Celtic racism row: Eilidh Barbour finally opens up with explosive rant

On their way to Paradise

We all know there are sections of the Scottish media that are just so far behind the times they could be time travellers.

Too many journalists still believe 1690 is a time on their watch rather than a date that has blighted this country for centuries.

Sectarian bile. Homophobic jokes and racist slurs are now no longer acceptable in 2022.

In fact, f*** that. They never have been. It’s just a pity that no one told the people that not only hired the after dinner speaker at the SFWA night and those that laughed along with the ‘jokes’.

Celtic players (and Rangers players too) this season have had to deal with racist abuse and the funny thing is, these very same people that write and pontificated about the ‘Old F*rm’ hatred are just as guilty themselves of it behind closed doors.

Except this wasn’t behind closed doors. Football journalism in this country is now more diverse than it ever has been and the SFWA were caught with their pants down on this one.

Eilidh Barbour has now opened up on why she walked out of the awards and it is very telling and shows just how out touch with his audience the speaker was when you read what the Sky Sports [via STV] presenter reveals.

Barbour said,  “There were comments about the room smelling of “fake bake”. Women who wanted to go and touch up their make-up were told that Alex Salmond had been spotted in the foyer and that he would love to do it.

“There were comments about how a man knew if he had f***** a woman from Paisley because his d*** would start to itch. After I left, there was a slew of homophobic and racist comments.

“And for those that organised it and laughed along with it, a lot of whom would have left the evening to go home to their wives and children, I ask you, what kind of society do you want them to grow up in?

“One that discriminates against them because of their gender or their sexual preferences or the way they look, or one that offers them the same opportunities regardless? Because I know what world I want to live in and Sunday night was not an example of it.

Stunning and highly embarrassing for a profession that does nothing except berate football fans for their failings.

Quite the turnaround.

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  • Well done Eilidh Barbour!
    Journalism and the media is full of these creeps and hypocrites and it needs to be outed properly. Unfortunately they have many friends in the SFA and SPFL who will have found this all funny.
    Indeed, there are politicians who will have done so as well. They all need called out.

    With reference to Mr Salmond, it is thoroughly outrageous that he has been slandered in a joke once again. Indeed we already know that some people (even in authority) seemed to be willing to lie to smear his character.

    The speaker has been caught out by an audience he seriously misjudged. He thought the misogynists, racists and bigots in the audience would provide cover and protection. These people usually always cover for each other, but in this case there were real decent people in the audience who were willing to protest and show their distaste for this kind of behaviour. What a picture of Scotland to present to the civilised world. God help us!

    Bravo Eilidh Barbour and her friends.

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