Peter Martin slaps down Sevco fan as he reveals the true extent of anti-Catholicism in journalism

Celtic Park

The last couple of days certainly has been an eye opener for the football writers in Scotland.

Many football fans have held the long term view that it is an industry full of dinosaurs stuck in the dark ages and the recent events at the SFWA dinner certainly hasn’t helped change that.

This has also been a view held by Celtic fans in particular and on the PLZ Football show, Peter Martin revealed just how deep rooted anti Catholicism is in these after dinner events.

Speaking on his latest podcast, Martin was unhappy with comments from a *Rangers fan (surprise surprise) when he made this admission, “Matt i’m listening to you and I’m reading most of your ill informed comments, ‘How many of the PLZ cast sat and laughed at it I wonder‘.

I will tell you right now we’re all at a table aghast by it all.

So choose your words carefully ,Matt, before you post them on here because at the end of the day Roughy, if I had to walk out of every dinner where I’d been offended with anti-Catholic jokes I’d be getting in my car about eight o’clock most nights.”

So this has been going on for years and yet it took Eilidh Barbour from Sky Sports to walk out to call it out.

It does make you wonder though. Why is sexism and misogyny regarded as unacceptable (which is 100% correct) but anti Catholic jokes are not?

Because it does sound as though anti Catholic jokes are the norm at these events yet no one, absolutely no one, called it out?

Very strange.


  • I remember complaints being made about 30 or 40 years ago about the ex ref Brian McGinlay’s proud boast at an after dinner speech that he’d officiated at several Old Firm matches and always made sure “they Fenian bastards never won any of them!” The defence at the time was that the “humour” was for a specific select audience and the suggestion at the time seemed to be that if you found it offensive you either had no sense of humour or you were one of these said “Fenian b******s” just looking for a reason to be offended. This remains the only socially acceptablle and permissable form of bigotry and abuse in the country. Good for Ms Barbour. Maybe her stance could – I won’t hold my breath! – instigate an investigation into all forms of bigotry exhibited by these neanderthals.

    • I was at a function where Brian McGinlay was a speaker. He related how at functions with a ‘Rangers-Minded’ audience he’d tell them that he’d refereed however many Old Firm games, “…and thae Fenian bastards didn’t win any…” while with a ‘Celtic-Minded’ audience it would be, ‘I refereed all these Old Firm games, and thae Orange bastards didn’t win any!”

      • That’s OK him saying that mate but it’s a pretty woeful deflection when you think about the actual outcomes in games he officiated in. I don’t think I’d’ve been convinced by his drivel after witnessing so many absolutely disgraceful performances by the b*****d notorious for hanging about public toilets in Wilson Street, St Vincent, etc. A seedy wee bigot into the bargain.

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