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“I deserved more respect” – Former Celtic star’s damning account of last three years

This was a transfer that hit all the headlines for Celtic for all the wrong reasons.

There is also a hint of revisionism by some members of the Celtic family and the main stream media regarding this player and his move out of Celtic Park.

Who am I talking about? The one and only Jack Hendry.

Hendry was signed by Brendan Rodgers in a deal worth over £1.5m from Dundee back in 2017.

Over the course of his three years at Celtic Park, Hendry failed to make any kind of impact at Paradise and was eventually loaned out to Melbourne City in Australia before he eventually landed at KV Oostende in Belgium.

It is undeniable that the big defender enjoyed a successful spell the Belgian club which earned him his big money move to Belgian champions Brugges.

In an interview on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, the Scotland defender recalled his time as Celtic and spoke of his future in Belgium, “I’m on the right road, and maybe these last few weeks or last year has probably put more respect on my name, which probably I deserved a wee bit more than maybe what I had previously in the last three years.

So hopefully people can step and take notice of the type of person that I am. The types of movements I’m making in my career.

Obviously that comes with an having a strong head my shoulders from what I’ve been through but also having the ability. I wouldn’t have been at Celtic and signed for Club Brugges by being a bad player.

So hopefully in that way people can step up, take notice and have a wee bit of respect to my name and I want to keep on building that. And all I can do is by do the talking on the pitch.

Keep on improving and hopefully, that takes care of itself. I’m just really happy and in a happy place, on and off the pitch of the minute so just hopefully I can continue that.”

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Stephen McGowan reveals the reason Celtic didn’t buy another left back

As Celtic prepare to face Real Betis in the Europa League in Seville tonight, they are faced with an injury crisis that sees the Hoops looking to field a make shift squad against a side that, even before the news that Callum McGregor and Liel Abada were announced to miss the tie tonight, were going to be tough opponents.

As Ange Postecoglou looks to set up his team to take on the La Liga giants, he is faced with putting out a makeshift squad and hoping for the best.

An area of massive concern is the left back position. With Greg Taylor out with a shoulder injury and Boli Bolingoli not registered for the European squad it looks like the Celtic gaffer is faced with two options.

Either play Juranovic on the left and reinstate Ralston, or give young Adam Montgomery as start, who by all accounts, equipped himself very well against Alkmaar the last time he was pitched in.

But speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, journalist Stephen McGowan revealed the reason why the club didn’t strengthen that area of the team when it was blatantly obvious that, if injury or suspension hit, they would be struggling for cover, “Well they didn’t get Boli Bolingoli out the window. They didn’t get him out the door.

I mean you already have Greg Taylor, you have Boli Bolingoli and you have Adam Montgomery.

How many left backs can you have?

Okay, you can say they are not to the standard the fans would like. It is not a particularly great situation, but I think there has to be an acceptance to get players in, you have to move players out as well.

They just have too many left backs.”

How Celtic found themselves in this situation is beyond me but if there is a shining light to be shone, it is young Montgomery.

I have every confidence in the young man from what I have seen so far and he has the makings of a very good player for the Hoops.

“Annual summer pantomime.” – Damning Times report on the current Celtic circus

There has been plenty said about Celtic and how it has conducted it’s business this summer.

In fact, you could extend that to as far back as October last year when the Hoops walls started crashing down around them at the beginning of the end of the Neil Lennon era.

However, Times reporter Michael Grant, was written a fascinating piece this morning where he takes aim at every failing of the Celtic board.

From the dithering of the appointment, or non appointment, of Eddie Howe where Grant describes it as, “The Celtic board waited an eternity for Eddie Howe to piss or get off the pot only for them to be the ones caught with their pants down when he eventually said no.

To the clubs failed transfer policy of holding onto players for a year longer than they should have emanated itself onto the park to the degree where the fans where protesting for the removal of Neil Lennon, only for the Parkhead powermen to dither another six months on that decision.

A decision that eventually cost Celtic every major trophy they had dominated for last four years.

But the one damning and overall shot to the head to the Celtic board in Grant’s piece was this, “So, just to be clear, this is not a club synonymous with decisiveness and swift decision-making.

Landing Ange Postecoglou within days of the custard pie from Howe was done out of panic and necessity.

For years Celtic prided themselves on being financially prudent and stable when in fact that caution and conservatism on the board — both small and capital C applies — also informed and underpinned their wider decision-making.

They don’t sign players quickly enough, they take aeons to get rid of a manager or appoint one, and they have three senior directors who have been on the board for a combined 62 years, yet it’s being suggested that when McKay’s face didn’t fit they were so clear-headed about it he was gone in 71 days.

Bingo! And there it is. Right on the money.

As soon as the board realised McKay’s face didn’t fit, he was gone.

They thought they had hired a yes man when in fact they took on a man who had genuine ambition to take the club forward.

A man the supporters would have loved.

But ambition costs money. And spending money will cost bonuses.

And we just simply cannot have that. Can we?

Talksport shock jock blasts former Celtic star for leaving ‘footballing force’ for ‘soft option’

The Ryan Christie transfer was one we all knew was coming. But the question was what club would he move to in England, not league.

With Christie, apparently, being courted by Barnsley and Southampton, the Scotland midfielder eventually chose the south coast of England and signed for Bournemouth for just over £2m.

Whether you believe the reason Christie gave for joining the Championship side or not as he cited having a ‘soft spot‘ for the seaside club, one allegation levied to the former Hoops man is his lack of ambition for dropping into England’s second tier.

And that is what Talksport’s Simon Jordan seems to think as well.

Speaking in his show, he claimed Christie seems to have moved for ‘non footballing reasons’,  “I think he has taken the soft option.

“Bournemouth are a very nice option, it’s probably a very decent salary because they have a Russian owner who is still enjoying the second year of Premier League parachute payments.

“I think it is a lovely place to live, he will probably get more money playing for Bournemouth than for Celtic.

“But certainly it is not a footballing decision of advancing oneself.

“If you were going to advance yourself you should be playing for an established Premier League side, which is Burnley.

“Leaving Celtic, who are no doubt a far bigger footballing force than Bournemouth, who have a massive task on their hands with a new manager and a new Rangers who are being reinfused by the finances and Steven Gerrard winning the league, is a hell of a challenge.

“If he wanted a real challenge then winning that title back rather than maybe getting out of the Championship, for me, is a bigger footballing decision.”

“I’m not prepared to concede anything to anyone” – Postecoglou’s impressive pre match war cry

Every time the man speaks, the more I am impressed with him.

With Celtic about to face Real Betis in tomorrow nights Europa League Group match in Seville, the Hoops find themselves fraught with injury worries.

The Parkhead side are missing Kyogo, Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor through injury and with Liel Abada sitting this one out due to his religious beliefs, Celtic find themselves with a mountain to climb as they prepare to face a top La Liga side.

When asked in his pre match press conference if he would look to change his approach to the tie and try to snatch a point away from home, Postecoglou was in defiant mood and said trying to approach a game that way is dangerous, “Well, my philosophy is if you win games you got a good chance of progressing.

So that’s irrespective of home and away and I think even more so in Group Stages.

I think if you start thinking about scratching around for point here or there or we’re trying to accumulate a certain amount of points to get through, I think it’s not the kind of football team we want to be.

We’ll go there and try to win the game of football and that doesn’t change and our approach won’t change. It’s not the we don’t recognise the opposition or the difficulty of the opposition or playing away from home.

I understand all that but I think, playing for those kind of outcomes is just fraught with danger. You’re kind of starting already with conceding something and I’m not prepared to concede anything to anyone in any way shape or form with the football teams I’m in charge of.

We’ll go there, what I do know is the game starts 0-0 and then you got 95 minutes to try and win a game of football.”

Popular podcast damns the board and direction of the club

4 Tims and Podcast has been running for just over two years now and have covered a variety of topics covering Celtic Football Club.

In this episode the boys are talking about issues the fans have with the board, Dom McKay and where the club moves forward in terms of it structure and Andy was very focal with the issues he believes are at the heart of the Dom McKay debacle, “I know a lot of fans still have a problem with the board.

They think they don’t want to push the club forward or want to modernise the club and there’s been plenty examples over the last sort of 15 years and I don’t blame anybody who’s got that image of the board in their mind. I probably agree with that as well.

“The one that worries me is I know Ange was out yesterday and it was my post match press conference just saying not really wanting it said that it was McKay that brought him to Celtic.

But the thing is McKay was probably working with Ange to identify a director of football, from what you’ve been told or some sort of technical director so the fact we don’t have that in is a worry.

The background structure of the club is one that has always been a concern for the fans, especially as there is no head of recruitment and now no CEO.

The club need to sort out these issues as soon as possible as the board are now starting to look like an amateurish outfit the longer this shambles continues.

“I think he rocked the boat” – Popular fan media station on Dom McKay scenario and boardroom unrest

I love fan media podcasts. The people that present or participate in them have great knowledge about Celtic and are generally well balanced in their views.

But what I particularly like about them is their honesty. No matter what is happening at the club, the fan media and bloggers, will tell it how it is.

Because they love their club. And if anyone threatens the stability or the success of the first team, they will call it out and call it loudly.

The boys on The Celtic Exchange Podcast did exactly that as they responded to the departure of former CEO, Dom McKay, and offered their theory on why they think McKay was forced out.

First up was Mif, “Don McKay comes in, he’s fresh, he’s forward thinking he’s talked about being first in class, I think was used, and world class and different things.

He’s clearly come up with his own ideas, as he should do, if he doesn’t come into this new CEO role, with a new ideas, then he’s not doing his job.

And I think Celtic have went, ‘Come on in Dom. Here’s some autonomy, but not too much, come and do a few things but don’t rock the boat‘, and I think he’s rocked the boat.

And Paddy agreed and offered a swift kick in the gonads for Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board, “Absolutely agree with you. You mentioned there about the status quo being shaken up.

I think that’s a big, big factor. One of the things I’ve got to question just now on, is the guy there setting with all the money, that we sought after, in Dermot Desmond.

He’s been a big player at Celtic for obviously this amount of time. I had a good chat with my cousin just there before we come on here, basically about what what his view is with Celtic.

Where does he take them from here? All these people {the board} have sat happy under Lawwell because they’ve all been getting a bonus.

They’ve all been sitting very happy and at the end of the day if that all starts to get upset is a big threat to board members.

Very damning from the boys and a view, from what I’ve seen across social media, that is being shared amongst some Celtic fans.

The board need to break their silence and come clean about the mystery of McKay. But, as past experience with this board has shown, communication with the isn’t their forté.

Former Rangers oldco star left red faced after Carter-Vickers put down

You would think that players for our rivals would just concentrate on their own team’s performances, transfer business or general club business.

Especially when it comes to pass that whenever disrespectful comments are made come back to bite you in the arse.

And that’s exactly what former Rangers oldco defender Graeme Roberts did when he spoke about Celtic’s new signing Cameron Carter Vickers.

In an article in This is Futbol, Graeme seemed to deride the Hoops new signing as the report claimed that Roberts just doesn’t rate the on loan Tottenham Hotspur defender, “I’m quite pleased. To be honest, for me, I think it’s a good move for him but in a different way that other people will.

“He went to Bournemouth, he was okay, he’s been around a few clubs, I think he just needs to be sold and start a career where he can move on and he might prove me wrong at Celtic, I don’t know.

But I was delighted when he went.”

Now I get that Roberts would be the go to guy when it comes to ask for opinions on Cart Vickers. Being an ex Spurs and oldco Rangers player, he would have been that site’s wet dream when it came to speaking about the big American international defender.

But as is the way with these types of stories, be careful what you say as it could make you look foolish. And that’s exactly how Roberts looks now after a man of the match performance and a debut goal by the strong central defender impressed the Celtic fans and pundits alike.

Report incredibly claims Dom McKay’s exit ‘explained’

Well that was fast. After three and a half days, a report from The Athletic claims they have explained the mysterious reason why Dom McKay has left the club.

Out of all the wild theories that have been mooted about, Kieran Devlin of The Athletic claims ‘sources’ have lifted the lid on the biggest story of the weekend when he wrote, “Sources have spoken of receiving mixed, contradictory messages from different club figures.

One described Celtic as being “painfully slow” in some discussions and several mentioned not receiving replies to messages for days or sometimes weeks.

When replies did come, they would sometimes be from a different club figure.

“One source described it as “messy, everyone stepping on each other’s toes”. More than one target is said to have been missed out on during this process.

So he’s explained it with no real answers and just speculation from an unnamed source? Am I reading that correctly?

Granted, Celtic’s and Dom McKay’s statements were vague, unclear and left more questions than answers but to claim the former CEO’s exit has been explained without any real or substantial evidence is just plain wrong.

This kind of speculation does more harm than good. It questions the integrity of Celtic’s operation and also the professionalism of McKay without having to provide a single shred of evidence.

I actually have more respect for the pundit’s that at least put their names to their opinions because at least then, there is a level of accountability that can be held against it.

I am sure, in time, that we will find out the exact reasons at what happened behind the scenes, and Dom, if you’re looking for someone to pen your book, I am very reasonably priced!

Former Celtic target’s horrific sectarian abuse exposed.

Former Celtic target, John McGinn, was the victim of some horrific sectarian abuse on Saturday during Aston Villa’s 3-0 away defeat to English Premier League rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

On a video posted to Twitter, McGinn looks to take a corner at the end of the home fans and in the video the fan can be heard shouting all manner of sectarian abuse.

McGinn was clearly uncomfortable and ignored the fan but you could see that the former Hibs man, and lifelong Celtic fan, was affected by it.

The man, with a clear English accent, can be heard very clearly in a shocking tirade that lasted only thirty seconds, but left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth, “Boo.

Ya f*cking fenian b*stard! John McGinn ya dirty c*nt! F*ck off.

Ya w*nker! We are the people! Booo!”

Strangely, there seems to be no coverage of this incident from any major news channels and as the Scottish game is still reeling from the sectarian fallout over the events of the last few weeks, this just proves that the narrative of a “West of Scotland” problem is a myth and sectarian abuse and narrow mindedness affects all parts of the UK.

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