“I don’t want to criticise the team” – And then this Sevco fan slaughters his hero’s

Ibrox Stadium

These fans are brilliant.

For the last three or four weeks we have had to endure them, and certain media pundits and journalists, tell us that this *Rangers team, should they have won the Europa League, will have eclipsed the Lisbon Lions.

Yeah, I know.

Even uttering those words is unreal but that’s the thing with these fans.

The more the media feed them the more they believe that they are ‘the peepul’.

But what happens when it all goes wrong? What happens when this team, who are on the cusp of Scottish football history greatness, falls at the last hurdle?

This. And it is bloody brilliant:

Calls like that are the very epitome of self entitled.

The almost greatest Rangers captain ever is now not so great because they never won the final.

Forget all the hard work that went in to get them there. All gone. No one cares. Because they lost one game.

It is little wonder they are one of the most hated fan bases in Scotland.

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