“He’s not having it”, “Ban The Record” – Celtic fans react to Ange’s brilliant media put down

Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Ange Postecoglou is, hands down, the king of the media put downs.

And the reason? He does it with brilliant bluntness that isn’t rude, but is respectful and with a tone that if you ask me something stupid again, you will be put in your place.

And he is an expert at it.

How the media in this country have learned. They thought they could toast this relatively unknown in football.

They thought they could talk down to him like you would a child when scolding them. How wrong were they?

Ange was at his brilliant best in his pre match press conference when he was discussing his Manager of the Year awards when he said he was disappointed he didn’t win the one he really wanted.

The ‘Sacked by Christmas’ one.

Watch it here:

Head shot.

And these Celtic fans loved it:

Can’t wait to see Ange in full flow next season.

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