Jim Spence sends Rangers fans grim reminder of ‘sick’ 2013 liquidation abuse as Hate Crime law nears coming to force

Ibrox Stadium

Rangers’ death in 2012 brought a lot of joy to the Celtic fans after the Ibrox club’s years of cheating came to fruition.

The use of EBTs to help give them a financial advantage over Celtic and the rest of Scottish football came back to bite them on the backside after the Govan club went into administration and then liquidation leaving a trail of unpaid bills totalling millions of pounds.

And as the mainstream media continued to peddle the same club lie as Sevco were born, one man put his head above that parapet and called the team playing out of Ibrox for what they where. A new club.

Jim Spence was working for the BBC when he told the truth about ‘Rangers’ at that time and he was forced out of the broadcaster and sent a blizzard of hate messages from the Ibrox support.

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And today, as the final touches are being put towards Scotland’s new Hate Crime bill which comes into force from the 1st of April, Spence sent those responsible for sending him those messages a message of his own and it should worry those offenders.

Spence said on X, “I kept screenshots of the vile bile I got on here in 2013 over Rangers liquidation.

“Some of it absolutely gut-churning stuff. It was testimony to the kind of sick minds around.

“I’m not sure why anyone thinks such folk won’t have field day when the new Hate Crime law applies.”

There will be a lot of sweating bears sitting right now counting down the clock to the 1st of April. The ball is in the former BBC man’s court.

Let’s hope he serves the Ibrox support an ace…

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