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“Wolves have not only dodged a bullet, they’ve won the lottery” – Journalist’s stunning rant at ‘new’ Ibrox gaffer that should serve as a warning to the Bears

Yes folks, it’s true.

The Banter Years are well and truly back and it is bloody marvellous.

Many would argue that they had never really left, but with what we have witnessed over the last week to ten days, events at Ibrox have just proven that that club is still as mad as a box of frogs.

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From the Return of the King (maybe) to wee Alfie checking out, the constant negative headlines from that club is just superb.

But this rant from journalist Nathan Judah is just absolutely first class.

As Michael Beale ‘agrees’ to become the new Rangers gaffer, Juday tweeted this belter:

Absolutely outstanding and if the Rangers fans think that he wouldn’t jump ship the minute another EPL club comes calling, they should think again.

David Martindale to Sevco mock up video goes viral

It’s at times like these that I absolutely love this job.

I get to read and watch all sorts on Celtic, them and football in general and when a fan of another club takes a swing at *Rangers then all the better.

The sacking of Gio has clearly been met with universal approval from the Ibrox fans but condemnation from the Hoops supporters.

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Let’s face it. We wanted him to stay on didn’t we?

And with all the names being bandied about it is going to be fun over the next couple of days so let’s enjoy this first one.

David Martindale:

Absolutely brilliant and pretty much sums up the mood of the Celtic fans as they hope that the Livi manager is given the Ibrox nod.

“I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come” – Blue on Blue as Dave King calls for boardroom change. What a job Ange is doing

Fall like a deck of cards. That’s the phrase the man from South Africa said wasn’t it?

Win a title and the club will collapse. Well the first part happened, albeit it was a title that no one got to witness in stadiums but, I suppose, it still happened.

As for the club collapsing? That only made us angry. It shook up the boardroom and made them look at quality managerial candidates.

Admittedly, Eddie Howe was supposed to be that man, but Ange Postecoglou has just shown just how much quality he has.

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The Celtic manager has single handedly destroyed Rangers in the dugout and is now causing mutiny in the Ibrox boardroom.

As ever when the chips are down, Dave King crawls out from under his rock and I just love it.

King is calling for change at Ibrox, from the top down, and it’s borne out of fear that Celtic will dominate for years to come.

As reported by the Daily Record, King said, “What I would say is I’m not voting for that [the reappointment of the current chairman]. The situation is recoverable.

“I think we can be back winning the title, but the way things are going at the moment, unless changes are made to the leadership of the board and the executive of the club, I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come.”

What King doesn’t realise is that his club has been stagnating for 10 years. Ever since they were re-established as Sevco, they have watched Celtic mop up domestically and dominate financially.

And more is yet to come.

“What a clown”, “It’s not exactly like watching a video of Megamind, is it?”, “Always sounds like he’s just learning English” – Celtic fans react to Alex Rae’s bizarre title comments

Alex Rae.

The minute he left Superscoreboard, the IQ of the panel rose by 100 points.

So dense is his analysis of the game, even he makes Kris Boyd sound like he belongs in Mensa.

Why on earth Sky Sports keep rolling out these people for their opinions on the game is beyond me.

Rae was being asked his thoughts on who he thinks should replace GvB and right before the interview wound up, he came away with a cracking line that Rangers could have a chance at the title if they beat us in January.

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Forgetting the fact that they have a team full of players who are simply not good enough, and Celtic are relentless, then yeah, he does have a point.

Have a watch:

Now I’m no Japanese football expert but the A League?

Classic fuddery from a man that can’t string two sentences together without sounding like he belongs in kindergarten.

Like I said, why our eyes and ears are assaulted with these clowns I will never know.

“We’ve not been perfect in Roy’s country either” – Graeme Souness’ incredible live TV Ireland declaration

I have to admit, I missed this.

I was maybe too busy laughing at how Keane rattled Souness earlier today in ITV’s coverage of Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia but after Roy Keane’s rant about Qatar, Souness did pipe up in what seemed to be him defending the Middle Eastern countries human rights record by calling out Britain’s crimes from the past.

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Have a watch:

Like the poster, Souness is the last person I would expect to not only criticise the British Government but also the atrocities committed in Ireland.

It was a bold move and one that the presenter didn’t seem to appreciate but I am conflicted here.

Do I praise Souness for this? I have to don’t I?


“Unbelievable”, “Bring on the rage” – Celtic fans react to outstanding Sevco trolling by Sydney FC

The Sydney Super Cup has been nothing but controversial ever since it was announced way back in the summer of this year.

The original plan to bring Celtic with Rangers was met with fury from the Govan stands as they learned that not only would Celtic be netting at least £3m more than them for participating, it was being billed as The Ange Postecoglou Homecoming Tour.

The rage was tremendous.

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As it is, they pulled out (costing them £5m) and Everton take their place.

And as Celtic lost 2-1 on the opening fixture to Sydney FC, the Aussie club tweeted this message to the club from Ibrox:

And the Celtic fans loved it:

This is a fair point as well to be honest:

The English FA tweet that shows Celtic dodged a transfer bullet

How often has the Ivan Toney transfer story been brought up to beat our club over the head with?

At least twenty times?

And yes, after choosing to sign Albian Ajeti ahead of the young Englishman who was free scoring in the Championship did seem like an own goal two seasons ago.

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Now? Not so much.

Especially after this update on the striker by the English FA:

232 TIMES!!! That’s incredible.

Could you imagine the furore if he was a Celtic player?

We would never hear the end of it.

So the next time someone brings up Toney to slag us off, bet them a pony that we are still better off without him.

Bears rage as Celtic fans make hilarious Alfie Star Trek comparison. Holiday snap elicits brilliant one liner from Clyde 1 pundit

Got to love wee Alfie don’t you.

Totally oblivious to the mood of his own fans, and to his own fitness by the looks of things, Alfie posted a nice wee holiday snap of himself and his good lady wife, much to the annoyance of the Rangers fans:

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But as we know, the Bears are always raging. Always raging at something, even when things are going well.

So we’ll cut past that and look at the brilliant responses from the Celtic fans:

£30k per week and the only scoring he will be doing is off the pitch by the looks of it.

Good on ye Alfie!

Allan Hutton is raging one Celtic player showed more passion than the whole Rangers team

He’s raging isn’t he? As his team limp from fixture to fixture and fall nine points behind Celtic in the title race, Allan Hutton was livid at what he saw Celtic’s Portuguese winger do in the 2-1 win over Ross County at the weekend.

Born Celtic wrote about how Jota turned ball boy as the clubs unique angle showed him running onto the park to throw the ball back to the centre circle.

It was an incredible show of passion, teamwork and desire from the winger which is seriously lacking at the club across the city.

Speaking in Football Insider, Hutton said, “Obviously you understand how much it means to him He is not on the pitch and he is reacting that way.

But, the flip side to that is that you are walking a fine line.

“You should not be there, you should not be doing that and the ref can interpret that however he sees fit.

You could get booked or sent off for coming on the field of play.

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Yes, it is good to see that everybody looks like they are pulling in the one direction.

They are desperate to win which is a great thing, you just have to be careful you do not overstep the mark.“

Yep, he’s definitely raging.

Why not focus all that time and energy he put into criticising Jota into highlighting the issues at his own club.

One word? Bitter.

“Stop it, my ribs have popped!” – Celtic fans react to latest ‘favourite’ in Sevco manager race

This is going to be a great four weeks isn’t it?

Celtic raking in millions and positive headlines with their Sydney Tour and *Rangers struggling to cobble together a statement for their fans to let them know if they are backing or sacking their manager.

After a disaster of a Champions League campaign and falling further behind in the league title race, the man who replaced Slippy G is, well, slipping.

And the fans are not happy. The Bears are growling and the tabloids are looking to make them happy.

With this:

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I remember when he was linked with Celtic when he was out of a job. Rafa’s agents aren’t daft. They know linking him with one of the Glasgow two will generate huge headlines. Rafa would never come to Scotland. Ever.

But it’s not just got the Bears smiling again (even though they still have a manager), these Celtic fans were delighted with this headline: