Callum Davidsons bizarre Sevco love in when congratulating Celtic’s title win

Celtic Park

Utterly, Utterly bizarre.

Celtic winning the league on Wednesday should have just been solely about that.

The Ibrox club have had their moment in the sun, and rightly so, but this week is all about the Hoops becoming champions again.

Which is why I felt this reply from St Johnstone’s Callum Davidson was just mental when he was asked on Sportsound his thoughts on Celtic winning the league.

Davidson said, “Yeah its a fantastic achievement, you know. I think they performed with, sort of, you actually quite enjoy watching them.

Attacking football, it’s been a really tough league.

Rangers pushed them all away. Rangers have been tremendous in Europe, you know, in the Scottish Cup too.

So, you know, it’s good, it’s good. At least the league is competitive and it goes all the way to the second last game of the season.

So congratulations to Celtic.”

Congratulations to Celtic but well done on Rangers on pushing them all the way?


Was there any need to mention them in Europe and the Scottish Cup.

I could almost hear the gnashing of his gritted teeth as he offered his ‘congratulations’


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