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“You’re sounding like Aled Jones” – Listen to deranged Sevco fan get schooled by Hugh Keevins for ‘league’s over’ call

Not very often I post something like this but here we go. After the Boxing Day fixtures, the pundits on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard where reviewing the results before the inevitable phone in. First caller was a guy called Dougie, a Rangers fan, and he was apoplectic at the suggestion that Celtic’s 3-1 away win to

“Delete this” – Outrage as Sevco fan trolls Phil O’Donnell memorial post

There’s always one.

“Their heeds will explode” – Celtic fans react to Chris Sutton’s incredible Rangers Christmas message

This is what social media was invented for. For moments like this. Chris Sutton is clearly very unpopular with the fans from Ibrox. I think it is fair to say that he is probably more unpopular now with them, than he was as a player. And when you post videos like this one, it is

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