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“Must be Lee Wallace’s burner account” – Sevco fan roasted by Ryanair after meltdown

Celtic Park

This was a tweet of beauty wasn’t it?

Fresh from the realisation that they will not be the greatest football team to have walked the earth after their loss in Europe’s second tier competition, Ryanair cheekily sent out a brilliant tweet ‘celebrating’ that fact.

Celebrating was probably not the right word to use but you know what I mean

If you haven’t heard about it you can read about it here.

This one fan wasn’t particularly happy with the airlines jab at his club when he replied:

‘All the way to the top’ he said.

Superb. A simple Google search will have told him all he needed to know but instead, he took to a viral thread and displayed his stupidity for all to see.

Make good choices people!

And of course, when faced with the reality of his daftness:

“I don’t want to criticise the team” – And then this Sevco fan slaughters his hero’s

Ibrox Stadium

These fans are brilliant.

For the last three or four weeks we have had to endure them, and certain media pundits and journalists, tell us that this *Rangers team, should they have won the Europa League, will have eclipsed the Lisbon Lions.

Yeah, I know.

Even uttering those words is unreal but that’s the thing with these fans.

The more the media feed them the more they believe that they are ‘the peepul’.

But what happens when it all goes wrong? What happens when this team, who are on the cusp of Scottish football history greatness, falls at the last hurdle?

This. And it is bloody brilliant:

Calls like that are the very epitome of self entitled.

The almost greatest Rangers captain ever is now not so great because they never won the final.

Forget all the hard work that went in to get them there. All gone. No one cares. Because they lost one game.

It is little wonder they are one of the most hated fan bases in Scotland.

“This is a linesman for the SFA” – Celtic fans lambast pro Sevco tweet

Celtic Park

If there was ever a time where you needed confirmation that there could be inherent bias towards one club from Scottish officials it is now.

Celtic fans have long thought that some referee’s had leanings towards a certain club that plays in blue, and most likely they do, but if they ever want to dispel that myth, tweets like these do them absolutely no favours.

After *Rangers’ hilar…….I mean devastating loss in the Europa League Final on Wednesday, Douglas Ross, who famously got Simunovic sent off in a Glasgow Derby tweeted this:

Normally, not too bothered about something like that. It’s probably his ‘civic’ duty as a unionist MP to congratulate failure but the issue many seem to have is there is no balance from the MSP.

No congratulations tweet to St Johnstone on their cup double win last season? Or what about Celtic in their historic second 9 in a row or Quadruple Treble.

Let’s check:

Don’t be daft. So it’s little wonder fans of other clubs eye our match officials with suspicion:

And because I can, I am having the last word this time:

Andy Hallidays reaction to Ramsey’s missed penalty is just first class

Celtic Park

Oh the podcasts. How much have they taken a battering over the last 24 hours?

Especially those with *Rangers leaning pundits.

The Go Radio Football Show had Colin Hendry on (yeah, what a capture) as their resident Ibrox ‘expert’ for the night and even he didn’t muster a reaction like Andy Halliday did on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard.

Don’t get me wrong, Hendry’s conduct throughout the penalty shoot out reeked of ‘ra peepo’ but that’s another matter.

But poor Andy. When asked for his immediate reaction following the missed penalty, the poor lad could only muster this:

Just brilliant.

I would hazard a guess there were tears and hankies at the ready.

Poor Andy.

“Even Souness knows the score”, “God help Seville when they see this” – He’ll also be added to the banned list after these comments

On their way to Paradise

We’ve all heard what they’ve been saying over the last few months right?

League doesn’t matter. It’s all about Europe.

We know it’s a lie. It’s also a comfort blanket they use as they don’t get to admit that, actually, they cannot stand the fact that Ange Postecoglou has ripped the league title from them in less than a year.

A man they predicted to be sacked by Christmas has already overtaken them in what was meant to be a rebuilding season.

They are gutted. And they know it.

But it seems that no only are they lying to themselves, ex players and managers don’t agree with them.

Barry Ferguson has stated publicly that he would have preferred the title. If he had to chose which one to pick, Europe of the league, Ferguson says Europe every single time.

And, so it seems, Souness thinks the same:

Of course Europe is important but I’ll always remember being just as gutted in 2003 when we didn’t win the league, if not more, than losing to Porto in Seville.

But, of course, lying is what that support does and if lying makes them feel better about being bested by a ‘rookie’ manager then so be it.

We know the truth. So does Souness:

“Fair play”, “You will forever be known as the Covid Champions” – Sevco fans ‘physically f**king sick’ pain lade bare as Celtic crowned champions

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

They have been trying to convince themselves since January that the league doesn’t matter.

They’re trying but clearly failing.

I don’t care what anyone says. Watching your rivals pick up any silverware is sickening.

Put it this way, when Celtic got to the final of the UEFA Cup in 2003, I was raging that we lost the league even though we had a European final to look forward to.

And any Rangers fan telling you anything else to the contrary are just lying.

But at least this one fan had the balls to admit what he was feeling. And rightly so.

I have more respect for this guy than the fake Europa League final bams:

It will never catch on though.

Deflection mode is on already as some are claiming it is a fake account.


“That’s upwards of £70m” – Listen to hilarious Sevconomics as Gers fan outlines Gio’s transfer budget

Celtic Park

I love *Rangers fans.

No, genuinely I do.

Because if it wasn’t for them, we would never have had the Banter Years.

Some of the best years on social media have been created because of them.

From Follow Follow, to Heart & Hand, all responsible for some of the best laughs we’ve had since they died.

Well here is another one.

Another deluded idiot with an eleven digit calculator to match his total number of fingers and thumbs.

Have a listen and then wait till you hear what he thinks Gio’s transfer budget will be:

Utterly mental. Apart from the fact the majority of that money will be needed to cover £100m worth of losses, there is no way on earth a Scottish club will be given that kind of money to spend.

Even at Celtic I wouldn’t expect it.

They are utterly bonkers. It’s no wonder the original club died.

Callum Davidsons bizarre Sevco love in when congratulating Celtic’s title win

Celtic Park

Utterly, Utterly bizarre.

Celtic winning the league on Wednesday should have just been solely about that.

The Ibrox club have had their moment in the sun, and rightly so, but this week is all about the Hoops becoming champions again.

Which is why I felt this reply from St Johnstone’s Callum Davidson was just mental when he was asked on Sportsound his thoughts on Celtic winning the league.

Davidson said, “Yeah its a fantastic achievement, you know. I think they performed with, sort of, you actually quite enjoy watching them.

Attacking football, it’s been a really tough league.

Rangers pushed them all away. Rangers have been tremendous in Europe, you know, in the Scottish Cup too.

So, you know, it’s good, it’s good. At least the league is competitive and it goes all the way to the second last game of the season.

So congratulations to Celtic.”

Congratulations to Celtic but well done on Rangers on pushing them all the way?


Was there any need to mention them in Europe and the Scottish Cup.

I could almost hear the gnashing of his gritted teeth as he offered his ‘congratulations’


“Content this app was built for”, “That’s a man that’s had a few cans” – Celtic fan shares Police video at Tannadice

Celtic Park

There’s celebrations then there is this.

As the Celtic fans partied in Tannadice they were being watched over by a healthy police presence.

No really surprising to be honest as the police do have a reputation for being over overexuberant when it comes to watching over Celtic crowds over the last few seasons.

But it was payback time for this fan.

As this fan celebrated in the stands, he took the opportunity to wind up one of the boys in blue.

Warning: There is offensive language in this video:

The only surprise here was the restraint the police officer shown in not arresting the fan, especially after the last unfortunate comment.

But it did make these Celtic fans day:

“Ref-speak for pandering to lowlife bigots” – Celtic fans react as after ‘fenian b**tards’ dinner article resurfaces

Hampden Stadium

The SFWA dinner has caused all manner of stooshies on social media and the news.

But the alarming thing about it is that people are surprised by it all.

It has long been rumoured that these events are solely for the ‘old boys club’ and that they are stuck in the dark ages.

Hell, even Peter Martin admitted that if he was to walk out of an after dinner event every anti Catholic joke he would be home by 8 o’clock every night.

And what this whole episode has done is open a huge can of worms that is now surfacing again on social media:

‘Light hearted and doctored to suit the audience’.

That statement alone just shows you how engrained and normalised sectarian behaviour was back then and it also gives an insight as to why Celtic fans view referee’s with such suspicion:

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