“Too early for this nonsense”, “”Expert” you say………?” – Did the Daily Record REALLY compare Jota to Sevco underachiever?

Remember I wrote about Sevco fluff pieces earlier today? If you don’t, you’ll find the perfect example of one right here.

Well they were at it again this afternoon after they wheeled out Scottish football expert Pat Nevin for his take on Jota and Ryan Kent:

Now when we say expert, do we mean we couldn’t find anyone else to give us a quote so we picked a guy that hasn’t covered the game up here in decades?

Of course they did.

And what is this p*sh about Kent as a class act? The guy has been anonymous this season for them. Except when he seems to magically fall over in the 18 yard box every second week.

There is no comparison and Nevin and The Record have just embarrassed themselves with another piece of succulent lamb that the Celtic fans absolutely rinsed:

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