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“Defensive frailty has to be eliminated” – Hugh Keevins slams Hoops rear guard

Yeah, it was always going to be bitter sweet. As Celtic find themselves struggling against Livingstone at the Tony Macaroni Arena, Clyde 1 pundit Hugh Keevins struck out at the Hoops defensive woes, particularly off the back off the 4-3 loss to Betis in Seville.

As Keevins reviewed the European away performance, he made the upcoming visit of the Germans favourites, but only if the Hoops do not sort out their back line, “Bayer Leverkusen at Celtic Park I would say right now Bayer Leverkusen are favourites to win at Celtic Park because of this Achilles heel.

I cannot make a virtue, out of heroic failure. He has done a magnificent job and very unfortunate, particularly with the loss of Furuhashi. He’s got Jota playing extremely well.

They are occasionally, very exciting to watch Celtic. But as the season progresses, the defensive frailty has to be eliminated domestically and in European football or you cannot succeed.”

For all the attacking intent of the Celtic team, the defence has always been a cause for concern amongst the fans.

Even though they have conceded fewer goals than anyone else in the Scottish league, you can see during matches that the back four of the Hoops can look shaky at times when pressed or put under pressure.

With the return of Christopher Julien expected in late October and the impressive Cameron Carter Vickers looking to have added some steel the the Hoops defence, the fans will be hoping that the defence will be the last thing they are talking about come the end of the season.

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“I think Celtic will finish, at very best 3rd” – Moonhowling live radio claim by Sevco nut

There’s overconfidence. Then there is just plain stupidity.

Now, I am all for being confident in your OWN teams ability and regular readers of my site will also know I like to stick a friendly boot into the backside of our rivals from Govan.

But when I do that, I at least try to in a way that make people think its a. funny and b. realistically funny.

No jokes at the back about me never being funny!

But this one *Rangers fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and made an absolutely outlandish claim that even had host Gordon Duncan ripping the proverbial urine out of him.

I can’t even remember the guys name but he called after Celtic’s 3-0 win over Ross County to tell all and sundry that he wasn’t worried about Celtic, whilst sounding worried about Celtic, “I’m not worried about Celtic.

Celtic will be lucky to finish second this year. I’m more worried about Hibs and Hearts than I am about Celtic.

I think Celtic will finish at very best, at very best, third. I really do. I really do.

One of the Celtic supporters came on and basically predicted Ange will be away by Christmas.

I think he’ll be away before that. I really do. They’re no going to get another Brendan Rodgers in again.”

So we went from Celtic finishing second, to third to then FOURTH to also predicting Postecoglou leaving the club before Christmas and to top it all off, the caller claimed that Celtic will not, quite obviously, get Brendan Rodgers again as their manager.

Yeah, and it’s not even anywhere close to silly season!

“Heads have to roll” – The Celtic community react to Dom McKay’s departure

You know the one thing I like about the Celtic blogging and media family? They are supporters. They will write what they are feeling or thinking with professionalism but with the passion of a fan.

Those that are regular readers of this site know that it is committed to putting their opinions out there and to give, hopefully, some of the Celtic podcasters a bit more exposure to those that would maybe not have the ability to access them.

Which is why I love reading and listening to their pieces. It is pure, unadulterated and undiluted fan opinion with no agenda other than seeing the club progress.

Looking for information on the Dom McKay scenario, my first port of call was Celtic News Now. A brilliant site where you can get all these collective opinions on the happenings at the club. So what where they saying about Dom McKay’s departure?

James Forrest at The Celtic Blog, said quite simply but brilliantly put, “In any other corporate culture heads would roll at the very top of the house after a disaster like this, and this is a disaster following a disaster following a disaster, a constantly running shit-show which makes the Ibrox operation seem streamlined and efficient.

The Celtic Trust have raised misgivings with the corporate governance at Celtic when they posed questions which you can read here but their last line of their article is particularly alarming, “We continue to have concerns about the standard of corporate governance at Celtic PLC and will continue to raise these issues with the Board and with other shareholders and advisers.

Euan Davidson at 67 Hail Hail questioned the appointment and said, “Overall, it’s a mess. And Celtic are going to have to act quickly to put this fire out.

M Ross at Celts Are Here warn that the club need to look outwards for the next appointment and pointed to one man who seems to be the cause of this whole mess, “Now, we’re back to square one. Would season ticket sales have gone so smoothly if Celtic hired from within this summer and Nicholson took up the chief exec role after Lawwell stepped down?

“Peter’s fingerprints over the club would have been very transparent.

Whatever your take on the situation at the club, it is clear the Celtic blogging community are all over this and you can bet your last pound that they will push for answers and keep the pressure on the board.

“This is the fear” – Top podcaster’s warning on Celtic ‘bombshell’

I heard murmurings of this happening last night. As a blogger, you try and keep your ear close to the ground with any news regarding Celtic.

It is our club. Our legacy and our history.

Not like other clubs, the Celtic fanbase are always keeping a close eye on the goings on at Parkhead so that if anything comes apart, the club/board are held accountable.

That is what stopped the club going bust back in the nineties and it will stop the club moving in the wrong direction now.

When I heard this rumour, like any other blogger (I would hope), you check your source and your facts and if it can’t be substantiated then you leave it alone.

With a touch of hindsight, it is one that I missed now that is has come to fruition, it is one that I can’t believe.

And neither can Paul John Dykes at The Celtic State of Mind podcast.

As every Celtic fan is when adversity hits the club, the instant fall of suspicion falls on the board, and so it should and Dykes called into question the seriousness of Dom McKay’s departure and asks, was the relationship so bad between McKay and the board that it required his departure from the club, “Is it’s such a bad situation with the current board of directors that a brand new CEO common with all these tremendous ideas.

And as you say, he’s been hitting his head against a brick wall. This is the fear. This is the fear. And I’m not scaremongering because you get criticised for being positive, and you get criticised for being negative.

This is an instant reaction to a bit of a bombshell, that’s just been dropped on Celtic on the eve of us getting back into domestic action.

And the week leading up to a very important European game. It’s not the kind of news that we want in terms of the stability of the club and the progression and the development and everything else that we’ve been talking about in a positive sense.

And that is this the fear.

Now there is also a way of writing statements when big big news happens, and there are certain phrases that are used, that are almost coveralls, almost protective of the individuals.

So, if there is anything on a personal level, that has forced Dom McKay to leave the club, then our sympathies are with him and our thoughts are with him and his family.”

Dykes frustration really shone through on the podcast and no doubt, his feelings are being shared amongst many Celtic fans.

But what now for the club? What now for Ange?

For the boards sake, if this latest development is not for ‘personal reasons’ but instead is for professional sabotage, then they will have the Celtic support to answer to.

For Dom McKay, if he is having personal difficulties then I wish him all the very best.

“It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe” – The 90 Min Cynic’s interesting take on Celtic’s transfer signings

The international week, thank goodness, is over and we return to the domestic scene this Saturday with Celtic’s home tie against Ross County.

With at least three of Ange’s new signings set to make their debut against The Staggies, the boys on The 90 Min Cynic podcast were discussing the clubs transfer’s and the lack of business over the summer whilst the board waited on their new manager coming in.

We all know that story but when one of the boys brought up the mismanagement of the first team squad and how it had affected the transfer business of the club one of the hosts brought up an interestingly laid the blame at one mans door for that, “We didn’t have a manager and why didn’t we have a manager?

Because Eddie Howe had agreed. He was coming. It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe that he bailed in the last minute.

So, Dominic McKay is sitting in his office throwing darts at a dartboard looking for players and he’s doing it because he didn’t bring in players for a manager he doesn’t know the identity of?

So as soon as Ange came in, again, not ideal, I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault apart from Eddie Howe, as soon as Ange came in, we started signing players Ange wanted by the looks of it.

Straight away Liam Shaw, who was signed by Neil Lennon, who thought ‘He’s a great player‘, apparently, and Ange just had one look at him and said, ‘Nah, not for me‘. So I, again, hate to be a cheerleader for the board or Dom McKay. It’s against my natural instincts, but not a bad job and there’s another transfer window open in two or three months time.”

And there in lies the clincher. For a first window, Ange, and Dom McKay, have both worked wonders to get not only the amount of personnel in that they have, but also the quality of personnel and it will be interesting to see how the team lines up on Saturday as the supporters will be keen to catch a glimpse of their new recruits.

“I’m glad he’s gone” – Former Celt’s stinging attack on wantaway star

The transfer of Ryan Christie has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons this week.

With reports of text wars between Christie’s dad and former Celtic midfielder Davie Provan surfacing today, next up is another ex pro who just wasn’t holding back when looking at the Scotland midfielder’s move to Bournemouth.

Speaking to Football Insider, former Celtic striker, Frank McAvennie, was scathing in his analysis of Christie’s £2m move to the Championship side and reckons the midfield dynamo will struggle in England’s second tier, “I think he was better off going. He has played but he was one of the ones who needed to move.

“I think he’s facing a challenge in the Championship, I really do.

“I think he’s going to struggle, I always said he wasn’t going to go to the Premier League.

“He was linked with Burnley and let me tell you, if he was wanted by Burnley, he would be at Burnley.

“He wouldn’t have taken a Championship move. In any case, I do honestly wish him the best but I’m glad he’s gone.

“We need players who are fully committed and he only used to turn up when he wanted to. He could be lazy.

“There were times we needed him and he wasn’t there or didn’t turn up.”

Christie was in great form for Celtic under Ange Postecoglou and his country over the international break and will be hoping to carry that on to what I will expect to be his home debut against Barnsley on Saturday at 3pm.

Charlie Adam suggest’s strange solution to Kyogo injury replacement.

Celtic are facing an injury sweat over their star striker Kyogo Furuhashi.

Furuhashi was subbed off in Japan’s 1-0 win over China in the early stages of the second half with a knee injury which is leaving the Hoops fans frantically waiting for news from Ange Postecoglou on the damage that has been done and, if any, how long he will be on the sidelines.

With crucial Europa League matches, and league and cup business coming up Kyogo will be crucial to the teams results and any absence will be a cause for concern for the Celtic fans.

Speaking on The PLZ Football Show, Charlie Adam hinted that one of Celtic’s forgotten men should be brought back in from the cold to shore up any potential gap Kyogo may leave, “When any player goes off injured in the international games you worry, and now he has got to travel back a long way from Japan.

” Celtic will be hoping he comes back and it’s not too serious, but if they had to lose him for a bit then it would be a blow, but they have got Ajeti coming in.

“I said last season for £5million that it was a gamble, and it never worked last season.

Edouard is out the door now, and that’s a big blow because he’s a top player, but his heart wasn’t in that.

“Ange has got to find a way to fit them all in the system, but Kyogo missing will be a blow.”

Right. So Celtic bring in the Eredivisie’s top goalscorer to then sit him on the bench and allow a striker that has offered next to nothing for over a season to take his place?

Am I reading that right?

But then, Adam did correctly predict that Celtic would not get double figures for Odsonne Edouard this transfer window so……….

“Of course he wasn’t an Ange signing” – Anthony Joseph talks Celtic transfers and gives surprising ‘Ange signings’ verdict

I remember when Ange Postecoglou first got the Celtic job and many people where saying he’ll just be a yes man or another board puppet.

How far from the truth is that? Ange Postecoglou has endeared himself to the Celtic fans with not only his footballing philosophy, but also with his ability to not suffer fools gladly.

His style when he deals with the media is not only popular with the fans, but also the media guys themselves.

But many where wondering just how much input he has into the players who are signed by the club and by all accounts, it seems that whoever is putting the ground work in, so far it is paying off.

But of course, with the significant style of play Ange demands, demands a certain type of footballer which has led to questions about some of the players who have been signed by Celtic and if they are, in fact, Ange signings.

Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph has been running the rule over the Parkhead incomings on The Celtic Exchange Podcast, and the process the club goes through to identify specific targets and who has the final say, “I don’t know that for sure that Ange pulled out on on deals later on or anything like that, but you can tell, who are Ange signings and who aren’t.

I mean Joe Hart wasn’t an Ange signing. Of course he wasn’t. Celtic were trying to go for him.

He’d have been provided a list of names and targets and this is what the scouting team and the recruitment team have identified as targets.

Of course that kind of background work can happen without him. He still has to have a look at that and say, yeah, we’ll go for him. No, not, not too keen on that.

I’m not saying this did happen, but sometimes it goes on the lines of they made contact, they speak to the player, and maybe the manager or someone at the club is not too keen on after they’ve spoken to the player. They just get that feeling.

But you can tell Joe Hart wasn’t an Ange signing. McCarthy wouldn’t have been an Ange signing. Celtic have always been linked with McCarthy.

Liam Shaw definitely isn’t because he was a Neil Lennon signing and Abada also wasn’t, well I highly doubt he was an Ange signing because of their connection Dudu Dahan. He’s very much a go to man for Celtic to find players and gems in Israel and beyond.”

Anthony Joseph Reveals Celtic Almost Avoided Barkas Signing With A Familiar Face

Vasilis Barkas is this generations Rafael Scheidt. Or is that harsh?

The price was the same. The eventual final outcome after signing both is also the same. Martin O’Neill ditched Scheidt and now Postecoglou needs get rid of his own. Keeper that is. Not Scheidt.

Ok, enough of the Scheidt jokes.

As Celtic seem to have given up on trying to rescue Barkas’ career, Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph revealed today on The Celtic Exchange podcast how the Hoops almost avoided the £5m mistake and signed a face that is familiar to the Celtic supporters this season.

When asked by the boys if he was surprised that new ‘keeper Joe Hart had signed for the Hoops, Joseph gave a very interesting answer, “Yeah, I was surprised it actually went ahead. Because Celtic tried to get him last season as well.

And the way Ange was talking it looked like at the start of the season, Barkas would be the number one. He was trying to big him up a little bit, and I think, very early on it looked like maybe he should be given a second chance, Barkas.

But since then, it’s proved through the rest of the preseason friendlies and in the early signs of the Champions League qualifiers as well.

It kind of showed that he was still not up to the standard that needed to be there. Perhaps it’s because he still hasn’t settled yet, because he was a good goalkeeper AEK Athens.

Being Greece’s goalkeeper as well. But he’s not performing to to those levels certainly hasn’t done for Celtic. So Ange can’t wait for that. Celtic can’t wait for that.

So they had to go into the market and get a goalkeeper quite quickly, to be ready for the season. It’s so important, isn’t it, to have a good goalkeeper and when Celtic had Fraser Forster, you just knew that if the defence was leaking a little bit, Forster was there to make a good save or win points for you and Celtic didn’t have a goalkeeper that won points.”

Mark Guidi Strangely Backs Ex Celt For Scotland Call Up With Bold Claim

I don’t really write much about international week. The blog was originally set up to talk mainly about Celtic and all other issues affecting Scottish football, but mostly, as regular readers know, 90% of everything I talk about relates to the Hoops.

But this one caught my eye technically, TECHNICALLY, it has a Celtic slant to it so I’m running with it.

As Scotland take on Austria tonight in Vienna, Mark Guidi and the pundits on Go Radio, where reviewing the weekends 1-0 win over Moldova and were talking about the amount of missed chances the Dark Blues had to put the Moldovans to bed.

Chance after chance went begging until Lyndon Dykes tucked away his chance to eventually seal the victory at Hampden Park.

As the pundits discussed different options on who would be a better fit to lead the line a caller made a strange suggestion to Guidi and he agreed that it could be an option for Steve Clarke up front, “That’s a good shout.

I remember having a conversation with Gordon Strachan and Gordon was the Scotland manager when he kind of first took over and Tony Watt was on the radar.

And then Gordon Strachan said Tony Watt has everything in his locker go on and be one of the best No9’s for Scotland in a long time and it’s just not worked out for him for a variety of reasons.

But I think, is Tony maybe 27 or 28? You’re racking your brain trying to think if we have a McCoist or a Johnstone or a MacAvennie or a Nicholas or one of those guys.

That said, Dykes and Adams for me are a good partnership, I’d love to have the equivalent of an Andy Robertson or a Kieran Tierney but we don’t have that.

But we do have is two talented players, and you could see, on Saturday night as well, again with Lyndon Dykes. He gives his absolute all and you can see an improvement.”

Now, I do tend to look at everything through green tinted specs but even I am struggling to see the logic in the journalist’s claim.

Watt, over the course of his career, has made 309 appearances and scored only 65 goals. A return of only 1 goal per 4.7 games. A dreadful return for a striker.

And even if we take his current form at Motherwell, over the last two seasons at Fir Park, Watt has made 66 appearances and scored 14.

I’m sorry, but he is nowhere near the class of a decent Premiership striker never mind an international striker.

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