“I have a feeling” – Mark Guidi on Fabrizio Romano Celtic rumour

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The Josip Juranovic story was one that sneaked up behind us all with steel toe caps and booted us right in the balls didn’t it?

Fabrizio Romano took us all off guard with his Juranovic tweet and whilst many tried to ridicule it, most of us that know the Italians knowledge of transfers got worried.

But how worried should we be?

Scotlands own Romano (I am CLEARLY joking so calm down), Mark Guidi had his say on The Go Radio Football Show and what he said will be a relief to the Celtic support, “I mean, I can totally understand why there’s interest in him because he was terrific. I think missed the last few weeks of the season with injury , but he certainly looked the part.

I think we’d all agree, approximately two and a half million pound transfer fee is a bargain.

Again, another one of the Postecoglou success stories in the transfer market. I think Celtic will be loath to let him go.

But it does fit their model of buying at two or three million and sell for 12, 15, 18 millions pounds or whatever you can get.

So it very much fits in with what Celtic are trying to do that.

That said, this summers a bit different for the club because they are guaranteed Champions League income so they don’t need to sell.

Again, these things as well depends how much the player wants to push for an exit, if at all.

We don’t know, Juranovic hasn’t said anything in public.

So I have a feeling, and we’ve still got nine/ten weeks of the transfer window to go, I think Juranovic will stay.

I can’t see him going. But you never know.”

We all kind of knew that anyway. Juranovic has the opportunity to play Champions League football and win trophies at a huge club.

He’s going nowhere. Yet.

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  • Tommy McQuillan

    There’s no substance to this story that I can find and believe I’ve trawled the football blogs to find any substantiated link. There were no actual clubs named just EPL clubs a sweeping generalisation if ever I saw one, it’s verisimilitude at its best when you dig deep there’s nothing to actually report.

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