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“I cannae believe he doesn’t play!” – Kenny Miller gushes over ‘wonderful’ Celtic star

As kick off approaches we will all be pondering who will be the first name on Ange’s teamsheet.

Over the past few weeks we have seen the Celtic boss tinker less and less with his side and look to field a more settled starting eleven based on form, of course.

But now, there has been a small grenade thrown into the mix in Liel Abada.

The little Israeli has been in good form this season considering most of his performances are coming from the bench and former Rangers striker Kenny Miller cannot believe that he is not starting more games.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Miller said, “What Celtic seem to have at the moment because there’s guys, for me, there’s guys that are sitting on that bench and maybe even in the stands that probably have good cases to be playing and starting these games.

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But there seems to be an understanding and a good culture that you know what, it’s no about me playing. It is about the team winning games.

It’s about the team winning trophies, winning leagues and everybody seems to be focusing on that.

And again, one that springs to mind is Abada. I cannae believe he doesn’t play! He’s had a wonderful season.

And for a young, young player as well, he’s had a big impact on that Celtic team.

But see when he comes on, he’s hungry as ever that he’s gonna impress and he’ll score or assist and he’s super positive when he’s playing.

And his body language is always really good. You know, he will be sitting on the bench next week, probably as well.

But the same thing happens again the next game week so it’s real good signs for Celtic in that respect.”

Abada is certainly one of my favourite players in this side at the moment. I like his directness and the fact that he always turns up for games against the Ibrox club and terrorises Borna Barasic.

The only problem he has is that he is up against an in form Maeda and fans favourite in Jota.

Who do you drop to accommodate him?

That is the $69k question for Ange Postecoglou.

Peter Grant reveals what old school Celtic strikers did if they missed chances to score. Including Judas

At Celtic there is always inherent pressure for strikers to come up with the goods and score goals.

And we have seen some great strikers at the club in our time.

Henrik Larsson, Moussa Dembele, Odsonne Edouard, Chris Sutton.

All prolific and all no stranger to a goal or two.

But going back further in time, during the days of Peter Grant the pressure was probably greater, because the team struggled to win trophies. Especially in the nineties.

And when striker were off form? What did they do to discipline themselves?

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Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Grant said, “So is the measure we’re looking for in a striker, how many chances has he scored?

Do you think he’s just going to turn up on a Saturday and score but he’s missed all week and no hit the back of the net?

Strikers I played with used to get annoyed and I would actually see strikers at our club, if they missed a chance during a game, they would go do press ups because they were so disappointed in themselves because they knew it was an opportunity for someone else who was banging them in.

M* J*hnst*n, Andy Walker, Frank McAvennie. All of them did it.”

Definitely couldn’t see that happening these days. But what it does show you is that competition for game time back then was just as tough as it is now and that being a striker for our great club should not, and was not, taken lightly.

Except by Judas.

“? Know what I think damaged him a wee bit?” – Mark Wilson offers strange Celtic player assessment

With Celtic having so much talent in the team, it is inevitable that there will be players that miss out on game time.

It is simply down to having quality in every area of the park.

And that means that there are players that will need to sit out on the sidelines. Players like Liel Abada.

And Mark Wilson has offered his reasoning as to why Abada has not seen more minutes in a Celtic jersey.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Wilson said, “Against, St Mirren, why would you not play Abada off the wing?

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Know what I think damaged him a wee bit? The game against Real Madrid.

Remember he goes through early on, gets the nod to play, goes through early on, looks like he had no belief and he was taken off shortly after.

And that maybe went against him but he’s a terrific young player.”

Weird. I would hardly say that ‘damaged’ him in the eyes of Ange Postecoglou.

He has played a part in every league game since then and scored 12 goals. Plus Maeda has been in great form.

There is an argument for Jota possibly being dropped for him but that would be a huge call.

Damaged? Not for me.

Watch as Celtic’s young guns destroy Rangers B with THREE Ibrox first team stars in their line up

It’s true. They’ll try anything to beat us. At any level.

In the League Cup Final, we watched as they tried to play the long ball game to get in behind us.

At Ibrox in the 2-2 draw, even booting us off the park didn’t work.

And at B team level? Well, let’s try and get three points by playing three first team players in the line up.

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And boy did that fail.

The inclusion of £5m wonderkid Ridvan Yilmaz, the not so injured John Souttar and some other dud in the defence and still, the youngsters absolutely roasted the backline.

Have a watch of this:

If that’s who the Rangers fans are hoping are going to come back into their first team to help them ‘get back to where they belong’ then they certainly will do that.

They’ll definitely help keep them in our shadow as some of the defending from them was absolutely woeful.

Mon the BealeBall!

Radio phone in host loses it as Celtic fan criticises cup final coverage

This is one of these calls that I absolutely love.

Just like this fan here who called Superscoreboard to call out the apparent bias of VAR in the coutry, this Celtic fan called Go Radio to criticise their coverage of the run up to the league cup final and how they never really gave Celtic the credit they deserved when Ange Postecoglou’s men lifted the cup.

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Have a listen to this:

I thought it was excellent how Paul Cooney seemed surprised at the end when he announced, weirdly sounding triumphant, that the caller had hung up.

Well, considering you cut him off before he even got to make his point properly, it’s hardly surprising he hung up.

I like this show in fairness, but if you are going to open up your phone lines and invite people for their opinions, to cut them off when you don’t agree makes you look unprofessional and amateurish.

And the irony of it is that Cooney proudly announced that Kenny Miller and Craig Moore will also be appearing on the show later in the week in a night where Barry Ferguson was on the show. 👀

“In a sane world, the real world, not in a million years is that a penalty,” – Former refs incredible ‘utter, utter farce’ VAR blast

VAR is certainly starting to show it’s true worth in Scottish football isn’t it?

Well, at least to one team in the SPFL it is.

As the referee in a van hits the headlines again, it’s now getting extremely embarrassing the level of ineptitude our referees have and it’s now so bad that even former refs are starting to speak out.

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Steve Conroy was not in a forgiving mood as he reviewed the VAR decisions over the weekend and he started off by aiming his criticism at Willie Collum and his decision to award Rangers a penalty for handball.

“In a sane world, the real world, not in a million years is that a penalty,” he told Grosvenor Sport.

“Never, ever. There’s no intent, he had no idea where the ball was. It hit him in that armpit zone where it’s already a borderline between a handball or not.

But in this day and age – and with the current interpretation – it is. It’s ‘he didn’t need to have his hand up there’, ‘making himself big’ – all the usual catchphrases.

“The Greg Taylor one at St Mirren is the same argument, although easier to suggest that it was a penalty as his arms were up out of his body at a strange angle. But NO WAY did he mean to handle that and the ball is kicked right in front of him, there’s nothing he can do about it.

“It’s just nonsense. An utter, utter farce. For the good of the game we need to have a look at this at the end of the season. Everyone is totally frustrated by it, you can see the look on players’ faces all the time.”

The need for proper governance in our game is also apparent as the VAR farce continues to hit the headlines but don’t bet any money on that happening anytime soon.

The SFA are about as effective as John Beaton with a pen armed with video replays……..

Podcaster calls out red top ‘hack’ for trying to unsettle Celtic star

Being a successful club side, Celtic will always have their manager an players linked to other clubs.

It’s just the way of the world and it should be welcomed.

Because if they were not linked, it would mean we are not being successful and we are not winning trophies.

Very simple and straightforward.

But when stories are being ‘manufactured’ to make it look like a player wants out, then that’s where the line needs to be drawn.

Just like in the case of Liel Abada and how it was suggested that his national manager offered a reason for the Israeli not wanting to sign a new deal:

“Liel Abada plays in a team that are the champions of Scotland and at least he is in the rotation of the squad.

“It’s not as if he has disappeared or does not get on from the bench. And his numbers are good too.

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“He may not be playing as much as last season, but he is still playing.

“Maybe his situation is because he didn’t want to extend his contract, but he is still in the squad and being rotated.”

Wait, so he never said that he didn’t want to sign a new contract? Then why did the media suggest otherwise? Bizarre.

But not to podcaster, Liam Carrigan.

Speaking on A Celtic State of Mind, Liam said, “The story of Abada’s national manager apparently making noises about well, you know he’s got to think about his international career or whatever.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think from looking into it today, that story originated from the same sources as a very, very similar story a few months ago with the Greece manager allegedly making noises about Giakoumakis.

Now the thing is, I saw no direct quote from the Greece manager then, and I see no direct quotes from Israel’s manager now.

Now again, am I being cynical? I don’t know.

But if you’re a hack working for a particular redtop you’re gonna think well, I managed to unsettle one player with this strategy. Let’s try it again.”

The media trying to unsettle a Celtic player when we are dominating Scottish football? Surely not?

The Daily Record embarrasses itself with St Mirren ‘Rangers slur’ Orange Lodge headline

When I read this I thought, ‘Bloody hell, has the St Mirren chairman lost his marbles?’

Who in their right mind would ‘like’ a possible sectarian tweet in this day and age?

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Surely, no one is that stupid?

Turns out they are not. This is the tweet they are referring to:

Not a single mention of Rangers. Not a single mention of Ibrox but there was a mention of Celtic.

In what way was this a ‘slur’ on Rangers exactly?

A national newspaper should really report the news from an unbiased position and not flame the fans of division.

Surely there should be a sanction for reporting fake news? Especially when what they are printing is an outright lie?

For me, it’s a measure of the pain that some quarters of the Scottish media are in. Pain that they know the establishment club are toiling and trailing on our coat tails.

And, of course, it’s a damning indictment of journalistic standards in Scotland.

These kinds of articles inflame the sectarian divide but I suppose these muppets will do anything for clicks.

“Do you get a trophy for that?” – Celtic fans can’t believe the latest Rangers ‘anniversary’ mooted by Superscoreboard pundit

Right, surely it must have been a wind up? It had to be.

I’ve not listened to the full show yet so I will bring it to you when I do, but when this was tweeted by Tam sellic son, it’s hard to imagine that this is now a thing:

It’s a bit like when they won the Scottish Cup last season and they were labelled the ‘Scottish Cup Champions’ and not one person in the media or pundit world picked up on it.

It’s pandering on an unprecedented level.

But celebrating an anniversary of winning a league. What even is that?

Is it because it’s the fictitious 55 and they need to celebrate a league title numbered specifically to push a narrative that they didn’t die?

It’s embarrassing on a number of levels and the sooner these pundits and reporters stop embarrassing themselves and insulting our intelligence, we will continue to call these idiots out:

The most underrated reply of them all:

“It’s cheating” – Celtic fan leaves radio pundits speechless by addressing VAR ‘elephant in the room’

This was an outstanding call.

I am going to be straight up and tell you all that I omitted the end of the call where Roger Hannah and co ridiculed the Celtic fan after his analogy of getting a welder to do a joiners job because I didn’t want that to detract from the excellent points he was making.

After the weekends VAR decisions at Paisley and Ibrox, I think it is fair to say that the refereeing technology is failing our game.

And our club.

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And I don’t mean I want the decisions to go all our way, I just want the referees to be fair.

As does this fan. Have a listen to this brilliant caller:

Every point he made was succinct, balanced and thought out and the host, Gordon Duncan, tried his best to play the impartial role whilst simultaneously trying to belittle the Celtic fan.

The long and short of it is this, Roger Hannah, Andy Halliday (and I’ll get to him later) and Roger Hannah knew EXACTLY what the caller was getting at and rather than try and debate it properly like adults, they decided to try and belittle him.

Well done to him and other Celtic fans like Frank who will not accept and call out the media narrative on the Ibrox club and refereeing standards.