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“He is kind of like that Giakoumakis style player” – Celtic transfer target endorsed by BT pundit

Celtic’s well publicised move for Korean international Cho gue-Sung has been the subject of much speculation over the last seven days or so.

After impressive performances in the Qatar World Cup, gue-Sung looks like he could be on the move with Celtic leading the chase to grab his signature.

With Giakoumakis future in doubt, it looks like Ange could be hedging his bets with a move for the hitman and it seems that BT Sports pundit, Allan Hutton, gives his seal of approval.

Speaking to Football Insider, Hutton said, I have watched his games at the World Cup, I think he is a real threat. He is a presence up front. He is kind of like that Giakoumakis style player.

“The draw of coming to a league where you are winning trophies, playing European football, I think that is a massive draw in itself.

“The crowds that Celtic and Rangers pull in every week are massive, why would you not want to be part of that? At this moment in time Celtic are very strong so they are going in the right direction.

The only way is up for them at this moment in time so that could be a big draw for a player like that.“

With the move being reported to cost any interested clubs €4m, the striker is well within Celtic’s budget and if he does have the prowess of Giakoumakis then Ange should take all steps to get him signed up.

  • “You had better” – Hugh Keevins fires Postecoglou a hilarious transfer warning as new links emerge

    Do you think Ange Postecoglou listens to anyone in the media when it comes to how he runs the club?

    Hardly. If anything the Celtic gaffer is more likely to tell them where to go than take heed of any advice they are willing to impart.

    Ange listens to those close to him. Those opinions that he values and I am willing to bet that Hugh Keevins is one of those that he would rather cut off his ears than go to for transfer advice.

    But the veteran journalist offered it anyway.

    Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard about the rumours linking Daizen Maeda to Southampton, Keevins said, “With regard to Maeda, if you allow him to go, and I accept the point that the money that may be on offer from Southampton, if you take the money and he goes, you had better have someone who is as good or better than him otherwise you risk weakening the team.”

    Sead Haksabanovic anyone?

    Look, I get his point. Letting Maeda go would be daft at this point in the season but if anyone thinks that Ange doesn’t have a plan for any player leaving the club, they are not paying attention.

    Postecoglou has everything in order.

    I don’t think he is of a mind to let Maeda go just yet. And if he did, don’t worry Hugh, I am 100% certain that the gaffer has it all in hand.

  • Daily Record goes full Michael Beale with £46m transfer spend claim

    Got to love the Daily Record don’t you?

    No sooner had Michael Beale made the claim that Ange has practically bought success, here, they run with full story comparing Celtic’s transfer spend to Rangers since Postecoglou took over the reigns.

    And the key is spend. Not net spend. But money outgoing. And this is where the Record embarrasses itself.

    Because net spend is what is important here. Celtic have not spent money they do not have. The club have racked in almost £40m in transfer sales over the last two seasons. The other club have racked up £100m in losses in ten years.

    That is vitally important when speaking about the context of transfer spend.

    And when you look at how *Rangers acquired their players, there is only one team in Glasgow spending money that they don’t have. Why no big in depth spread about that?

    So don’t buy into this bullsh*t from the media. Beale is playing to lowest common denominator not only in his fanbase but also the press.

    And they are buying it.

  • “Wee bit of casual sectarianism thrown in there for good measure”, “There’s always a tweet” – Dan McCroskrie shredded over Celtic fans ‘conspiracy theory’ tweet

    There are people with leaning Sevco tendencies that should just sit down and shut up when it comes to slating the Celtic fans for highlighting referee inconsistencies.

    Kris Boyd, Heart & Hand, that wee guy Steely from some wee sh*tey podcast. The lot of them should just take a wee back seat and think about their own comments about the refs before claiming we are paranoid.

    Like this clown:

    For one, the fact we are ‘crowing’ about them when we are nine points ahead is highlighting them even more. We cannot be accused of sour grapes otherwise.

    And the manager? When did he join in on them? Is the fact that Ange Postecoglou is now highlighting them rattling the hacks and guys like him even more now?

    Quite clearly. Considering his questionable tweeting history on referees and one particular tweet, this is one Dan should probably have sat out:

    Wee bit of ‘Father’ thrown in there for good measure. For what reason? I couldn’t possibly fathom.

    So he was asked, and rinsed, once again by the Celtic support:





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