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“GVB should get another transfer window before we play Celtic” – Yes. This Sevco fan was completely serious

Out of everything I have read all week, this must be the most outlandish piece of nonsense I have ever seen.

With Celtic returning from the winter break with players returning from injury and strengthening their squad in the transfer market, the paranoia from Govan has been reeking out of them.

From claims that Celtic s**t it to face them on the 2nd January the next one to hit social media is now sporting integrity. And this one is a belter.

This *Rangers fan replied to a Celtic supporters tweet about sporting integrity with this belter:

A transfer window just for Gio. Just him. No one else.

And before anyone claims he was kidding. He wasn’t:

Just when you thought they couldn’t get anymore crazier than they are now, they come away with this one.

Ok, then why don’t we wind back the clock and let Celtic not pay taxes, issue side letters and use EBT’s to help try and stop the Oldco’s nine in a row because it’s all about sporting integrity right?

I’ll leave you with the dead clubs legacy.

“Celtic still need” – Barry Ferguson makes bizarre transfer claim

As Celtic gear up to face Alloa in the Scottish Cup tonight, all the focus of the transfer window is put on the back burner.

With an away tie against Barry Ferguson’s Alloa, the Hoops will look to do a professional job on The Wasps and book their place in the next round.

But as the Celtic manager tied up his fifth signing of the transfer window, Ferguson made a strange claim on The Go Radio Football Show as he says he still believes *Rangers squad is stronger than Anges, “I think as a manager if you’re wanting players, you want to get them in as quickly as possible. And that’s what Postecoglou has done.

And it’s good to get them in through the door. Get them used to the surroundings and new teammates.

And I’m sure they want to do a bit more business because Celtic do need players.

I think if you look at both Rangers and Celtic squads, I still believe that Rangers are still stronger and I do believe that Celtic still need to make another one or two signings.

But as a manager that’s what you want to do. Try and get your players in as early as possible in this window.”

With Ange now having at least two players for every position at Celtic (even before the signing of O’Riley), this is a rather strange comment to make by the former Oldco player.

But we all know where Barry’s allegiances lie so it really is no surprise.

Frank McAvennie takes the media coin and continues strange Celtic narrative

I am sick fed up hearing about this if I am honest.

If it is not single players the former Celtic striker is bleating on about it is now this.

This media concern about Celtic’s back line is just getting boring now and as long as former Celtic players like McAvennie keep bending the knee to it rather than standing up for the club, what chance do our players have?

Celtic’s defence has been the best in the country. All season. Even without Jullien.

So why, oh why, has McAvennie went on record again criticising it? In Football Insider, he said, “Strikers are great, I just think we’re a bit short at the back.

“Jullien isn’t back from his injury yet and even when he’s back it will take a while for him to get back up to speed.

“If he’s going to be missing, I would like to see the club go out and bring in another centre-back.

“I think the manager is clever enough to know that’s what he needs so, yeah, I think that will happen soon.

“We have such a talented attack and midfield now. I would just like to see a little bit more quality and depth in the defence.

“Take nothing away from Starfelt and Carter-Vickers, I thought they were both good against Hibs.

“But we are one injury away from the defence being a little bit shakey, in my opinion.”

Where does he get this from?

Even when Starfelt was injured for the whole of November, the defence stood strong. When Carter Vickers was suspended. No problem. Back door was still kept shut.

Frank would be best served defending the club against these stupid accusations instead of continuing them or he could soon find himself discredited amongst the Hoops support.

No wait……..

“Bringing the game into disrepute” – Marvin Bartley’s brilliant response to more Scott Brown Sevco crying

Scott Brown really has gotten under their skins hasn’t he.

No matter the colour of jersey Scott Brown wears, he still lives, rent free in their heads. And it is magical.

Dropping two vital points in the title race really has set the cat amongst the pigeons of the *Rangers supporters.

Or was it the penalty given against them? Or was it the red card? Or a combination of all three perhaps?

Whatever is was, it prompted this Rangers fans to claim Broony is bringing the game into disrepute when he called Clyde 1 SSB. Listen to Marvin’s repsonse:

“Scott Brown doing Scott Brown things”. You could just imagine the how that goes down in Edminston Way.

An outstanding response to a fan base that is, quite frankly, spent all week embarrassing itself over one man and two dropped points.

I think the tide is turning in Glasgow. I think they know it as well.

“He cannot be for real!” – Listen to Mark Wilson’s reaction to Sevco fans incredible moonhowling Celtic conspiracies

As far as calls to Clyde 1 Superscoreboard go this call has to be up there with one of the best of all time.

Five minutes of absolute slavering hate for a club from a guy who ‘doesn’t want to talk about Celtic’.

Step up Jimmy. Have a listen to this:

There are just many, many things wrong with that whole conversation that the slavvering Jimmy just could not comprehend.

Not happy with being proved wrong about Celtic’s ‘influence’ in the SPFL board or the fact that ten other clubs voted for the winter shut down he also claimed that Celtic would try and con FIFA by claiming Kyogo’s injury is not as bad as first feared.

There is a deep rooted problem within a certain faction of their fanbase that whenever they drop points it seems to bring out the loonies in their support.

You can be sure there will be more of these guys presenting themselves over the next few days.

“You’re having a mare here”, “The only club that’s used that rule” – Rangers Rabble rinsed for ‘tinpot’ tweet

I love this.

For one reason and one reason only.

These major *Rangers podcast sites always are always bumping their gums on Twitter. Always.

And they are a far cry of how Celtic podcast site’s conduct themselves.

I have yet to see any Celtic podcast site behave the way Rangers Rabble or Heart & Hand do on twitter and, quite frankly, if I did see them carry on like those guys do, they would be blocked quicker than you can say ‘liquidation’.

This podcaster tried to take the moral high ground after the news that wee Alfie was set to miss the Glasgow Derby in February:

The problem with this is there is only one club that has invoked the postponement rule in Scotland. One.

And was it against the might of Celtic? Aberdeen maybe? Hearts perhaps?


It was this:

Superb isn’t it!

“There’s a feeling that there’s a decent chance it’ll happen” – Portuguese journalist’s worrying Jota update

Jota to Celtic. It has the potential of turning into another Paddy Roberts hasn’t it!

Right that’s enough of that!

But what is the state of play regarding Celtic sealing the deal to get the Portuguese winger to Paradise permanently?

And will it happen anytime soon?

It’s in the balance according to Portuguese journalist Alex Goncalves:

Jota has been a revelation since joining the Hoops on deadline day and Goncalves reckons the permanent deal could have been done a lot easier if it wasn’t for one major development at Benfica this season:

Jorge Jesus was sacked by The Eagles just before the New Year and the general feeling is that had he remained in charge, the likelihood of Jota ever returning to Benfica was extremely small.

Now that the managerial position has changed, has Jota’s mind?

Celtic fans will certainly hope not.

Aberdeen fan’s Scott Brown tweet prompts unbelievable Alex Rae comparison and brilliant EBT response

Yeah. You read it right.

There was genuinely no other way to put the headline.

Well, that’s not strictly true. I could have put “Kid on Sevco fan gets sectioned for f**kwittery” but I would probably have needed to sack myself!

The Aberdeen fans are loving Scott Brown. Hell, we all are.

And going by this tweet, this guy REALLY loves him.

But the tweet prompted a really weird response from this guy and without giving anything away, have a read at this thread:

It’s incredible that in England, they measure a player on how they did in their soulless league.

Brown is a legend of the Scottish game. I bet he would rather have his cupboard full of medals than Alex Rae’s sideboard drawer stuffed with brown envelopes……..

“15 years rent free” – Celtic fans react to Moussa Dembele’s class Scott Brown tweet

Big Moussa.

At Celtic Park he was affectionately known as The H*nskelper.

He destroyed Rangers on the park.

And now off it, along with Scott Brown, he is still terrorising them.

As the video of the former Celtic captain mocking Ryan Kent went viral, the big Frenchman tweeted out:

I think it is fair to say every football fan in the country (bar one team) enjoyed Broony’s antics and the Celtic fans lapped up big Moussa’s tweet as they continued to laugh at their rivals meltdown across the city:

Got to love the big man.

“Blood on Scott Parker’s hands” – Incredible reaction to Celtic’s transfer coup

Away from poking fun at Sevco for a minutre (I’ll get back to that later), an article appeared in The Athletic where the writer was explaining what type of player Celtic are getting in Matt O’Riley.

The expected £1.5m signing from MK Dons is largely unheard of but The Athletic spoke very highly of him, “O’Riley profiles as something of an all-action midfielder who comes alive in the middle and final third.

The right-footed midfielder has seven goals and five assists to his name, with his distribution, finishing and dribbling all catching the eye this season.

O’Riley enjoys taking shots on, registering 40 shots so far in his 26 league appearances, and is a key part of MK Dons’ promotion-chasing form — with him on the pitch, they average 1.77 points per match and are 0.58 goals per 90 minutes better off (FBref).

But it was in the comments section of the article that gives a true fan account of how they feel about the player and the prospect of losing him for such a small fee that grabbed my attention.

User, ‘Will G‘ said of the move, “Blood on Scott Parker’s hands for not giving him a chance in the Championship.

Too many academy prospects are disappearing too soon from us, but it’s great to see the latest crop doing well with their careers after others have previously struggled.

Quite the summation and if all other reports are anything to go by, it seems Ange has pulled another belter from the hat!

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