Watch Falkirk supporters give Douglas Ross the Celtic fan treatment in hilarious viral video

Celtic fans following the team in Europe.

Douglas Ross. If there ever is a more odious man to be involved in Scottish football it’s him.

Forced by his London paymasters into the corridors of power at Holyrood, the Tory MSP tried to impose brutal Tory policies on Scotland despite never being voted into power by the Scottish people.

Horrific Tory policies are the cause of much pain and suffering for a lot of Scottish families and go against the values of the Celtic fans.

That was why the Celtic fans produced a superb banner two seasons ago to celebrate Ross for the person that he is.

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And it seems that it’s not just the Celtic fans who can’t stand the SFA-appointed line runner. Completing his linesman duties at the weekend in Falkirk’s title-clinching win at Montrose, the Bairns fans left Ross in no doubt as to what they think of him.

Indeed, the post on X had the usual boot-licking responses from the Rangers fans but we shouldn’t concern ourselves with their crown-leaning weird obsession with a multi-billion pound family that cares not a jot about them.

But for Ross the message is clear. It’s not just the Celtic fans that find your political leanings a disgrace, other more sensible football supporters do as well.

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