“That’s upwards of £70m” – Listen to hilarious Sevconomics as Gers fan outlines Gio’s transfer budget

Celtic Park

I love *Rangers fans.

No, genuinely I do.

Because if it wasn’t for them, we would never have had the Banter Years.

Some of the best years on social media have been created because of them.

From Follow Follow, to Heart & Hand, all responsible for some of the best laughs we’ve had since they died.

Well here is another one.

Another deluded idiot with an eleven digit calculator to match his total number of fingers and thumbs.

Have a listen and then wait till you hear what he thinks Gio’s transfer budget will be:

Utterly mental. Apart from the fact the majority of that money will be needed to cover £100m worth of losses, there is no way on earth a Scottish club will be given that kind of money to spend.

Even at Celtic I wouldn’t expect it.

They are utterly bonkers. It’s no wonder the original club died.

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