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“You will have the mutants in uproar” – Celts react to Sky Sports mans hilarious Sevco trolling as Ibrox News rages

Match Day Celtic Park

Ooft. It seems that a simple joke of a tweet has enraged the hordes over at Ibrox yesterday.

Fresh from their marches, it seems they have kept their angry wee minds ready for anything. Including tongue in cheek remarks about transfers.

As Anthony Joseph answered a question about the transfer of Boli Bolingoli and if there was a fee involved, his answer really hit the Ibrox support hard and the Celtic fans loved it:

Even the Ibrox News got their knickers in a twist and wrote a full Rangers mocked by Sky Sports journalist as Celtic sell Bolingoli (ibroxnews.com)on a Celtic transfer.

Brilliant stuff from Anthony.

Shall we leave the last trailing thought to this bigoted mess?

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“Tonight genuinely feels like the ‘Purge'” – More footage emerges of anti Catholic hate

Celtic Park

Now that the marching season is entering it’s closing stages, you would hope that the PSNI will now focus their attentions on the perpetrators that have committed anti Catholic hate crimes yes?

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be high on the constabularies agenda as footage shows that even when present at the scene of the crime, the law enforcers just have no intentions of dealing with destruction of property:

Well, to be fair, they did make one arrest:

And then there was this incident:

Police will be making a bee line to that as it was being filmed right?

Maybe. Or not:

Absolutely shameful.

Still, at least they will now have 364 days of peace now right? Right?

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“He’s one of the best players I’ve seen so sad to see him go” – Celtic fans hilarious reaction to transfer news

It’s about time he moved on now isn’t it? Boli Bolingoli’s Celtic career took a massive nosedive the minute the place he was in during lockdown landed in Spain.

The Belgian defender defied COVID protocols at the time and the fallout from that incident was unrecoverable as Bolingoli effectively ended his career in Glasgow.

He since been watching on the sidelines since but has now earned a move to Belgian side KV Mechelen.

The club announced the deal on Twitter:

And the Celtic fans reactions to it were priceless:


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Anthony Joseph drops huge late night Larsson update

Celtic Park

You when Anthony says it, it’s real.

Unlike some journalists who just speculate for speculation sake, the Sky Sports journalist usually has his finger on the pulse when it comes to transfer rumours and especially when it involves his club, Celtic.

With the Jordan Larsson story looking like there could have been a major fairytale ending to it, Joseph has dropped a late night update that pretty much lays waste to Larsson following in his father’s footsteps.

Taking to Twitter, Joseph said, “UPDATE: It’s looking increasingly unlikely that Celtic will offer a contract to forward Jordan Larsson.

His reps made contact with the Hoops – as well as a number of clubs, including Nottingham Forest.

Larsson weighing up options with interest from England, Germany & Italy.

So much less than Larsson snubbing Celtic, as reported by some sites, it seems Celtic have walked away from this deal.

Hopefully now this ends this current transfer saga and now the fans can move forward from this ‘story’.

Celtic transfer boost as linked star tipped to leave and fee revealed

As Celtic seem to be in the hunt for a defender in this summer window, a lot will depend on whether or not French defender Chris Jullien moves away.

The towering stopper has entered the last year of his contract and with lack of game time last season, it seems that he may not be part of Ange’s plans for the upcoming title defence.

One player linked with the club, Malick Thiaw, is one that could replace Jullien and it being touted for a move away from his club, Schalke.

In fact, it seems clear that Thiaw is on his way out of the Bundesliga club after German media reports of the clubs Sporting Director comments on the player.

According to RUHR24,  Schalke Sporting Director Rouven Schröder said, “We have a few players in that position. It’s clear that there will be movement on the tax side.

“I think Malick suits us very well in the Bundesliga.

“We have always said that we deal with offers that come in. If the overall theme fits, we will also think about it.”

The report claims a fee of €8-€10m would be enough to seal the deal but would Celtic be of a mind to shell out that kind of money for a player to sit on the bench?

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Hugh Keevins makes double Postecoglou/Larsson claim

The story that just will not go away. Larsson to Celtic.

Romance. Memories. Pride.

Celtic fans of my age will always talk of Larsson as being one of the greatest Celtic players of all time and I hope this generation of fans at the club will get a figurehead like the Swedish legend that they can look back on fondly.

But if Jordan Larsson was to come to Celtic, just how much pressure would he be under?

This question was put to Hugh Keevins and in his answer he made two huge claims about Larsson himself and if Ange would sign him, “The greatest pressure you could ever imagine.

His father is, for some people, the best player ever to have worn Celtics jersey. So, that’s pressure.

But I don’t think Ange Postecoglou does sentimentality.

He will be very well aware of Henrik Larsson and what he meant to Celtic supporters and what he achieved at Celtic.

But he will not sign Jordan Larsson unless he believes that, not just rising above the whole of his father’s reputation, he will need to believe that Jordan Larsson has something to offer.

You’re getting a free hit. If you want to take the free hit.

I’m sure Jordan Larsson would welcome the chance to go to Celtic Park.

But Ange Postecoglou will not take him on a sentimental basis. He’ll only take him if he feels he adds to the squad.”

I’m also sure Larsson would love to come to Celtic but the stumbling block will be just that.

Ange Postecoglou.

I bet the board would love that move. Think of the merchandising.

But ultimately, the decision will be based on the team. Not money.

If the manager believes that Larsson can’t offer anything to the team, that will end all talk of a move.

And rightly so.

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Hugh Keevins makes the banned list as he shoots down ridiculous Sevco fans Celtic transfer claim

I’ve always found the *Rangers fans views on our game and Celtic fascinating.

For over two decades we have dominated Scottish football. Sweeping up trophy after trophy whilst they claim they the most ‘successful’ team in the world.

Even that claim in itself is ridiculous as I am sure Real Madrid and their THIRTEEN Champions League titles would like to dispute that.

But I digress.

It’s their (the Rangers fans) take on our transfer business that is incredible.

Celtic have spent big this summer to secure CCV and Jota. Brilliant pieces of business that keeps two high quality players at the club for the foreseeable future.

Strengthening the team right?

Nah. Not to them. We are just ‘standing still’ now aren’t we? Cause they were there last season.

It’s bizarre logic that only they understand and it was that logic that was put to Hugh Keevins on Superscoreboard which the veteran journalist put to bed.

Hugh said, “My take on is that is that it’s not paying big money to stand still.

If they hadn’t paid the big money they would have let down Ange Postecoglou and the supporters and the other Celtic players.

They have paid the big money to insure that the title winners move forward. They are not standing still.

“They are moving forward. Because if they hadn’t bought Carter Vickers and Jota, it would have been undoubtedly a step backwards.”

Clear, simple logic that seems to evade the supporters from Govan.

That will be Clyde 1 and Hugh now on the banned list!

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Anthony Joseph makes huge Larsson claim and reveals reason for contract termination

Statue at Celtic Park

The Jordan Larsson story is such an incredibly romantic one part of me just wants it to happen because of the name.

As a youngster, I always remember when Celtic scored, you just knew the name that would flash up on the screen was going to be Larsson.

The guy was a God.

But for all the romanticism, how viable is a move for the son of the King of Kings this summer?

Very. According to Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph.

Taking to Twitter, Joseph said, “The reps of striker Jordan Larsson have been in contact with a number of clubs across Europe, including Celtic & Nottingham Forest.

He’s a free agent after his contract was terminated at Spartak Moscow. Understood to be plenty of interest from EPL, Bundesliga & Serie A clubs.”

And when asked by a punter why the Swedish striker left his contract was terminated Joseph simply put, “Because he wanted to leave Russia.”

I’m sure this story will run on all weekend and hopefully we will maybe see Larsson on the back of a Celtic jersey once again……….

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“I want a lot of things” – Larsson comments on THOSE rumours

Celtic Park

The hype has been tremendous.

The coverage has been relentless, but how much legs does the Jordan Larsson to Celtic story have?

Would he want to come to Celtic? Would he be a success or would the pressure of living up to his dad’s reputation be too much to handle?

We just don’t know but Larsson did address the Celtic rumours to the Swedish press.

Aftonbladet reports that the 25 year old free agent said, “Unfortunately, I can not answer that [Celtic rumours].

“I want a lot of things, but it’s not always just up to me.

“My agent has to answer those questions.

“I know everyone wants to know, but there is not much to say right now.”

Get his agent on the phone then!

There will be no doubt a move to Paradise will appeal to Larsson Jr and, hopefully, his dad is bending his ear to persuade him to come to Parkhead.

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Huge transfer claim made after collapse of Souza deal

On their way to Paradise

Who knows if Celtic were ever in for Souza.

The Brazilian midfielder made it known that his next move would depend on whether or not the club he would sing for was in Europe next season so, naturally, the expectation was that Celtic could be one of the favourites to land him.

He ended up choosing Espanyol who, apart from an appearance in the Europa League two seasons ago, are not in any European competition next season and have never appeared in the Champions League.

Work that one out.

However, as one door closes, another one opens.

According to the Daily Record, as Souza jets to Spain (technically that is Europe I suppose), the door has opened for Abu Fani to sign for the club.

The players agent is well known to Celtic.

Dudu Dahan has been responsible for brokering the moves of Nir Bitton, El Hamed and Liel Abada so it seems the club be set to call in a ‘favour’ to try and fill the void in Celtic’s central midfield area.

Again, this could be just paper talk, but the Hoops have been strongly linked in the past. Could they be about to make their move?

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