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“He was a very angry *Rangers fan” – Listen to Sevco fan rant as Beale, Tav and McGregor get ripped into

Doesn’t take much to get the peepo from the sequel to rage does it?

The slightest mention of liquidation and they go absolutely tonto.

But this guy, he was angry for many other different reasons.

He was unhappy with the manager for his lack of transfer activity. He predicted a short Rangers career for Beale as well.

McGregor was told to hang up his boots and he labelled Tav as ‘atrocious’.

Have a listen:

Quite the rant from a very angry bear. It seems that the *Rangers support are really losing patience with their inactivity off the pitch and the team struggling on it.

Even today, with St Johnstone down to ten men for well over an hour, they only managed to capitalise on it by scoring one more goal in their 2-0 win.

I suppose if I was them and I was watching Ange Postecoglou’s team wipe the floor with the opposition and continue to add to the squad whilst raking in millions in transfer fees, I would get rather frustrated.

But that is what they do. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. For a support that has only seen their team win one league in ten years, they really need to take a hard dose of reality and remember this.

They will forever be, and always have been, in our shadow.

Video: Another Penalty to Rangers. Another shocking VAR decision

It’s got to the point where its not even funny anymore.

Penalty Rnagers is the most common phrase in Scottish football. And what is also very common is the amount of VAR decisions that seem to go for the Ibrox club.

They are the only club on the SPFL that VAR has been good for. Absolutely no question.

And it is little wonder fans of all clubs are questioning those that run the games officiating system.

Take this penalty call at Ibrox this afternoon:

I mean what the f**k is that?

The defender seemed to be nudged out of the way and lost his balance when the ball struck his hand.

And the best part? The ball wasn’t even goalbound.

It’s so blatant it’s hard not to call corruption.

But, of course, I’m a Celtic fan. I’m just paranoid. It will be interesting to see the St Johnstone fan’s take on it.

“He talks too much” – Hugh Keevins says what Celtic fans have been saying for months. This is brilliant

Michael Beale is probably one of the most arrogant *Rangers managers we have seen since Graeme Souness.

Absolutely no question. From his comments of Ange being a ‘lucky’ manager to claiming his club should be beating all and sundry in the league, the lack of humility and class is there for all to see.

But not only that, he constantly drones on about Celtic.

Every press conference he holds we are mentioned in some way, shape or form.

And, strangely, he has been called out on it by Hugh Keevins.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “The journalist in me tells me it’s great that Michael Beale speaks so much.

But he talks so much that you sometimes lose what he’s on about.

I think this covering his back in the eyes of the fans because he’s saying that if we don’t get anyone that’s not the end of the world, we’ve still got a great squad.

While I’m sure Ross Wilson is going around in the background, trying to get new players in.

I don’t think it’s a desperate situation for Rangers.

They are effectively 10 points behind sale that no one expects them to win the title.”

And that pretty much sums up the guy. He talks so much sh*te that even he cannot keep up with what he is saying.

I have a theory that he is raging he will never get the chance to come to our club. The same as Steven Gerrard who, prior to taking over at that rancid place, could not hide his love for us.

No joy Mickey boy! At least you can look forward to peace and quiet on the dole queue in the summer.

Sevco’s disgusting racism issue raises it’s head as Oh is introduced

All of the outrage over Glen Kamara is wiped out in one single STV Facebook Post.

That’s all it took. And I’m going to go one step further. These fans that took this opportunity to racially abuse Oh are no better than Andre Kudjela.

In fact, they are worse.

At least Kudjela had morals (however reprehensible they are) and he stuck to them.

This lot? The hypocrisy of how they view racism is an incredible set of shocking double standards.

If they’re not singing about killing Catholics, they’re racially abusing our player from the Far East.

Know this. If, and I hope it never happens again, one of their players are ever racially abused again, they can take their faux outrage and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Sutton trolls Cantwell and Rangers with brilliant throw away line

Got to love Big Chris Sutton.

He doesn’t give two proverbials what the fans across the city think of him.

Banned from Ibrox for ‘safety reasons’ when in truth, we all know that they just can’t handle the fact that he has them on strings.

The Ibrox hordes dance to Sutton’s tune and they hate them for it.

Us? We f*ckin love the big man. At every opportunity, he winds them up and after the signing of Todd Cantwell, Sutton took aim.

As reported by Football Scotland, Sutton said, “My issue with Todd is I think he’s a little bit thin skinned, I really do. I think he’s touchy with things and you can’t be that in the Glasgow environment.

“He has to hit the ground running. It’s all about attitude with him but there’s certainly a player in there.

“I wish him well and I hope Rangers finish in the top half and get to cup semi-finals with him in the team.”

Top half of the league! Absolute gold from the big man. You can just sense the hare coming his way from their delusional fan forums.

All hail the big man.

“He won’t be playing for us again” – Ronny Deila slaps down Sevco transfer target who seems very confused on his transfer situation

*Rangers new transfer ‘target’ is at the centre of a major fallout with former Celtic manager Ronny Deila.

Nicolas Raskin is the subject of intense speculation but it seems that the Ibrox club cannot afford the £1.5m fee quoted to them by Belgian side Standard Liege.

But it was the spectacular fallout between former Celtic manager Ronny Deila and the player that is grabbing the headlines (not the fact that the Ibrox offer fell way below £1.5m. Succulent lamb anyone?)

As reported by The Sun, Deila said, “If he accuses the club of a lack of respect, that’s his call.

“We wanted to build the team around him and I think the club did everything we could to keep him.

“He was given a significant financial incentive to stay but, in the end, it was not about money. He wanted to leave.

“Nicolas is a fantastic boy and a great player.

“It’s a shame what has happened but he won’t be playing for us again.”

The player, who seems really confused about the whole situation said: “It has been suggested it’s me who wants to end my time at Standard Liege. That is not correct.

“The club has decided to send me down to the B team, but my dispute with the current management goes beyond just my salary.

“I respect their decision but I regret them trying to make it a pay issue. That is not the case.

Can he not read? Deila actually said it wasn’t about the money so what the hell is he ranting about?

He’s an awfy angry wee fella. He will fit in well with the bears.

If they can afford him……..

“Totally forgot about that weirdo and his sh*te on this platform”, “Ambulance chaser” – James Black rinsed as he continues Celtic effigy lie

Let’s get it out there from the beginning.

The mannequin stunt by Celtic fans at a Glasgow Derby seven years ago was in bad taste.

It was designed to mock them for letting their club die but somehow the media, backed by the Ibrox fans, turned it into a Kris Boyd story.

The former Oldco star’s family suffered a tragedy when his brother committed suicide and the Celtic fans were, wrongly, accused of mocking the death with the effigies.

That is a blatant lie. But it did it’s job and tarred the fans as Govan mob and media ran with it for weeks.

And it reappeared on Twitter again yesterday when a journalist from The Athletic tweeted this:

Which led to James Black tweeting this:

Firstly, there is no Old F*rm (glad to get that out the way) and secondly, this guy talks so much sh*te on this platform I’m surprise Elon Musk himself hasn’t booted him for fake news.

He knows exactly what the effigy was all about. He knows it had nothing to do with Kris Boyd’s late brother but, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a few likes and retweets.

Weird thing is. Not one single Rangers fan replied to back him up. Strange that eh?

But let’s not talk about actually looking to hang people now will we?

Alan Nixon reveals Sevco begging bowl is out as they aim for Celtic target

If ever there was a time when you know *Rangers are skint, it’s transfer window time. Well, that and when they actually publish the things.

Fans of the Govan club are desperate to see more additions to their squad and after the hilarious fee was revealed for Todd Cantwell, it seems their fans are blinded to their precarious financial position.

However, that hasn’t stopped their fans aiming high and as they claim that they are in for Celtic target Cho gue-sung, one fan asked Alan Nixon on Twitter if their club was still in for him.

Nixon said, “It’s obvious that the fee has been too high. Buyers went cool. Now sounds like the club want to get a sale … usual transfer market stuff.”

Must be hard being a Sevco fan. Being fed the stories of aiming for World Cup stars but ending up with players that no one wants and are at the ends of their contracts.

But it’s not as if they haven’t been warned. They have been told on many occassions that they don’t have a pot to p*ss in but they just won’t listen.

Maybe when they lose Alfie for free and sign more out of contract stars they will listen.

More chance of them not being up to their knees than that I suppose.

“PR p*sh” – Latest pro Sevco succulent lamb ripped by Phil Mac

You know, when I seen this piece by Glasgow World I ignored it as an embarrassing fluff piece designed to give the Govan hordes something to cheer about whilst Ange Postecoglou works his transfer magic over at Paradise.

Looking back, I should have ripped the hole out of it for what it was.

*Rangers topping the league as the most “Instagramable” stadium ahead of Celtic Park was classed as reportable by the ‘news’ outlet.

It was a piece so embarrassing that even the Ibrox bloggers ignored.

In his latest piece, Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain called it ‘PR p*sh’ along with the Ibrox outfits seriously photoshopped image of Todd Cantwell when he was announced as their new signing.

Seriously, got to Phil’s piece and have a look.

It is seriously embarrassing.

But not as embarrassing as topping the Instagram League. Right?

Celtic fans and bloggers call out a certain clubs racist fanbase as we seal Oh signing

Are we really surprised? I mean REALLY surprised at this?

When Kyogo was signed, we had a certain element of the media and punditry labelling him a cheat for apparently ‘diving’. It was crap then and it is crap now.

But what that did do was allow certain fan forums to target our Japanese striker to become a victim of sustained racist abuse from certain fan forums in Glasgow.

And when we added Maeda, Ideguchi and Hatate in the winter, it eventually turned into a free for all.

With not a peep from anyone in the mainstream media.

In fact, the pundits and the media made a bigger deal of ‘diving’ than they did of the racist campaign against our players, but with their apathy towards sectarianism, is it any surprise?

As always, it is left to the Celtic fans and bloggers to highlight and call out the issue.

This site alone spent a load of time last season calling out any hint of racism I could find directed towards our players but yet it seems the message is not getting through.

And now that we have signed Oh? The merry go round starts again.

James Forrest of The Celtic Blog also wrote a superb piece calling out the ‘jokes’ making the rounds at the expense of our players and fans on Twitter now feel the need to educate these morons on the nationality of our bhoys.

It is as tragic as it is sad.

And until the media grow a set of balls and start naming these clowns, it is left to the Celtic fans to shame them.