“Says the guy that wrote for the Sun” – Chris Sutton is still pressing buttons

Match Day Celtic Park

Got to love the big man.

No matter what he tweets, he reels them in.

*Rangers fans, ex players, and now journalists.

You may remember my story yesterday on how Sutton destroyed Rangers twitter with his Seville tweet, well not only did he hook in Kevin Thomson, he also reeled in former Sun journalist and Scottish Sports writer of the Year (06-8 no less) Ian King.

I knew I remembered the name when I saw it and it was rather surprising to see it pop on Suttons tweet:

Clearly he is a deep state of hurt after watching his team go down in Seville, and if *Rangers are not his team he is doing a grand job of showing it:

And another surprising one Sutton hooked popped his head up:

And look who he backs up:

Yep, raging!

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