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“I looked at” – Chris Sutton gives Ange surprising transfer advice

If there is one thing that Ange Postecoglou doesn’t need, it’s transfer advice.

The Celtic boss has shown that he has an uncanny ability to spot talent whether it be in the UK, Japan or further afield.

The Japanese market had been brilliantly exploited by the Celtic gaffer. There’s been plenty written about that in the past and because of that success Yukio Kobayashi now joins the club as the Hoops FIFTH Japanese signing.

But it’s not just Japan the gaffer has dipped his toe into. Argentina, Russia and England have all been raided and raided very successfully.

But Chris Sutton has offered Angr his opinion on where he should set his sights next.

Speaking in his column in the Daily Record, Sutton said, “There are other markets out there to get into.

For example, I looked at the Ecuador squad during their encounter with Qatar and thought there were good players there.

“Brighton have been upwardly mobile on that score.

Two of the players, Pervis Estupinan and Moises Caicedo, ply their trade on England’s South Coast. Some of the other individuals are in Belgium and France and doing well.

There are surely players just on the fringes of that Ecuador squad, such as Hatate is for Japan, who have talent, youth and ability who are available for peanuts. It’s just finding the right ones.”

The South American market hasn’t really been looked at seriously by the club.

To my mind Juninho and Rafael Scheidt have been the only ones to play for the club from Brazil and Emilio Izaguire from Hondura.

So could Ecuador or any other country in that region be next on the list for Ange?

Who knows because the Celtic boss is very good at keeping his cards close to his chest when it comes to player recruitment.

I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

‘Couldn’t wipe the smile off his face’ – After Fabrizio, MLS journalist lifts the lid on brilliant Johnston interview

Transfer talk is all the rage these last few days for the Celtic fans.

After the brilliant announcement earlier this week that we had captured Yukio Kobayashi on a five year deal, next up was Canadian internationalist Alistair Johnston.

The right back is said to be discussing terms with the club and an announcement by Fabrizio Romano pretty much confirmed that Montreal and Celtic had reached an agreement, it seems now that its a matter of when and not if Johnston signs.

Now it’s the turn of MLS journalist Peter Galindo who revealed that during an interview with Johnston he revealed he was ‘honoured to be linked to Celtic:

The guy seems like a class act and further compounds Ange’s mantra that he doesn’t just sign a player, he signs the man.

Dan Orlowitz predicts Celtic’s ‘hidden gem’ could net millions

He’s not even in the door yet and Yuki Kobayashi is being tipped to earn us millions in transfer fees.

The Japanese defender signed for the club in a blaze of glory this week and the capture was met with widespread excitement amongst the Celtic fans.

A left sided defender, Kobayashi finally brings us balance in the centre of defence and the next big question will be who will Postecoglou pick between him, Starfelt and Jenz to partner CCV.

All that will come in due course but giving a run down on the defender, Dan Orlowitz claimed that if Kobayashi is successful at Celtic there is not doubt he could find himself at a ‘bigger club’.

Calm down Dan, there are not many bigger clubs out there than Celtic but I take his point. I’m sure he meant a bigger league.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Orlowitz said, “Kobayashi is a very strong defensive signing. He’s still young, 22 years old, great when it comes to duels, greater winning the ball, especially in the opposing half, very strong in the air.

“I would describe him as a hidden gem in that he isn’t getting get as much exposure as midfielders or attackers.

But for those who do follow the J League, he’s regarded very highly among defenders.

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And I think that people who have seen how he’s evolved at Vissel Kobe, at how he’s done for the underage national teams do see a lot of potential there. And I absolutely do think that if he can succeed at Celtic, he can absolutely step up and move to a bigger club.

The sky’s the limit, as we’ve seen from countless Japanese players in Europe who have arrived and put in the effort, and eventually that’s paid off with big transfers.”

“Bottle jobs”, “It was cheating!” – Chris Sutton slams World Cup star

Chris Sutton is famous for his top class punditry.

The former Celtic striker is outspoken, calls it how is and is not afraid to give his views or opinions on the game. No matter who it offends.

Sutton has seen himself banned from a certain ground in Glasgow for giving his honest opinion on the game and how he sees it.

This time though it’s not Celtic, or Rangers, Sutton is talking about.

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It’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese superstar hit the headlines last night for being the first player to score in 5 consecutive World Cups.

An incredible achievement, but it has been marred somewhat with his onfield antics where Sutton has accused the Portuguese legend of cheating to win his team a penalty against Ghana.

Have a watch:

And this morning he let Ronaldo have it both barrels on the Daily Mail Facebook page:

“It’s not the first time is it? I’ve got to say, the VAR officials are absolute bottle jobs.

“And I’ve got to say, it isn’t good play from Ronaldo. It’s a trerrible example for young kids around the world. Everybody will be tumbling over.

“He’s a brilliant player but it was cheating.

“It’s embarrassing really how they missed it. You don’t have to watch it too many times to see that he went over.

“Totally manufactures. Out of order.

“It wasn’t a penalty. It’s cheating and it’s out of order.”

Ronaldo is one of the greats of the game and controversy like this doesn’t do him any favours at all.

Report: Celtic target £2m, 20 cap international from the Most Successful Team in the World

Celtic’s transfer business is really ramping up now.

With the capture of Yuki Kobayashi firmly in the minds of the Celtic fans, there was also links to Canadian international right back Alistair Johnston that appeared online last night and were further solidified this morning with an update from journalist Sacha Pisani (Vital Celtic).

It seems that the club is active again with The Glasgow Times now reporting that we are looking to resurrect a deal to bring Egyptian midfielder Mohamed ‘Afsha’ Magdy to the club.

The deal is thought to be an initial loan move, but the club are yet to make any interest official.

Magdy is an attacking midfielder and has made 144 appearances for the club. He’s scored 29 times and created 32.

The midfielder still has two years left on his contract but has always been linked with a move to Europe. A £300k move to Sivasspor collapsed in August after the Turkish club failed to match Ahly’s valuation of the player

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“Ange Postecoglou doesn’t scare me” – Tom English left stunned as BBC pundit goes full on staunch mode

There are people out there that are true ‘Rangers men’.

You know the type. The upward standing, chest forward, brogue wearing ‘proud Scot but‘ type.

And one tried, and failed miserably, to prove that he is one of those.

Former Oldco player Kevin Thomson made an appearance on BBC Sportsound as a pundit to talk about the dismissal of GvB and, to be honest, if he had any aspirations of talking himself up for the job, he has done himself no favours.

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Thomson claimed that anyone who applies for the job and asks about budgets should not be entertained.

Yes. That’s correct. In a world where GvB openly admitted that the club can’t compete on the European stage because of budgets, Thompson says that the very thing that cost the Dutchman his job, is an irrelevance.

And it left Tom English gobsmacked. Have a listen:

10 out of 10 for staunchness but a complete failure to live in the real world.

Just what the hell is he talking about?

If the budget talk wasn’t bad enough, to think that he could get more out of Morelos and Kent and all the other failures in that Ibrox side is just hilarious.

So I’m throwing a name into the hat.

Give Kevin Thomson the job!

David Martindale to Sevco mock up video goes viral

It’s at times like these that I absolutely love this job.

I get to read and watch all sorts on Celtic, them and football in general and when a fan of another club takes a swing at *Rangers then all the better.

The sacking of Gio has clearly been met with universal approval from the Ibrox fans but condemnation from the Hoops supporters.

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Let’s face it. We wanted him to stay on didn’t we?

And with all the names being bandied about it is going to be fun over the next couple of days so let’s enjoy this first one.

David Martindale:

Absolutely brilliant and pretty much sums up the mood of the Celtic fans as they hope that the Livi manager is given the Ibrox nod.

“I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come” – Blue on Blue as Dave King calls for boardroom change. What a job Ange is doing

Fall like a deck of cards. That’s the phrase the man from South Africa said wasn’t it?

Win a title and the club will collapse. Well the first part happened, albeit it was a title that no one got to witness in stadiums but, I suppose, it still happened.

As for the club collapsing? That only made us angry. It shook up the boardroom and made them look at quality managerial candidates.

Admittedly, Eddie Howe was supposed to be that man, but Ange Postecoglou has just shown just how much quality he has.

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The Celtic manager has single handedly destroyed Rangers in the dugout and is now causing mutiny in the Ibrox boardroom.

As ever when the chips are down, Dave King crawls out from under his rock and I just love it.

King is calling for change at Ibrox, from the top down, and it’s borne out of fear that Celtic will dominate for years to come.

As reported by the Daily Record, King said, “What I would say is I’m not voting for that [the reappointment of the current chairman]. The situation is recoverable.

“I think we can be back winning the title, but the way things are going at the moment, unless changes are made to the leadership of the board and the executive of the club, I fear we’ll be stagnating for a long time to come.”

What King doesn’t realise is that his club has been stagnating for 10 years. Ever since they were re-established as Sevco, they have watched Celtic mop up domestically and dominate financially.

And more is yet to come.

“What a clown”, “It’s not exactly like watching a video of Megamind, is it?”, “Always sounds like he’s just learning English” – Celtic fans react to Alex Rae’s bizarre title comments

Alex Rae.

The minute he left Superscoreboard, the IQ of the panel rose by 100 points.

So dense is his analysis of the game, even he makes Kris Boyd sound like he belongs in Mensa.

Why on earth Sky Sports keep rolling out these people for their opinions on the game is beyond me.

Rae was being asked his thoughts on who he thinks should replace GvB and right before the interview wound up, he came away with a cracking line that Rangers could have a chance at the title if they beat us in January.

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Forgetting the fact that they have a team full of players who are simply not good enough, and Celtic are relentless, then yeah, he does have a point.

Have a watch:

Now I’m no Japanese football expert but the A League?

Classic fuddery from a man that can’t string two sentences together without sounding like he belongs in kindergarten.

Like I said, why our eyes and ears are assaulted with these clowns I will never know.

“We’ve not been perfect in Roy’s country either” – Graeme Souness’ incredible live TV Ireland declaration

I have to admit, I missed this.

I was maybe too busy laughing at how Keane rattled Souness earlier today in ITV’s coverage of Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia but after Roy Keane’s rant about Qatar, Souness did pipe up in what seemed to be him defending the Middle Eastern countries human rights record by calling out Britain’s crimes from the past.

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Have a watch:

Like the poster, Souness is the last person I would expect to not only criticise the British Government but also the atrocities committed in Ireland.

It was a bold move and one that the presenter didn’t seem to appreciate but I am conflicted here.

Do I praise Souness for this? I have to don’t I?