“Ref-speak for pandering to lowlife bigots” – Celtic fans react as after ‘fenian b**tards’ dinner article resurfaces

Hampden Stadium

The SFWA dinner has caused all manner of stooshies on social media and the news.

But the alarming thing about it is that people are surprised by it all.

It has long been rumoured that these events are solely for the ‘old boys club’ and that they are stuck in the dark ages.

Hell, even Peter Martin admitted that if he was to walk out of an after dinner event every anti Catholic joke he would be home by 8 o’clock every night.

And what this whole episode has done is open a huge can of worms that is now surfacing again on social media:

‘Light hearted and doctored to suit the audience’.

That statement alone just shows you how engrained and normalised sectarian behaviour was back then and it also gives an insight as to why Celtic fans view referee’s with such suspicion:

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