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“Many of our fans are absolute frauds”, “Another thread of sh***” – Follow Follow blue on blue as fans turn on their own

Ibrox Stadium

Of all the reasons they could have come up with to get angry at losing the biggest game in their ten year history, I genuinely never thought this could have been one of them.

If it was me, I would have asked questions about starting with no striker. Or subbing a striker on only to sub him back off when it came to penalties? Or why did Goldson not clear it for their equaliser? Or even why did the fans need to complete a Saving Private Ryan mission as Kent seemed to go missing against the Germans, especially at the penalties.

But no. The fans choose this most important aspect to get angry at.


Yep. They are raging at their own for leaving the stadium at the end. They are raging that their own fans, who had flights to catch, never had any water for over three hours in baking heat left the stadium at the end of the penalties.

Talk about blame kulchur.

This thread on Follow Follow is just bonkers:

Rangers Champions (needs to think about a name change here) put: “My only disappointment after tonight is that every Rangers fan should have stayed and applauded the team for there efforts when they went to collect there medals and the amazing run they have had.

The bit looked empty as they went up.

They made us dream.

They made us proud.

Staunch as f***!! Right?

Of course it was but some of his fellow ‘bears’ were not happy:

WTF is this patter all about?

Raging aren’t they!

“I don’t want to criticise the team” – And then this Sevco fan slaughters his hero’s

Ibrox Stadium

These fans are brilliant.

For the last three or four weeks we have had to endure them, and certain media pundits and journalists, tell us that this *Rangers team, should they have won the Europa League, will have eclipsed the Lisbon Lions.

Yeah, I know.

Even uttering those words is unreal but that’s the thing with these fans.

The more the media feed them the more they believe that they are ‘the peepul’.

But what happens when it all goes wrong? What happens when this team, who are on the cusp of Scottish football history greatness, falls at the last hurdle?

This. And it is bloody brilliant:

Calls like that are the very epitome of self entitled.

The almost greatest Rangers captain ever is now not so great because they never won the final.

Forget all the hard work that went in to get them there. All gone. No one cares. Because they lost one game.

It is little wonder they are one of the most hated fan bases in Scotland.

“Says the guy that wrote for the Sun” – Chris Sutton is still pressing buttons

Match Day Celtic Park

Got to love the big man.

No matter what he tweets, he reels them in.

*Rangers fans, ex players, and now journalists.

You may remember my story yesterday on how Sutton destroyed Rangers twitter with his Seville tweet, well not only did he hook in Kevin Thomson, he also reeled in former Sun journalist and Scottish Sports writer of the Year (06-8 no less) Ian King.

I knew I remembered the name when I saw it and it was rather surprising to see it pop on Suttons tweet:

Clearly he is a deep state of hurt after watching his team go down in Seville, and if *Rangers are not his team he is doing a grand job of showing it:

And another surprising one Sutton hooked popped his head up:

And look who he backs up:

Yep, raging!

“No 1 airline in the world”, “Cryinair”, “When Ryanair just batter R*angers” – Airline’s outstanding Sevco trolling goes viral

Celtic Park

As trolling goes, this one tops the lot.

The *Rangers fans are still coming to terms with their loss of their biggest night since they beat Peterhead in that other cup final that made their club bigger than the class of St Mirren 86/87.

And their pain was compounded further by this incredible tweet from Irish airline, Ryanair:

In minutes the tweet went viral and the Celtic fans showed their appreciation to their now favourite airline:


“This is a linesman for the SFA” – Celtic fans lambast pro Sevco tweet

Celtic Park

If there was ever a time where you needed confirmation that there could be inherent bias towards one club from Scottish officials it is now.

Celtic fans have long thought that some referee’s had leanings towards a certain club that plays in blue, and most likely they do, but if they ever want to dispel that myth, tweets like these do them absolutely no favours.

After *Rangers’ hilar…….I mean devastating loss in the Europa League Final on Wednesday, Douglas Ross, who famously got Simunovic sent off in a Glasgow Derby tweeted this:

Normally, not too bothered about something like that. It’s probably his ‘civic’ duty as a unionist MP to congratulate failure but the issue many seem to have is there is no balance from the MSP.

No congratulations tweet to St Johnstone on their cup double win last season? Or what about Celtic in their historic second 9 in a row or Quadruple Treble.

Let’s check:

Don’t be daft. So it’s little wonder fans of other clubs eye our match officials with suspicion:

And because I can, I am having the last word this time:

Andy Hallidays reaction to Ramsey’s missed penalty is just first class

Celtic Park

Oh the podcasts. How much have they taken a battering over the last 24 hours?

Especially those with *Rangers leaning pundits.

The Go Radio Football Show had Colin Hendry on (yeah, what a capture) as their resident Ibrox ‘expert’ for the night and even he didn’t muster a reaction like Andy Halliday did on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

Don’t get me wrong, Hendry’s conduct throughout the penalty shoot out reeked of ‘ra peepo’ but that’s another matter.

But poor Andy. When asked for his immediate reaction following the missed penalty, the poor lad could only muster this:

Just brilliant.

I would hazard a guess there were tears and hankies at the ready.

Poor Andy.

“The greatest thing I have ever witnessed” – Footage of TWO Sevco pub penalty miss goes viral

Celtic Park

This is either stupid, brave or funny.

Or all three at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, my reaction was the same as this guys when that final penalty hit the back of the net, but would I have reacted like this in a pub full of Rangers fans?

Not a chance.

This guy showed no fear though:

And just how sick was the rest of the pub? Just simply brilliant.

I’m loving today. Are you? Because all these Celtic fans are:

Was Kenny McIntyre almost in tears on Sportsound?

Celtic Park

Ooft! Things you love to hear.

When the pro Sevco media cheerleaders are hurting it makes great viewing and listening to those of us sick of their unbalanced and bias reporting.

For two weeks we have had to listen to these idiots convey a ‘debate’ about the Lisbon Lions and this current *Rangers team that in any other country would be laughed at.

But because this country is so entrenched in the media with pro Sevco pundits and reporters, the argument was not only given credence, but also a platform on all media phone in or pundit shows.

Which is why I take great pleasure in sharing these tears with you.

Well, I think it was almost tears. Have a listen to the end:

The wee voice shaking at the end as the Sportsound presenter took over was just a thing of beauty wasn’t it?

Here’s hoping there is more of the same come Saturday………….

“I knew he would miss” – Former SPL Chief takes brilliant Sevco swing whilst praising Celtic

Celtic Park

I love this guy.

He’s so unpredictable it’s brilliant.

Former SPL Chief and lifelong Celtic fan is one of the most eccentric users on twitter I would say.

He loves to criticise the club as a fan, not all I agree with, but this is the first time I think he has taken a swing at the Ibrox club so publicly.

Maybe the fact that he resides in Italy makes it a bit safer to do so helps but who cares, we all love to poke the bears.

Mitchell took to twitter last night and, passive aggressively, consoled the Govan fans whilst giving our club a huge pat on the back:

And where I disagree in his first tweet is I took great joy in Ramsey missing the penalty.

Ever since he signed, the media have fawned over him and labelled him the best midfielder in the country when he wasn’t even the best midfielder behind McGregor, Hatate, Rogic and O’Riley.

So I am glad he missed it. I am glad they lost.

A little bit of humility, and humble pie, will do them a world of good.

“Wasn’t John Reid at the time a Celtic director?” – Murdo Fraser rinsed for anti Celtic tweet

Match Day Celtic Park

He’s a strange wee guy isn’t he?

Pops up now and again on my timeline whenever anything Rangersy is happening.

This “MSP” seems to have a habit of embarrassing himself on a weekly basis now.

Last week it was a motion to the Scottish Parliament about Jimmy Bell (yes that’s right. Read it here) and now it’s a wee pop at either Celtic fans or Labour supporters.

I’m not sure which it is because, as always, Murdo slides in two footed not really watching where he is going:

And right away a Celtic fan put him straight.

But before I show you that, let’s get this one out the way:

Now, John Reid wasn’t the chairman then, he became the chairman of Celtic in 2007 but you know what? Who cares.

Reid at least had the class to not broadcast his trip. Went silently, Came back silently.

This “MSP” loves the attention *Rangers gains him because, let’s be honest, his day job doesn’t.

Anyway, here are the best of the Celtic fans rinsing him:

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