“If ever the Rangers board need to release a statement, it’s today” – Heart & Hand falls for Seville bar rumour

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

They’ve deleted the tweet but Rangers official media partner fell for a prank that seemed to set panic in amongst the *Rangers fan.

As they prepare to descend onto Seville for the Europa League final against Frankfurt next Wednesday, a rumour swept the twittersphere that bars and restaurants were told to close over the two day period of 17th and 18th May.

As panic swept in, the *Rangers fans flocked to the official media partner for clarity.

This was the tweet that started the tears:

Now I’m always wary of emails that are screenshotted that leave out key things like the date, time and, of course, the sender. But the gullibillies fell for it hook, line and sinker:

Change the venue! 😂😂😂
We arra peepo! Gies a pint!

Dear Lord, this next one!

And if he ever claims that he was never taken in by it…….

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