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“Wolves have not only dodged a bullet, they’ve won the lottery” – Journalist’s stunning rant at ‘new’ Ibrox gaffer that should serve as a warning to the Bears

Yes folks, it’s true.

The Banter Years are well and truly back and it is bloody marvellous.

Many would argue that they had never really left, but with what we have witnessed over the last week to ten days, events at Ibrox have just proven that that club is still as mad as a box of frogs.

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From the Return of the King (maybe) to wee Alfie checking out, the constant negative headlines from that club is just superb.

But this rant from journalist Nathan Judah is just absolutely first class.

As Michael Beale ‘agrees’ to become the new Rangers gaffer, Juday tweeted this belter:

Absolutely outstanding and if the Rangers fans think that he wouldn’t jump ship the minute another EPL club comes calling, they should think again.

“Up the Celtic”, “Tactically inept” – QPR fan reacts to Beale news with superb tweet that should serve as an Ibrox warning

The Michael Beale to Rangers story has been on that has dominated the headlines all week now.

With the Englishman the firm favourite to take the role on Monday, there has been a kind of mixed reaction by the Bears as to how they feel about the appointment.

And how they feel is pretty much summed up by this one tweet:

From one of them and it is pretty much bang on the money.

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But listen, Beale watched over us winning a Quadruple Treble so I wouldn’t worry too much about his appointment.

This QPR fan however, didn’t react too well to the news by venting his anger towards the incoming Ibrox gaffer.

Five months he’s been in the job so it is understandable how the QPR fans feel. 

Five months and a run of form that many argued was potentially sackable:

And as it looks like big Ferdy was paying for Beale’s taxi up to Glasgow, the QPT fan warned that, tactically, Beale isn’t all that:

I’m sure we will find out soon enough if Beale is going to be the manager officially but it is not an appointment that worries me to be honest.

So I’ll just leave you with this last thought. It pretty much sums up the whole Beale circus:

“What about ‘ bealing’ for when they get pumped?” – Sevco fans ‘Beale Ball’ tweet rinsed by Hoops support

Is it not bad enough that they try to copy us by trying to appoint Kevin Muscat from the J League?

Or how about the time they were supposed to be scouring the Japanese market after Ange plucked out Kyogo, Reo and Daizen?

They simply do not have an original thought or idea in their heads when it comes to their own club.

And now that the club are going to announce Michael Beale? This fan decided to post a video from the COVID season, of Gerrard’s team and called the football they played…………

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Jesus wept.

In an empty stadium, under no pressure from 50k angry bears and a slight hint of the video being sped up, Beale Ball was born.

I’m cringing even typing that so I’ll let the Celtic fans do my work for me here:

“I’m sure Celtic fans will be gutted” – Pundit trolls Ibrox as new manager search continues

This is brilliant.

This is what we want to read. Someone telling the media exactly how the Celtic fans are feeling about the Ibrox sides search for a new manager.

Because the reality is, we really don’t care.

We genuinely don’t. And that’s because of one man.

Ange Postecoglou.

The gaffer has us all believing that regardless of who we are about to face, we show no fear. Not for Real Madrid. RB Leipzig and certainly not for Rangers.

Because Ange has instilled in us, and the players, a confidence and belief that we can beat anyone on the pitch.

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Regardless of who is in that dugout.

And pundit, Tam McManus, called it perfectly here.

Speaking to Football Insider, McManus said, “I don’t think Celtic are worried about who comes in.

“The title is in their hands, it’s theirs to lose now. Rangers are going to have to go perfect until the end of the season.

“They have to win every game, I don’t see it. I don’t see them beating Celtic three times. It’s too little too late from a Rangers point of view.

I’m sure Celtic fans will be gutted, they would rather Gio was still in charge to be honest, based on how this season has gone so far.

“They were delighted to see their old rivals struggling and all of the questions being asked of the manager. Rangers might get a boost from this.

“It’s a fresh voice, you see a new manager bounces everywhere but I don’t think Celtic will be bothered at all by this.”

Nine points. By the time we meet them in January we could be so far out of sight, we might need a passport to get to Ibrox.

Bring it on.

“Hardly known for journalistic integrity” – Sevco fan media civil war as Ibrox Noise accuses ‘duff’ Rangers groups and Chris Jack for spreading an ‘utter fabrication’

I love this.

At a time when Celtic are adding players to their dominant squad, the *Rangers are looking for a new manager, will be looking for £9.5m to pay off Hummel and their fan media are also looking for positive stories to punt about their club.

But whilst the Govan side fall apart like a deck of cards, it was a story about Tom Lawrence that made the fan media sites set about each other.

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According to Ibrox Noise, Chris Jack, Rangers Review and Ibrox News all stand accused of inflating an injury update on the popular winger.

They all claimed that Lawrence was set to be out until March which turned out to be a complete fabrication.

Chris Jack copped it the most when Ibrox Noise said, “Chris Jack, who has recently been a massive mouthpiece for exclusive Rangers stories recently, is hardly known for journalistic integrity and certainly has his critics among the Ibrox fanbase to say the least, and proudly reported the story as an absolute exclusive, only for Heart & Hand to investigate themselves and learn the story was dud information.

Brutal, savage and confirming what Celtic fans have known all along about the Sevco cheerleader that is Jack.

Full on civil war is happening not only amongst the boardroom it seems and it is fantastic.

Report: Celtic target £2m, 20 cap international from the Most Successful Team in the World

Celtic’s transfer business is really ramping up now.

With the capture of Yuki Kobayashi firmly in the minds of the Celtic fans, there was also links to Canadian international right back Alistair Johnston that appeared online last night and were further solidified this morning with an update from journalist Sacha Pisani (Vital Celtic).

It seems that the club is active again with The Glasgow Times now reporting that we are looking to resurrect a deal to bring Egyptian midfielder Mohamed ‘Afsha’ Magdy to the club.

The deal is thought to be an initial loan move, but the club are yet to make any interest official.

Magdy is an attacking midfielder and has made 144 appearances for the club. He’s scored 29 times and created 32.

The midfielder still has two years left on his contract but has always been linked with a move to Europe. A £300k move to Sivasspor collapsed in August after the Turkish club failed to match Ahly’s valuation of the player

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Yuki Kobayashi reveals end of season result that nearly quashed his Celtic move

First signing in the bag and there seems to be more on the way.

Yuki Kobayashi was announced by the club yesterday on a five-year deal after months of speculation.

The former Vissel Kobe defender was on Celtic’s radar for months and he has revealed that Kobe’s disastrous end of season result against the J League Champions Yokohama Marino’s had him doubting whether to complete the move or not.

Speaking in the Daily Record, Kobayashi said, “This season ended with a disappointing result and I wondered if I should transfer at this time.

But playing in Europe has been my dream and goal since I started playing. I cannot thank the club enough for understanding the challenge at this timing and sending me off.

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“Ever since I entered soccer school in kindergarten, I have been brought up at the Vissel Kobe academy. I sincerely appreciate Vissel Kobe and Vissel Academy.

“That’s why I want to show the world the value of the Vissel academy. To all fans, thank you for always supporting us with your passionate support.”

Kobe lost 3-1 to Yokohama at home leaving the Japanese club languishing in 13th place.

But it seems the lure of working with Postecoglou, joining back up with Kyogo and European football soon put those doubts to bed.

“Playing for Celtic was probably the best time of my entire life” – Hoops legend on new career and reflects on Paradise

Scott Brown is one of the most iconic figures in Celtic’s history.

The best captain we have had since Billy McNeill, Broony captained us to our second nine in a row and an incredible Quadruple Treble.

He gave us great memories like ‘Doing the Broony’ the wee shimmy at Aberdeen and his legendary tussles and wind ups with wee Alfie in the Glasgow Derbies was just tremendous.

But now he has moved on into management, the former Celtic captain was speaking about his new career and how he still looks back fondly at his time in Paradise:

“I did have a couple of offers in Scotland.

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“But I wanted a change of scenery and to put myself out of my comfort zone as well.

“It was a great opportunity. We have a fantastic training ground, we’ve got a new stadium with a great pitch. We are punching above our weight and it’s a fantastic place to start.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time in the goldfish bowl. It was unbelievable. Playing for Celtic was probably the best time of my entire life. It was a fantastic experience, but that time is gone and I have to focus on Fleetwood.”

We all hope Broony’s time at Celtic is successful because who knows, one day he may return as the gaffer in the famous Paradise dugout.

“Disgrace”, “Show pony”, “Gone backwards” – Tom English obliterates SIX Rangers stars after Gio’s sacking

The knives have been put back in the kitchen drawer now that GvB is gone and now it’s the turn of the players.

The players that got the club to a major European final are now under the scope and if recent rumours of some of them going against the manager are to be true, then they all need to hang their heads in shame.

Not for us though because we are laughing all the way to the title.

And Tom English took aim at several of the main culprits on BBC Sportsound:

“This is not all on Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

A lot of it has to do with the players and the recruitment. This is a this is an old Rangers squad.

A big surgery needs to be done.

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There’s players there that are just coasting.

Morelos is a disgrace and has been for quite a while. This is a guy who can’t get himself fit and can’t summon up enough interest to play for this club. It looks completely as if he’s left town mentally.

Ryan Kent is a show pony and hasn’t contributed enough for the longest time.

I think a lot of players have gone backwards. Lundstrom has gone backwards. Barisic has gone backwards. Tavernier has gone backwards. The goalie is 40 years of age.”

It will be interesting to see what happens to those players when the new man comes in.

“Wait till you find out about their old club’s signing policy”, “And that banger is considered a journalist?” – Celtic fans react to Chris Jack’s latest article

This has to one of the most embarrassing articles I have ever read in my time of writing about Celtic and football.

And regular readers will know that I have seen a lot.

From racism, to misogyny to sectarianism, I’ve covered it all here on Born Celtic.

But Chris Jack’s latest article on what Rangers should look for in their new manager is just cringeworthy and, to be honest, archaic.

Jack wrote in The Herald, “It is best for Rangers to go British. There are no guarantees of success no matter the nationality, but a foreign appointment seems like a gamble that Rangers don’t need to take, and one that they perhaps cannot afford, given the situation on and off the park.”

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That is where I stopped reading. It’s straight out of the “How to Wear Brown Brogues With Pride” manual.

It’s an intrinsic piece of p*sh that appeals to the lowest common denominator of that fan base.

Out of all their managers, only FOUR have been foreign. Dick Advocaat, Paul le Guen, Pedro Caixinha and GvB.

It could be argued that out of that list only two have been unsuccessful in le Guen and Caixinha.

Has he forgotten Dick Advocaat won five trophies in his tenure including a Treble and GvB got them to a European final and won a Scottish Cup?

GvB has the same amount of trophies as Gerrard. Let that sink in.

Jack gets 100 staunch points for the article and a deserved rinsing by the Celtic support:

I’ll leave this as a final thought……….