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The Daily Records Morelos transfer story is hilarious

Ibrox Stadium

Sometimes you have to be careful how you word things in this game.

But right now, I am going to call bulls**t on the the Daily Records recent attempt to punt Alfredo Morelos to La Liga.

According to the report members of the players ‘inner circle’ have claimed that Alfie would ‘be keen’ on a move to Sevilla.

The piece claims that reports from a Spanish media site called Estadio Deportivo made the claim and whilst I am familiar with the site, the lack of direct link to these claims sets alarm bells ringing with me.

This was the winner for me, “The unnamed insider reportedly told the outlet a switch to Sevilla “would be a very good option” as Morelos “likes Spanish football” and the six-time Europa League winners are “always participating in Europe”.

Aye ok. I bet many Celtic fans would like a date with Alessandra Ambrósio and see her as a ‘very good option’ and also taking her to Paris for a date on a private jet with John Travolta as the pilot but let’s face it, something like that will never happen.

It’s a terrible piece that only bows down to the Ibrox club either trying to hawk a player who only has one year left on his contract or the players agent is upping the ante by trying to force Rangers into offering a new deal with vastly improved terms.

Or, the report from Spain is real.

You decide.

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“Contract to 2027 signed soon” – Celtic’s next announcement set to be made

Main stand and Jock Stein Stand, Celtic Park

The transfer announcement of Alexandro Bernabei is set to be announced soon according to Seba Ongarelli.

The Argentine journalist tweeted this update just over two hours ago:

Bernabei was reported to have flew into Glasgow a few days ago to finalise his move to Paradise and since then there has been nothing from the club, or the player, but it seems the announcement that he has signed is imminent.

Bernabei is said to be costing £3.75m as Ange Postecoglou looks to strengthen the left side of defence to offer Greg Taylor some much needed competition.

A lot of hype has surrounded this move. Let’s hope the youngster can live up to it.

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Hugh Keevins seems to cast doubt on Jota move

Celtic Park

Pre season training has started and the fans look forward to the new season.

It seems so long now since the end of last season and we are all just looking forward to Ange Postecoglou’s boys returning.

But will they return with or without Portuguese winger Jota?

No one knows yet but speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hugh Keevins seemed to cast doubt on the move when he said, “Celtic turn up for training today minus Jota. How long does this take? How long does Jota have to go on?

“Expected to sing for Celtic before it becomes another four letter word ending in ‘A’ and that is saga.

“The fee was agreed in the loan contract when he came here from Portugal from Benfica and all that needed to be done was personal terms.

“How long does it take?”

I suppose it depends on how you look it it.

It could be that the final details are being thrashed out as Jota is still on holiday.

It could be that the deal is done and we are just waiting on an announcement.

Or it could be that there is no deal.

I guess we won’t know until we get an update from the club, which could be any day now………….right?


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“Tadger” – Man United fans Larsson comments owned by Celtic support

Celtic Park

This thread is typical of the mentality of the EPL fanboys down south.

Many of them, in fact, almost all of them disregard our game as if it was nothing and it was summed up by this ‘tadgers’ comment about Henrik Larsson.

Football Retro Plus shared this appreciation post for the Celtic legend:

When this Man United fan chipped in with his inane comments on the King of Kings:

Don’t exactly know what his guys point is but it was well rounded on by the Celtic fans and made the guy look like a bit of a f*nny:

And it was summed up nicely here:

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“Your song book is pure p**h”, “Obviously never been to Celtic Park” – Celtic fans react to ludicrous ‘best atmosphere’ claim

Celtic Park

Celtic Park. One of, if not the best atmosphere in world football in a European night.

Nothing beats the passion and intensity of our fans. Unrivalled. Anywhere

Now, with me being a Celtic fan, you would say I was being biased, and of course that may be true, but don’t just take my word for it.

Take Barcelona legend Xavi [Celtic Wiki], “When you step out at Celtic Park, the atmosphere they create for their team is incredible. It doesn’t matter how many big games you have played in. Walking out into that atmosphere is always intense. I don’t think I have seen anything like the Celtic fans in all the stadiums I have played.”

Or Man United legend Nemanja Matic, “Every game I have played in Turkey stands out for passion created by the fans – but the best has been at Celtic Park.”

And if you are going to listen to anyone, Messi would be a great shout, “I have a Celtic jersey at home. The games against Celtic were special and I want to remember them. Celtic Park is a tough place to go to, it is never easy to get a result there. It is the best atmosphere in Europe and we all want to experience that again.”

Many world class players have come to Paradise and left with Celtic in their hearts. Because of the fans.

Which makes this claim now look utterly stupid:

I think I’ve said enough on this subject. I’ll hand over to the brilliant Celtic fans who told it how it is:

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“I beg you sign him” – Celtic fans react to Fabrizio Romano’s latest tweet

Celtic Park

Fab, sometimes we love him, sometimes (like last week) we effing hate him.

Trying to hawk Juranovic away this summer? What’s that all about?

Well his latest tweet certainly raised Celtic fans eyebrows and seemed to start a clamour by the fans to sign this newly free’d agent:

74 goals in 249 appearances. Is that good enough for Celtic to take a punt on him?

And then you have the added pressure of being the King of Kings son, never mind being a striker at Celtic where anything less than 20 goals a season is regarded as failure.

In my opinion, as a free, there is no harm in trying to get him.

I just don’t think his strike rate is good enough to warrant him being competition for Kyogo or Giakoumakis.

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Celtic face competition for defenders signature

Celtic Park

Sometimes you just have to wonder how much truth is actually in these transfer rumours that are continually linked to Celtic.

From Jota is signing next week (which was reported three effing weeks ago) to Abu Fani to Alexandro Bernabei, no one really knows what’s going on until the player is in Celtic Park with the scarf aloft their heads.

Take this report from Glasgow World (exactly, who?) that claims Celtic are in the mix for Liverpool’s Ben Davies.

The same Ben Davies that ‘forgot’ to sign a contract when Lenny tried to buy him until he was then lured to Liverpool in a move that set back his career at least two seasons.

Now Liverpool want £4m for a player they signed for £1m and Celtic should tell them to get stuffed.

But then, are we really in for him at all?

To me it’s just another lazy story drummed up to get Davies a move down south and what bigger name than Celtic to get Davies name trending out there?

It seems we are now faced with ‘competition’ from Middlesbrough (yeah, another lazy link) so I say let them have him.

Davies chased the money last season to warm Liverpools bench, let him chase the money again and play in Englands second tier to chase a dream whilst we play Champions League football.

Anyways, look how it worked out for us the last time a player chose money over medals last season……..

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Alex McLeish uses Celtic’s latest signing to push same club lie

Celtic Park

Never misses an opportunity does he?

Alex McLeish, the man at the helm when the EBT scandal hit Rangers, he himself admitted that if the Oldco didn’t pay money they couldn’t afford they would have been left behind by Celtic.

Some justification that isn’t it? Anyway, the reckless spending ended up killing the club and a new club was formed.

And with the death of Rangers, also came the death of the ‘Old Firm’ tag.

But after Celtic signed Benji Siegrist, McLeish was asked about the signing by Football Insider when he said this, “It’s an incredible move for the guy, to go to one of the Old Firm teams.

“There is a different type of pressure now. I know Joe Hart is number one now and he had a magnificent season.

“That’s what Siegrist has to follow. Watching him with United, in many of the games last season, he certainly looked like a very capable goalkeeper.

“Clawing at things sometimes when you think he was beaten. I’ve been very impressed by him.”

Why not just says it’s a brilliant signing for Celtic? Why even bring ‘them’ into it?

Why? To peddle the same club p*sh like he does at every opportunity. That’s why.

This signing had nothing to with that club. It had nothing to do with the ‘Old Firm’ but I suppose if you were partly responsible for that part of the Old F*rm dying, you would do anything to ease your conscience.

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Roger Hannah makes bizarre transfer financial prediction if Jota signs

On their way to Paradise

This was a strange statement to make and in some ways, I genuinely wonder why Roger Hannah on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard said it.

Speaking about Celtic’s recent transfer business, Hannah seemed to intimate that if Celtic land the winger, the rest of our transfer business could suffer due to the financial layout of the deal, “So much of the work to be done, transfer wise, by Celtic revolves around whether or not they get Jota.

If Jota signs then don’t need another wide player.

If Jota signs it will be a real boost for the supporters and also if Jota signs, they’ll have to pay a pretty penny to get him.

£6.5m to Benfica to get him. I think that will cut back on the scope to get a lot of signings.

But you need to remember the work not just in January, but last summer Ange Postecoglou did.

This isn’t a summer where Celtic have got six or seven or eight players out of contract or a year to go and ready to move on.

They’ve got a reasonably settled side/squad. Two or three little bits of business, you know, a backup left back which could be Bernabei.

A backup goalkeeper which is Siegrist. Getting the Carter Vickers deal done. Making sure that the Maeda deal went through.


The Jota deal will not hamper any more transfer business the club will do. With Champions League money still there to be spent on top of the money reaped in from last seasons sales, if Ange wants to add another player to the team, you better believe he will get the funds to do it.

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“Is not in the managers reckoning” – Former Celt predicts huge summer exit

For Celtic fans, it’s great to see players coming in to the club.

New faces always brings a buzz to the team and the supporters.

But what about those players that are no longer part of the managers plans?

Well there is one that former Celt Frank McAvennie reckons that could be on his way out of the club.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “They need another centre half.

“That’s the biggest thing for me because obviously Jullien is not in the manager’s reckoning. He’s been fit, unfit, he’s been on the bench so he’s not had a runout.

“For me I don’t think he’s the kind of player the manager wants. Whether that’s right or wrong I don’t know but I would like to see another centre half coming in.

“We’ve signed Carter-Vickers which was a great piece of business and I just think we need another one. Tony Ralston’s come on leaps and bounds and Juranovic for me is a great full back and Tony’s pushed him all the way which is great.

“But the most important position for me is the centre midfield. I think they need someone who can break things up. I don’t think they realise how much of a job Scott Brown did.

“No disrespect to the boys that are in midfield, they’re all great players going forward but none of them is that catalyst you need to hold and break down things.

“That would make me a very happy person if we could get somebody like that in.”

Will Jullien move on or fight for his place in the team? I hope he stays. He could provide decent cover in case of injury but with one year left on his deal, maybe it’s time to try and recoup at least some of the £7m paid out for him.

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