a brazilian wonderkid and came back with scheidt

We all remember the day this Brazilian powerhouse was paraded at Celtic Park with the scarf above his head and the smiles when he was donning the Hoops on the photo shoot.

One of the signings from the ill fated John Barnes era, Scheidt was a phenomenon. Not with his footballing ability, but the fact Gremio managed to syphon £5m out of Celtic for a player that couldn’t tackle a fish supper never mind Scottish footballs top strikers.

Speaking on his A Celtic State of Mind podcast, host Paul John Dykes recalled the timeline of the move and revealed that Celtic were actually on the trail of a little known Brazilian called Ronaldinho when somehow, Scheidt caught the eye of the then scouting team, “Celtic sent some people on a scouting mission over to Brazil to watch Gremio in the late 90’s.

And at that time there was a young Ronaldinho tearing it up, and we brought home, Raphael Scheidt for 5 million quid. So we could have got Ronaldinho”

This is the first time I’d ever heard this story and it truly is amazing to think of what could have been. Hopefully the new manager will bring in a scouting team worthy of the Hoops and we don’t end up with more Scheidt in the squad.

italian media report Celtic told “here’s your price” for defender

As the Eddie Howe saga seems to be coming to a head in the next week or so, Celtic have been told that if they want defensive target Mario Vuskovic, they must pay the six million Euro price tag slapped on his head.

Celtic, along with Torino have expressed a serious interest in the Hadjuk Split defender but so far, only Torina have placed a bid on the table of four million Euro’s which was promptly knocked back by the Croation club.

Italian news outlet TuttomercatoWeb have since reported that if any club wish to obtain the services of the highly rated Croat, they must pay the six millions Euro’s asking price (£5.2m) and must allow a sell on clause to be attached to any future deal.

Vuskovic has made over fifty appearances for Hadjuk but has so far failed to win any silverware with the club. However, he has cemented his place in the Croatian u21 side where he recently starred in a 2-2 draw against Scotland u21’s.

It remains to be seen whether or not Celtic will match the price quoted by Hadjuk or even be able to afford such a move due to the global pandemic, but with a massive clearout expected in the summer, there could be significant funds be made available to the new manager as long as any fee’s collated is invested straight into the team and not the balance sheet.

“If I had my last tenner” – Pundit gives massive Eddie Howe hint

As we come to the business end of the season and Celtic have nothing to play for, the talk still continues on who will succeed Neil Lennon as the next Hoops manager.

One pundit, however, is still confident that the seemingly number one choice for the board, Eddie Howe, will become the next manager and understands the fans frustrations at the time it is taking to get the deal over the line.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Andy Halliday said,“It’s all sort of speculation as we don’t know if Eddie Howe is keen to be the next Celtic manager.

“I think a lot of Celtic fans frustrations are because we’ve seen previous with this with Celtic when it’s trying to get players over the line for the like of John McGinn, to mention one.

“Eddie Howe will realise the size of Celtic Football Club. He knows what a massive job and a privilege it will be if he does manage to get over the and be the next Celtic manager.

“I personally feel as if, if I had to hang my hat and say my last ten pounds is going to be the next Celtic manager I do still think it’s going to be Eddie Howe but I can understand the Celtic fans frustrations as to why it is taking so long because ideally, they will want to get him in as soon as possible before the Euro’s start.”

With the talk of Howe taking over gone cold for the moment, Celtic fans are starting to wonder if his heart really is in coming to Glasgow and many are now of the opinion that the club should now be targeting another man.