“Pure bile and bigoted hatred being sang” – Hibs fan brilliantly calls out the pro Sevco media

Ibrox Stadium

Now the reason I am writing about this is to dispel this Celtic fan ‘paranoia’ nonsense.

But,of course, it can’t be paranoid nonsense when everyone with functioning ears can hear it right?

All week we have heard about the Ibrox crowd and the atmosphere that was built when Rangers knocked out RB Leipzig.

But what isn’t being mentioned is the kind of songs being sung to create that atmosphere.

As sure as ying follows yang, sectarian singing follows an Ibrox crowd,

It’s par for the course. We’ve heard it all season, particularly in Scottish matches home and away, but as usual the silence from the media is as deafening as the crowd.

Well this Hibs fan, clearly, has had enough of it:

And it’s about time the silent fans of other clubs found their voice.

For too long Celtic fans have beat the solo drum regarding this issue surrounding Scottish football but no doubt, this will wall on deaf ears as well.

But the Ibrox fans replying to him? They just keep on surprising us:

Out of all Scottish European finals, which was the greatest achievement? Take the poll HERE and Have Your Say

And, funnily enough, there was no answer to that.

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