“The Knives will be Out” – Davie Provan Is Out Of Touch With Celtic Fans

Every Celtic fan I know, knows that Ange Postecoglou needs time to sort out not only Celtic, but the club as a whole.

With a raft of Hoops players looking for the exit door this summer and with many more needing brought in, Postecoglou has a massive job on his hands. And Celtic fans know it.

Most Celtic fans I know also understand that he needs time and that this season is already a busted flush and are willing to stand by him as long as they see improvements in not only the squad, but performances as well.

Not so says Davie Provan. Speaking on Go Radio, Provan says that if Postecoglou slips up at the beginning of the season, the fans will want him out, “I’ve been impressed by, from what I’ve heard he seems to have a lot of a lot of sense about him.

“He knows his way around the training ground. He has a very good record. But what I would say is that he is so short on time.

“Champions League game in a fortnight and he hasn’t really had a chance to assess his players.

“You can’t assess players on a training ground. You have to watch them in games. How many games is he going to have before the first qualifier?

“And you know how it works in this country. If he loses the Champions League qualifier the knives will be out. He loses his first league game and they’ll want him out.

“That’s Glasgow. So no matter how good a game he talks, and how much we feel that he deserves to get time, it doesn’t work that way.”

Celtic fans are not naïve. They know what is required this season and, will not succumb to the media witch hunt that will clearly begin if things go wrong for the big Aussie.

Celtic fans are too smart for that.

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One thought on ““The Knives will be Out” – Davie Provan Is Out Of Touch With Celtic Fans”

  1. I cannot accept as a Celtic fan the new manager needing longer than the first game of the season to get the Celtic juggernaut back on track. Giving a poor Sevco side their first ever title last season was a humiliation, handing them a second title is out of the question. Postecoglou simply must win the league this year. As for rebuilds, I am prepared for a few transfer windows in order to become more competitive in Europe but not on the domestic front where immediate success is the very minimum. We are up against one other team in the SPFL and they are a bunch of stone chuckers. They are only ever a consistent Celtic side away from utter capitulation as they proved the other season. So get the players in Ange and get our title taken back.

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