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Divisive Celtic figure leaves Sky Sports Scotland

Well, it looks like the way we watch and listen to Sky Sports in Scotland whenever Celtic are on is going to sound a whole lot different next season.

Former Celtic striker, Andy Walker confirmed that he is leaving the major broadcasting sports channel’s Scottish division this season.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Walker said, “I did sign off last night. That will be my last Sky game in Scotland. I’m hoping to retain all the English games that I do.

“But I’ve been there for 14 years and I’ve really enjoyed it. I know we get a bit of stick here and there but I think it’s a truly talented and hard-working team in Scotland.

“And I think whoever gets the gig, I hope they enjoy it as much as I have because it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve really loved it. “

Chris Sutton has been lined up to take over from Walker in what could be an extremely popular appointment amongst the Celtic fans.

Sutton has a great reputation amongst the Celtic support for his straight down-the-line punditry whereas Walker has the reputation of trying too hard to placate certain supporters of a team in blue.

But one thing is for sure, the Celtic fans are in for an enjoyable season knowing that Sutton will be at hand to put Kris Boyd in his place.

Chris Sutton’s parting message for Ange Postecoglou as he leaves Celtic

Now that it’s official, Celtic fans will start the grieving process as Ange Postecoglou leaves Celtic for Tottenham Hotspur.

Clearly the lure of the English Premier League was too much to turn down for the former Celtic boss and whilst the fans come to terms with the news, Celtic hero Chris Sutton made his farewell gesture to Postecoglou.

Sutton tweeted, “Good luck to Ange Postecoglou at Spurs.

I’m gutted he has left Celtic and his shoes are big shoes to fill but I understand why he’s gone to manage in the English Premier League.

I’ve loved watching his Celtic team play for for last couple of seasons.”

I think we have all loved watching Ange’s team play over the last two seasons Chris.

But as with all good football managers, there is an inevitability that smaller clubs from bigger leagues comes calling and nick them.

But the Celtic fans will not be bitter. They wish Postecoglou all the best as he continues his incredible mamagerial journey.

However, I do have one bit of advice for the newly appointed Spurs manager. Don’t you dare beat that chest of yours after every win for Spurs. That, for us, would be unforgivable.

Bobby Madden takes aim at former Celtic striker; ‘pandering’ Chris Sutton

Bobby Madden was probably one of the most controversial referees in the country over the last 20 years.

He was so controversial that both sides of Glasgow despised him. Celtic fans believed he was a Rangers fan and Rangers fans believed he caved in to us when giving decisions.

But Madden has taken aim at former Celtic striker, Chris Sutton for the comments 5hat was levied towards him for his performance in last season’s Scottish Cup semi final that the Hoops lost 2-1 in extra time.

Speaking on the BBC’s Scottish Football Podcast, Madden said, “I think pundits are there because they’re going to try and create some controversy that’s going to be sensational.

“And certain pundits will pander to certain clubs fan bases. Let’s be honest. And so that game itself wasn’t a difficult match.

“There were no key match incidents that, were game changing or game defining.  Were there potentially two or three yellow cards that could have been issued? Yes, but that’s the way I referee.

“I referee every match like that.  I would always try and manage what I can and that game was no different.

“And you know, I think it suited the narrative to suggest that I was embarrassing or whatever that that may have been.

“And I think that continued on social media. But one thing I’ve always done is I’ve removed myself from social media in terms of the abuse there and I think these comments do have an effect.

“You know, they put pressure on officials they put pressure on the officials.  And it does create a sense of frustration within fans and then unfortunately, some fans take that too far.”

Madden’s display that day was shambolic. He let too many Rangers players get away woth persistent fouling and had he done his job properly, there wouldn’t have 11 Ibrox players left on the pitch.

And whilst I firmly believe that abuse of referees is bang out of order, they shouldn’t be above criticism.

“He’s a bit of a Homer Simpson” – Former Celt Chris Sutton’s brutal but brilliant takedown of Beale

After another defeat to Celtic, Rangers boss Michael Beale is under a bit if pressure now at Ibrox.

When he arrived at the club, his motormouth did nothing but talk up Rangers whilst trying to downplay Celtic’s achievements.

And now it looks like the chickens have come home to roost.

Discussing Beale, Chris Sutton laid into the Rangers boss and hammered him for his early season cockiness.

 Speaking on 5 Live, Sutton said, “We have talked about Michael Beale a lot. When he went into Rangers, he was talking them up and that they could compete with Celtic.

“He’s a bit of a Homer Simpson into the hedge now. Reality has hit home and he is having to eat some humble pie, I think he is shocked in truth, Micah.

“I think he has carved out a really good reputation as a coach. He’s gone to Rangers and you just can’t finish second and he will need a rebuild now, he has to get his transfers right.”

Getting his transfers right is going to be a huge issue for Beale. Especially if the numbers being reported on his transfer budget for next season are correct.

I, for one, hope Beale keeps talking. I hope he continues down this path because if he does, then the Rangers fans predictions of his being sacked by Christmas will come true.