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Alex McLeishs mind boggling comments on Celtic are just bizarre

Celtic Park

He’s on the list. Well, my list at least.

As one of those people who should never talk about Celtic unless you know exactly what you are on about.

Just like Barry Ferguson last night, Alex McLeish was weirdly asked about Stephen Welsh’s goal at the weekend and the answer he gave was very strange.

Speaking to Football Insider McLeish said, “I didn’t see the goal but as soon as I heard Welsh scored I said it must have been a corner or a set piece.

“The more you play at that level and make one or two mistakes, you eradicate them from your game and you become better.

“It was a surprise for me to see Stephen Welsh playing given the Celtic defence. But he seems like a kid on the up.“

Didn’t see the goal. As soon as those words came out his mouth the reporter should have just canned the interview there.

But even the direction of the answer was bizarre. How can you go from not seeing the goal to then talk about one or two mistakes needing eradicated from your game?

Did Welsh make any mistakes on Sunday? How the f*** would McLeish know? He never even saw it.

And where was the surprise at seeing Welsh start come from?

Starfelt is still injured. Jullien is nowhere near the first team so the sensible thing to do would be to start your only other centre half is it not?

McLeish, and to be fair, this publication does nothing but embarrass themselves whenever they talk Celtic.

They should just concentrate on the team from the other side of the city because neither of them have a clue about our club.

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“Then your old pal Brendan Rodgers might look up the road” – Roger Hannah sends transfer warning for popular Hoops star

Celtic Park

Celtic have an array of talent in their squad. Of that there is no doubt.

From Jota to Hatate to Cameron Carter Vickers, every position in the team has quality in it.

And with that comes the inevitable rumours of players being tracked by clubs down south.

For me, that’s just part and parcel of having a successful team and I could live with that if it meant that Celtic were to pick up trophy after trophy.

But is there a chance we could lose one of those players this summer?

Roger Hannah thinks there could be a chance that Brendan Rodgers could nick in and try to take Matt O’Reilly if a £50m move for James Maddison goes through this summer.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hannah said, “The worry in the back of the minds of a lot of Celtic fans is if Newcastle do pay £50 million for James Madison, then your old pal Brendan Rodgers might look up the road and try and take Matt O’Reilly to Leicester to replace James Maddison because he could go in there.

He’s been far better in a short space of time than I was expecting him to be when he first arrived from MK Dons.

We knew he was a good player, but it sometimes takes a lot of 21 years of age a little bit of time to settle in.

He’s hitting the ground running here. Wouldn’t surprise me if you saw him in the World Cup finals this summer.

So far he’s only got to Denmark under 21 level. He is playing so well. And playing so well on a big level.

All it would really need, I think, is for Matt O’Reilly to take that form into the six Champions League group games and it would be very, very hard for the Danes not to take him to Qatar.”

The Celtic support saw how good he was from the first game he pulled on the Hoops.

And what we also appreciate is how humble and how O’Reilly has taken the club to his heart.

One thing you can be sure of is, money will not motivate O’Reilly’s next move. He has already proven that he is not consumed by earning his next paycheck.

He wants to play football and win trophies. Celtic already give him that.

If an offer is made for him by Rodgers, it had better be a bloody good one or we should chase him back down the road.

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Daily Record embarrasses itself with latest transfer “story”

Celtic Park

Wow. Just when you think this rag can’t get any worse it only goes and proves you wrong. Again.

Its been, what, the best part of two weeks since Ange Postecoglou rejected a move for Jordan Larrson and The Daily Record drags this rubbish from its dregs:

Celtic “swerve” signing race? In what way where we even in this race?

Never. The Celtic boss unequivocally kyboshed this rumour two weeks ago when we told Larsson’s representatives we were not interested in the player.

Now, I’m not saying he’s not a good player. He clearly is. He’s just not what we need at this current time and for the Record to pop with this rehashed p*sh is just embarrassing.

I suppose it’s different from saying we were ‘snubbed’ which, by the way, will happen when Larsson finally decides to choose his next club.

“I think he’s going to be a fringe player” – Former Celt says weekend star will drop out of first team

Celtic Park

I love it when players step up to prove us all wrong.

Look at last season. We witnessed Greg Taylor and Anthony Ralston flourish under Ange Postecoglou and his new system and early indications are we are about to witness the same transformation with Stephen Welsh.

The Scottish international has impressed during pre season and against Aberdeen on Sunday, he capped off a strong performance with the opening goal against the Dons.

But will that be enough to secure his place in the team? Frank McAvennie doesn’t seem to think so.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “I don’t think so.

“The other boy that they’ve signed is a centre-half as well so I don’t know why he wasn’t playing.

“I’ve always said Stephen Welsh is one of the players that’s going to be on the fringe. I think he’s going to be a fringe player.

“He’s one of those players that the manager can trust when he brings him in. But if Starfelt or Jenz is fit, Stephen will be on the bench.

“The boy’s not done any harm but they’ve just spent a lot of money on a defender so they’re not going to leave him out. If he’s fit he’ll play or Starfelt will play.

“Welsh will be told that he’ll get game time but he won’t get as much as he wants.“

This is one of these times where I am going to scare myself and agree with McAvennie.

That’s not to say Welsh doesn’t have a future at the club because he clearly does. Maybe he will just have to bide his time to cement his place at the heart of the Celtic defence.

Especially after the season that Starfelt and CCV had last season.

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“50/50” – Celtic target speaks out about speculation

Celtic Park

Celtics pursuit of a defensive midfielder took a turn for the worse when Vinicius Souza decided to play his trade in La Liga with Espanyol.

Now that Celtic have apparently sealed the deal for Aussie midfielder Aaron Mooy, does that mean the club have now ended their search for a midfield enforcer?

Long term linked player Fausto Vera has opened up on the speculation regarding his future and as reported by the Daily Record, it does look like he could be on the move this summer.

Vera said, “I like Europe, also the South American leagues that mean football growth for me and in my life, it would be a beautiful challenge. It’s because there are rumours from South America, Europe, I feel prepared to face any challenge.

“Negotiations are taken care of by my representative, along with the managers. I think about playing, enjoying, I always want to play in order to help the team. I have that in my head and I let these things be resolved by them.

“I would tell you that today the chance of leaving is at a 5 (out of 10). There can always be offers and polls. But until the decision is made and the papers are signed, I’m still here at the club. The possibility of taking a leap in my career, the truth is that it’s what I want”

Will his future be at Celtic or Belgian side Genk who have made an improved offer for the Argentinian?

Celtic transfer blow as linked SPFL player stays put

Celtic Park

Celtic have been dealt a transfer blow as linked star Dylan Reid has chosen to remain at St Mirren.

Celtic had a £125,000 bid accepted by The Buddies and was thought to be mulling over a move to Paradise.

With Ange Postecoglou confirming that Reid was likely to have been expired for the B team, it seems Reid has decided to stay put in order to develop in the Paisley clubs first team

Some say a wise choice, some say bold and takes balls. It will be interesting to see how the youngster develops this season and to see how he gets under the watchful eye of Stephen Robinson.

“We are working with the board” – Celtic targets agent opens up on speculation

With Celtic seemingly losing out on Vinicius Souza, the talk now was all a out who will be next on Ange Postecoglou’s radar.

Fausto Vera is hotly tipped as one that could fill that defensive midfield position that the Celtic boss is seemingly craving.

Veras agent has spoken out on the speculation surrounding his client and in a report by the Daily Record he says, “There are a number of clubs fighting to sign Fausto.

He is a top player, it is normal that there is a lot of interest.

As you can see, despite this, he continues to give everything for his childhood team, Argentinos Juniors.

We are currently working with the board to, hopefully, reach an agreement for his departure,”

Will he end up at the Hoops? Who knows.

By all accounts he is very highly rated and if Ange can pull this off, this could be another player who will set the heather on fire at the Scottish champions.

Phil Mac reveals the details of Aribo’s ‘£10m’ move

Celtic Park

It’s always the same with the bean counters over at Ibrox.

Their results never match what the PR department in the Govan corridors peddle out to the MSM.

Happens all the time. Happened with the ‘£16m’ transfer of Nathan Patterson. It’s happening now with Bassey.

And no doubt when Kent and Morelos either leave or run down their contracts, the headlines will read the same.

Or if either of those two decide to run down their contracts, Rangers will have played ‘hard ball’.

Guarantee it.

But lets take Aribo’s move to Southampton just now.

Is it really the £10m that the Scottish media are making it out to be?

In Phils latest blog, it seems not:

Four instalments of £6m. That’s incredible. It’s little wonder there isn’t significant investment in the playing squad.

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“Not sure we know what he means” – Celtic fans react to confusing Juranovic comments

Here was me thinking this was put to bed. After Fabrizio Romano claimed that Atletico Madrid were keeping tabs on Josip Juranovic, Celtic twitter went into meltdown.

Simply because we all know that when Fab claims something, more often than not, it is almost always true.

But after Juranovic confirmed that he has no intentions of leaving the club and that he is happy, he then gave an interview on Croatian TV where he said this:

And this has caused a bit of a stir amongst the Celtic fans on social media.

What does he mean when he says he hopes there was something in the stories? Does that mean he wants to leave or that he’s happy that is form is being recognised by being linked to such a big club?

These Celtic fans are unsure:




For me, it’s exactly what the last comment says. Happy to be linked but I’m not leaving.

Juranovic has champions league football to look forward to in one of the biggest teams in Europe.

He’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.



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Hugh Keevins makes Morelos and Kent claim but misses the point completely

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

There has been plenty said about these two that hasn’t already been said before.

As they both enter the final year of their contracts Hugh Keevins makes a statement, that to me, is completely bizarre.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hugh said, “To what extent does qualification for the Champions League come into play here because if you qualify for the Champions League, you have got tens of millions of pounds and therefore there is no need to accept any bids that may come your way for Kent and or Morelos.”

No need? Really?

Like no need to or they lose them for free next summer?

No need as in if they make the Champions League then he assumes they will sign a contract extension?

If so, that’s a dangerous game to play.

Considering they were once touted as £30m superstars………

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