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Rangers new signing makes Champions League claim Celtic fans will find hilarious

Away from the drama of Ange Postecoglou leaving Celtic, regular readers will know I like to keep a wee eye on the goings-on at our friends across the city.

Rangers are going through a rebuild at the moment and instead of investing money in the team, they are scrawling around for free agents.

They have managed to sign one up today in Jack Butland as the Englishman swapped the EPL for the SPFL.

When asked if the prospect of European football was a factor in him signing for the club, Butland said [Daily Record], “Massive, massive. I have not yet witnessed the crowd here but I have heard plenty of stories. Not just in the last 24 hours of being up here but from friends that I have known that supported the club for a long time or played with the club. That is what it is all about. I am looking forward to seeing that place rocking.

“That is what this club is about, those European nights. You want to be involved in them, you want to play in the Champions League.

“Pre-season is about getting off to a good start and those Champions League qualifiers are the target. It is about winning those games. There won’t be many teams that like coming here, I am not sure they will like playing here once we get going. That is certainly the target and what an honour to be a part of.”

Right, who wants to tell him? Did Butland watch Rangers in the Champions League last season?

Did he not witness Liverpool and Ajax scud his team to the point where they are now the worst performing team in the history of the Champions League?

Also, when those scuddings where going on, did he see the Ibrox crowd rocking? The place was half empty before the 70th minute.

But hey, I’m sure Butland will find out real soon just how good his supporters are when the results (which inevitability they will) go south and the team gets another lesson in Europe.

Popcorn anyone?

Twitter lights up as popular account shares incredible Barry Ferguson confession

This is outstanding. And when I say outstanding I mean it.

This tweet was so simple in it’s ingenuity it makes me wonder how I never thought of it.

Barry Ferguson is a regular feature on The Go Radio Football Show and more often than not, he talks absolute nonsense on the show.

But not tonight. Tonight the former Rangers skipper made a huge confession and to be fair, it’s one that the Celtic fans already knew.

An outstanding edit, an outstanding confession and to be honest, it doesn’t need anything else added to it.

“Cowards & Thugs” – Sevco fans dealt a dose of home truths after latest embarrassment

To be honest, there is no better way to describe this fanbase the way big John Hughes has.

The conduct of the Ibrox support is being masked by a rhetoric in the media as “Old F*rm” shame because, in reality, they are too afraid to call them out for what they are.

The threats to Kevin Clancy and his family are a disgrace and even when it is spoken about in the media, they are very careful not to name the fan base involved.

That’s left to the fans and bloggers to do.

And big John didn’t miss a single shot here:

And John is bang on. Their “We are the People” complex is chanted to pander to their own superior complex that is borne out if their sectarian and often racist beliefs.

We fans must continually point out their stupidity at every opportunity and to be fair, this blog has done that consistently over the last couple of years.

Until the time comes where powers that be hold ‘ra peepo’ account, we all must continue to highlight their bigoted and warped views.

David Tanner is a broken man as he talks Celtic’s Dingwall penalty

All week this guy has been applying for a Rangers TV gig and all week, he has been getting g knocked back.

OK, the applying for the Rangers TV gig is a wee bit of an exaggeration but David Tanner has been doing his damndest to ensure that there is pressure being put on referees prior to our game against Ross County today.

Conspiracy theories, non penalties and general talking absolute b*ll*cks was the order of the week for Tanner and today, after Celtic were awarded a perfectly legitimate penalty (albeit a soft one) he was at it again with this latest offering:

What Tanner conveniently misses out is that the referee “mistake” as he calls them seem to benefit just one team in the country.

Tanner is a media no mark desperately trying to revive the good old days when he was deemed relevant on Sky Sports.

Then he was binned. For Kris Boyd.

Imagine the shame of that!

Keep trying David, I’m sure the call from Ibrox media department is coming any day now.