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“Rangers Will Have Somebody In The Press” – John Hartson Pours Scorn On Player ‘Bids’

The need to generate player sales over at Ibrox has never been greater. Since *Rangers shock elimination after a 2-1 home defeat against 10 man Malmo, it is widely known (in fact it was a fact even before the Champions League elimination) that the club needed to sell players to balance the books.

Celtic fans have had to endure the endless press releases of fictitious bids from clubs abroad for their “star” players like Morelos to China or Morelos to Porto and just recently The Sun’s claim that Spartak Moscow were looking at a £10m bid for Glen Kamara.

Spartak immediately denied their interest leaving not only *Rangers red faced but also the journalist that made the claim.

Speaking on Go Radio, former Celtic striker John Hartson ridiculed the press stories and gave in interesting insight at how these “bids” are reported, “The talk about the possibility of a player, moving out of Rangers now because their lack of Champions League Football. Spartak Moscow denied all knowledge of any bid for Glen Kamara.

Rangers will have somebody in the press, the press will have friends, you’d have an agent that links the player to a certain club.

That happened every other week, when you play at the top level. You can just use the press.

Morelos has been linked to every club in the country by the way £20m to Lille last season or Nice and everybody gets carried away.”

So the next time you hear of a £30m bid for Morelos or A.N Other, just remember these words from Hartson, “Rangers will have somebody in the press”.

“It’s Not Even On The Table” – Morelos Bingo Time As Agent Destroys Sevco Compliant Media

Normally I don’t touch a story regarding Rangers*. Normally, I try to focus on my own team and try to bring you the most up to date stories regarding the green and white hoops. But not today.

And the only reason for that is because for days now we have been subjected to a barrage of media stories from, surprise surprise, The Daily Record and The Sun, telling us that Porto have agreed terms but not a fee.

It’s the same old story every window as the Govan club try to claw in some much needed funds to “balance the books”.

Quick question. If you are losing over £10m per season for the last four seasons, how does one player sale balance the books? I’m sure the Scottish media are looking into that as we speak……..

Unfortunately, I am going to have burst their bubble as former Rangers defender and now agent, Craig Moore, destroyed the Morelos rumour with a devastating admission on The Go Radio Football Show, “From my connections and people that I speak to in Portugal, the Porto thing is not on the table. It’s not even on the table.

“But obviously we keep hearing about it. I would not be surprised if at some stage a club does come in for Morelos because you know he’s at a good age now.

“But look 24, 25 year old, scores goals. Has scored goals at the top top level not only domestically but in European football.

“There’s always going to be interest.”

Dear oh dear. It looks like the emergency Morelos sale is a no goer and that Rangers* will need to find another source o book balancing funds.

There’s always the hope of another mystery bid from China. Right???


Well, well, well. The man who thought he could knock back Celtic and walk into another job has once again been left in the lurch as yet another English Premier League club decides to change direction.

Eddie Howe will always forever be remembered by Celtic fans as the man who thought he was bigger than the club. Flirting with Celtic for three months with the promise of the big reveal only to walk away at the point of no return, leaving not only the fans frustrated but the club feeling embarrassed and rejected.

It was long rumoured that Howe possibly had his eye on an English Premier League job and at the time he was being courted by Celtic, he apparently had a wandering eye towards Crystal Palace, Tottenham and the Everton job when it became available.

For thirteen weeks Howe led Celtic on only to then to think he could find a more attractive proposition. But lets face it, Scottish Football, and Celtic in general, were probably punching above their weight trying to get Howe and what happened to us, is EXACTLY what is happening to Howe.

He is not big enough for the EPL now. In the short space of time he has been away from the game, the EPL has moved on from Howe. And when you look at the jobs he was favourite for, the Howe name is just sexy enough for Scotland, but not so much for England.

Howe has seemingly been throwing himself at every job going in the EPL but so far Everton, Spurs, Crystal Palace and Wolves have blanked him. Hell, even his ex, Bournemouth, have not gave him a look in.

He should have came to Celtic. Celtic had his word. A mans word is his bond. And who is to say the minute a job came up in England he fancied he wouldn’t be off at the slightest sniff of interest?

Seems Celtic have dodged a bullet with this one.

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A report has surfaced today that Eddie Howe has spoken to former Celtic warhorse Peter Grant to join his backroom team when he officially takes over the reigns at Paradise.

Grant was pivotal in his role in the famous Centenry Double season way back in 1988 where he helped Celtic lift the league and Scottish Cup double as part of a midfield duo with Paul McStay.

The boy from Bellshill, nicknamed ‘Peter the Pointer’ genuinely loved playing for the Hoops and it now looks like he could be in line for another sensational return to his boyhood heroes if Howe gets his way.

Grant was part of the ill fated Tony Mowbray era in season 2009/10 but with rumours of a bust up with Neil Lennon at the time, it seemed that was enough to end his coaching career at Paradise the first time around.

However, Grant could be in for a sensational and emotional return as part of Howe’s backroom team and if he is brought on board, one thing is for sure, the lack of commitment and passion shown by the players this season will most certainly not be tolerated by Grant and that is definitely something that is required at Celtic Park next season.


The events of Saturday shook the very core of Scottish media, social media and football fanbase. The absolute carnage witnessed was on a scale never been seen before on Scottish soil by it’s own citizens.

The media outcry, although long overdue, is more than welcome but for me, it doesn’t go far enough. This argument of a ‘minority of fans’ that have been the cause of the troubles is a fabled argument. There have been many instances of this kind of behaviour amongst the Rangers fans and not just in the annuls of history.

From Manchester, Romania, Hampden and now these two George Square instances, this is not a ‘minority’. This is deep rooted, self entitlement on a grand scale. The cry of “We are the People” is just the start of where these fans see themselves. But sticking solely to the events of Saturday, these scenes were a disgrace, but not unexpected.

This was planned since March. The police knew it, the Scottish Government knew it. Everyone knew it. Systematic failures to prevent this rather than pander to the Rangers fans act as enablers for their behaviour. But be clear. This is not a minority. Don’t take my word for it though.

Here is a paramedic that called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and gave his account of what he witnessed on Saturday and listening to him, you can hear the incredulity at what he was subjected to, “First I would like to commend Alex Rae on his stance on the carnage of Saturday night on the basis he is probably the only one from what you would say the Rangers faction that has been outspoken.

“I was actually a paramedic serving on Saturday evening and it’s the first time I’ve ever been involved in anything of that scale. I had a basically a new start with me of four months on the job. She is actually due to be back out again on Sunday. And basically, how traumatised she was, she couldn’t commit to the shift.

“This whataboutery about it only being a small minority, that has to stop. We have seen it far too often. Even as a Thistle fan myself, we can draw a reflection on other clubs in Scotland but never has there ever been anything witnessed in any city in Scotland that we witnessed on Saturday night.

“I fear it echo’s back to Manchester. What did we learn from that experience? Because here we are all, these years later, and it’s exactly the same script. The small minority excuse is an absolute disgrace. The level of abuse we took. We were basically spat on, the sectarian language we endured from the moment the Rangers fans arrived in George Square right through to half past one in the morning.

“Even to the degree that the colour of a uniform is getting brought up using the F word to describe in a religious connotation what we were. These are the type of knuckle draggers that we had to deal with.

To be treated like that in the middle of a global pandemic, when we are front line workers and to stand and endure that level of abuse. And to witness the police have bottles thrown at them for at least four hours solid, there’s just no excuse for it.”

A truly shocking account which left the pundits speechless. So lets do everyone a favour. Call it out. Stop pandering and maybe, just maybe, we can all move forward as a country and eradicate this sectarian cancer from our society.


Alex Ferguson has sensationally lifted the lid on the open bigotry he experienced as a player at Rangers from a member of the Ibrox boardroom. Ferguson opened up on the day he signed for Rangers and disclosed a conversation with an unnamed boardroom director when the director learned of the legendary managers wife being a Catholic, “When I signed for Rangers. One of the directors, he asked me about Cathy (Ferguson’s wife) and he saysI have to ask you a question about your wife. I believe she’s catholic‘.

I said, ‘Yeah. He saysWhere you married in a chapel?I says, ‘No we got married in a registry office‘. He says, Well that’s alright then.

“And I should have telt him to fuck off. I really should have. I had supported Rangers, as a boy and had an opportunity to play for Rangers. You’re prepared to take nonsense. I let myself down and I let wife down. That was the most important thing. She was a devout Catholic.”

The video was shared by prominent Celtic author Stephen O’Donnell who has written “Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers F.C.” and “Fergus McCann Versus David Murray: How Celtic Turned the Tables on Their Glasgow Rivals: And the Decline of Scottish Football”.

Ferguson was filming a documentary on his life when he dropped this bombshell and to be honest, it’s nothing new to most Celtic fans. The Ibrox club had an open anti Catholic signing policy and although they have made steps to address this over the last 30 years, more work needs to be done to eradicate sectarianism from Scottish Football.