The Daily Records Morelos transfer story is hilarious

Ibrox Stadium

Sometimes you have to be careful how you word things in this game.

But right now, I am going to call bulls**t on the the Daily Records recent attempt to punt Alfredo Morelos to La Liga.

According to the report members of the players ‘inner circle’ have claimed that Alfie would ‘be keen’ on a move to Sevilla.

The piece claims that reports from a Spanish media site called Estadio Deportivo made the claim and whilst I am familiar with the site, the lack of direct link to these claims sets alarm bells ringing with me.

This was the winner for me, “The unnamed insider reportedly told the outlet a switch to Sevilla “would be a very good option” as Morelos “likes Spanish football” and the six-time Europa League winners are “always participating in Europe”.

Aye ok. I bet many Celtic fans would like a date with Alessandra Ambrósio and see her as a ‘very good option’ and also taking her to Paris for a date on a private jet with John Travolta as the pilot but let’s face it, something like that will never happen.

It’s a terrible piece that only bows down to the Ibrox club either trying to hawk a player who only has one year left on his contract or the players agent is upping the ante by trying to force Rangers into offering a new deal with vastly improved terms.

Or, the report from Spain is real.

You decide.

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