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“The honeymoon is over” – Knives are out for Postecoglou as warning fired by former Hoops hero

I suppose it was only a matter of time before this chat started.

And in some ways, it is warranted. The current league form does look terrible. Six played. Three wins. Three losses. All away losses.

Never in a million years is that the form of champions.

We are just lucky that “fleg” day across the city didn’t go as they had planned or this result would have been a COMPLETE disaster for the club. And for Ange.

But it seems the knives are, if not already are close to, coming out for the Hoops gaffer and he has less than three days until the next fixture.

Thank God it’s at home as another away game might be enough to send the Celtic fans over the edge!

Former Celtic keeper, Pat Bonner, has warned Ange Postecoglou that the grace he enjoyed from the Hoops fans is now gone and that the manager must now start to deliver more consistency in results.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Bonner also said the players have spent their goodwill amongst the fans also, “Listen the honeymoons over.

For the manager also.

When you come to Livingston and you get beat 1-0 knowing that the other team across the city is almost drawing and they still can’t get a spark out of it.

I’m sure that message came across from the fans. It certainly did cause I could see it when Motherwell scored but the players didn’t respond.”

And that is alarming. Playing the team bottom of the league knowing your rivals are dropping points and you STILL can’t pull out a performance is criminal.

Performances and results need to pick up, starting with a resounding home win on Wednesday against Raith Rovers.

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“We’re in a poisonous time” – Peter Martin drags Celtic’s name into Sevco’s off field embarrassments

Normally, I quite enjoy The PLZ Soccer Show. Peter and Roughie generally don’t take themselves too seriously whilst still giving decent opinions about the state of Scottish football.

On this episode, Martin was discussing the proposed review of the SPFL by five of the clubs in the Scottish League when he addressed a point brought up by the former First Minister where he questioned why Celtic and Rangers are not included as part of the review.

The former Celtic TV commentator then went on to make a peculiar speech about how the two Glasgow clubs hold back Scottish football, “Celtic and Rangers scupper everybody else’s progress.

It’s all about those two clubs, and they drag everybody back and before we get battered, they stopped the progress, the voting structure is wrong.

Henry McLeish is asking why they’re not in there. They’re not in there because, by the time this review comes out, they’ll scupper it.

Because if it doesn’t involve them getting more money than everybody else, they will scupper it.

So, our country at the moment is, I think, going through a really, really bad phase of unrest off the field.

A fight, on the field, not so much the players, but a fight with a club that it’s basically going to war with every other club.

And I think we’re in a poisonous time at the moment. It is not healthy. And I think a review will not help it.”

Very, very strange from Martin. To then talk about “one club” going to fight with every other club and not name them when we all know who he was talking about was slightly disingenuous of the pundit.

That particular Scottish football soap opera has nothing to o with the Parkhead club but then I suppose guilt by association sells better to the blue half of Glasgow.

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“He’s allowed to get away with one excuse after another” – Postecoglou blasted tells you one thing. They are worried!

This was one caller that was speaking without a single hint of self awareness on last nights Go Radio Football Show.

It’s the type of call that makes you wish they would stop because you feel bad for them, but also don’t want them to stop because it so hilariously stupid, you want to see where it ends.

I’m not sure if there’s a listening equivalent of “rubber necking” but if there was, this is it.

This *Rangers fans called the show to complain about the easy ride the Celtic gaffer is seemingly getting and then claimed that when Gerrard took over the job at Ibrox, he was put under pressure straight away, “I think it’s been clear two months into the season, it’s been quite clear to me that Postecoglou at Celtic is going to get a free pass.

I think every time Celtic have lost he’s not been really given a hard time.

He’s allowed to get away with one excuse after another. How many Old F*rm managers get to start a season playing six away games, losing five and not really be under too much pressure?

That seems ridiculous to me. When Steven Gerrard came in he inherited a bang average Rangers side at best and had to change a lot, he was under pressure immediately and if had went six away games winning only one of them he would have been under pressure straight away.

And the guy was serious. Not withstanding the fact that Gerrard got away with almost three seasons without a single trophy, not a single domestic cup won and having to watch Celtic clean up everything in front of him, if anything. Gerrard has been one of the most fawned after managers by their own support AND the press in recent memory.

But it does tell you one thing. As they lurch from one poor performance to the next and as Celtic become more and more dominant on the park, they are worried.

And well they should be!

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Sutton fires back at Sevco snub

Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton took to Twitter last night to fire a a three word response the his Rangers snub at Ibrox last night.

Not long before kick off, Sutton tweeted that he and Neil Lennon had been refused access to Ibrox amid ‘security concerns’ and blasted the club’s ‘Everyone Anyone’ anti bigotry slogan when he said, “I’m not allowed to work on the Celtic game tonight from a studio at Ibrox along with Neil Lennon as Stewart Robertson the Rangers CEO says we are a security risk. Good to see Rangers ground breaking diversity and inclusion campaign ‘Everyone Anyone’ is working well…

This, of course set off the hoards from Govan and in true Sutton style, he gave his after match review in three little words:

Taking all joking aside, is this where the Ibrox club is at right now?

Not content with overseeing their official fan media engage in their petty (and abusive) squabbles with Michael Stewart, they are now banning ex Celtic players from completing official Europa League business?

These really are strange times for the blue half of Glasgow and you have to wonder what the next few days, and indeed the next Europa League home fixture will bring as BT Sport will surely not accept another ban for their employees?

There surely must be contractual obligation by the club to allow BT Sport staff to cover all matches so could there be a financial penalty imposed on *Rangers by BT or UEFA? We watch with interest!

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“I deserved more respect” – Former Celtic star’s damning account of last three years

This was a transfer that hit all the headlines for Celtic for all the wrong reasons.

There is also a hint of revisionism by some members of the Celtic family and the main stream media regarding this player and his move out of Celtic Park.

Who am I talking about? The one and only Jack Hendry.

Hendry was signed by Brendan Rodgers in a deal worth over £1.5m from Dundee back in 2017.

Over the course of his three years at Celtic Park, Hendry failed to make any kind of impact at Paradise and was eventually loaned out to Melbourne City in Australia before he eventually landed at KV Oostende in Belgium.

It is undeniable that the big defender enjoyed a successful spell the Belgian club which earned him his big money move to Belgian champions Brugges.

In an interview on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, the Scotland defender recalled his time as Celtic and spoke of his future in Belgium, “I’m on the right road, and maybe these last few weeks or last year has probably put more respect on my name, which probably I deserved a wee bit more than maybe what I had previously in the last three years.

So hopefully people can step and take notice of the type of person that I am. The types of movements I’m making in my career.

Obviously that comes with an having a strong head my shoulders from what I’ve been through but also having the ability. I wouldn’t have been at Celtic and signed for Club Brugges by being a bad player.

So hopefully in that way people can step up, take notice and have a wee bit of respect to my name and I want to keep on building that. And all I can do is by do the talking on the pitch.

Keep on improving and hopefully, that takes care of itself. I’m just really happy and in a happy place, on and off the pitch of the minute so just hopefully I can continue that.”

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Stephen McGowan reveals the reason Celtic didn’t buy another left back

As Celtic prepare to face Real Betis in the Europa League in Seville tonight, they are faced with an injury crisis that sees the Hoops looking to field a make shift squad against a side that, even before the news that Callum McGregor and Liel Abada were announced to miss the tie tonight, were going to be tough opponents.

As Ange Postecoglou looks to set up his team to take on the La Liga giants, he is faced with putting out a makeshift squad and hoping for the best.

An area of massive concern is the left back position. With Greg Taylor out with a shoulder injury and Boli Bolingoli not registered for the European squad it looks like the Celtic gaffer is faced with two options.

Either play Juranovic on the left and reinstate Ralston, or give young Adam Montgomery as start, who by all accounts, equipped himself very well against Alkmaar the last time he was pitched in.

But speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, journalist Stephen McGowan revealed the reason why the club didn’t strengthen that area of the team when it was blatantly obvious that, if injury or suspension hit, they would be struggling for cover, “Well they didn’t get Boli Bolingoli out the window. They didn’t get him out the door.

I mean you already have Greg Taylor, you have Boli Bolingoli and you have Adam Montgomery.

How many left backs can you have?

Okay, you can say they are not to the standard the fans would like. It is not a particularly great situation, but I think there has to be an acceptance to get players in, you have to move players out as well.

They just have too many left backs.”

How Celtic found themselves in this situation is beyond me but if there is a shining light to be shone, it is young Montgomery.

I have every confidence in the young man from what I have seen so far and he has the makings of a very good player for the Hoops.

“Annual summer pantomime.” – Damning Times report on the current Celtic circus

There has been plenty said about Celtic and how it has conducted it’s business this summer.

In fact, you could extend that to as far back as October last year when the Hoops walls started crashing down around them at the beginning of the end of the Neil Lennon era.

However, Times reporter Michael Grant, was written a fascinating piece this morning where he takes aim at every failing of the Celtic board.

From the dithering of the appointment, or non appointment, of Eddie Howe where Grant describes it as, “The Celtic board waited an eternity for Eddie Howe to piss or get off the pot only for them to be the ones caught with their pants down when he eventually said no.

To the clubs failed transfer policy of holding onto players for a year longer than they should have emanated itself onto the park to the degree where the fans where protesting for the removal of Neil Lennon, only for the Parkhead powermen to dither another six months on that decision.

A decision that eventually cost Celtic every major trophy they had dominated for last four years.

But the one damning and overall shot to the head to the Celtic board in Grant’s piece was this, “So, just to be clear, this is not a club synonymous with decisiveness and swift decision-making.

Landing Ange Postecoglou within days of the custard pie from Howe was done out of panic and necessity.

For years Celtic prided themselves on being financially prudent and stable when in fact that caution and conservatism on the board — both small and capital C applies — also informed and underpinned their wider decision-making.

They don’t sign players quickly enough, they take aeons to get rid of a manager or appoint one, and they have three senior directors who have been on the board for a combined 62 years, yet it’s being suggested that when McKay’s face didn’t fit they were so clear-headed about it he was gone in 71 days.

Bingo! And there it is. Right on the money.

As soon as the board realised McKay’s face didn’t fit, he was gone.

They thought they had hired a yes man when in fact they took on a man who had genuine ambition to take the club forward.

A man the supporters would have loved.

But ambition costs money. And spending money will cost bonuses.

And we just simply cannot have that. Can we?

“I’m not prepared to concede anything to anyone” – Postecoglou’s impressive pre match war cry

Every time the man speaks, the more I am impressed with him.

With Celtic about to face Real Betis in tomorrow nights Europa League Group match in Seville, the Hoops find themselves fraught with injury worries.

The Parkhead side are missing Kyogo, Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor through injury and with Liel Abada sitting this one out due to his religious beliefs, Celtic find themselves with a mountain to climb as they prepare to face a top La Liga side.

When asked in his pre match press conference if he would look to change his approach to the tie and try to snatch a point away from home, Postecoglou was in defiant mood and said trying to approach a game that way is dangerous, “Well, my philosophy is if you win games you got a good chance of progressing.

So that’s irrespective of home and away and I think even more so in Group Stages.

I think if you start thinking about scratching around for point here or there or we’re trying to accumulate a certain amount of points to get through, I think it’s not the kind of football team we want to be.

We’ll go there and try to win the game of football and that doesn’t change and our approach won’t change. It’s not the we don’t recognise the opposition or the difficulty of the opposition or playing away from home.

I understand all that but I think, playing for those kind of outcomes is just fraught with danger. You’re kind of starting already with conceding something and I’m not prepared to concede anything to anyone in any way shape or form with the football teams I’m in charge of.

We’ll go there, what I do know is the game starts 0-0 and then you got 95 minutes to try and win a game of football.”

Popular podcast damns the board and direction of the club

4 Tims and Podcast has been running for just over two years now and have covered a variety of topics covering Celtic Football Club.

In this episode the boys are talking about issues the fans have with the board, Dom McKay and where the club moves forward in terms of it structure and Andy was very focal with the issues he believes are at the heart of the Dom McKay debacle, “I know a lot of fans still have a problem with the board.

They think they don’t want to push the club forward or want to modernise the club and there’s been plenty examples over the last sort of 15 years and I don’t blame anybody who’s got that image of the board in their mind. I probably agree with that as well.

“The one that worries me is I know Ange was out yesterday and it was my post match press conference just saying not really wanting it said that it was McKay that brought him to Celtic.

But the thing is McKay was probably working with Ange to identify a director of football, from what you’ve been told or some sort of technical director so the fact we don’t have that in is a worry.

The background structure of the club is one that has always been a concern for the fans, especially as there is no head of recruitment and now no CEO.

The club need to sort out these issues as soon as possible as the board are now starting to look like an amateurish outfit the longer this shambles continues.

Report incredibly claims Dom McKay’s exit ‘explained’

Well that was fast. After three and a half days, a report from The Athletic claims they have explained the mysterious reason why Dom McKay has left the club.

Out of all the wild theories that have been mooted about, Kieran Devlin of The Athletic claims ‘sources’ have lifted the lid on the biggest story of the weekend when he wrote, “Sources have spoken of receiving mixed, contradictory messages from different club figures.

One described Celtic as being “painfully slow” in some discussions and several mentioned not receiving replies to messages for days or sometimes weeks.

When replies did come, they would sometimes be from a different club figure.

“One source described it as “messy, everyone stepping on each other’s toes”. More than one target is said to have been missed out on during this process.

So he’s explained it with no real answers and just speculation from an unnamed source? Am I reading that correctly?

Granted, Celtic’s and Dom McKay’s statements were vague, unclear and left more questions than answers but to claim the former CEO’s exit has been explained without any real or substantial evidence is just plain wrong.

This kind of speculation does more harm than good. It questions the integrity of Celtic’s operation and also the professionalism of McKay without having to provide a single shred of evidence.

I actually have more respect for the pundit’s that at least put their names to their opinions because at least then, there is a level of accountability that can be held against it.

I am sure, in time, that we will find out the exact reasons at what happened behind the scenes, and Dom, if you’re looking for someone to pen your book, I am very reasonably priced!

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