The Celtic goal photo that makes a mockery of bizarre VAR check

To be fair, VAR doesn’t need a photo from me to prove what an absolute shambles the new technology is in Scotland

The new refereeing technology was in full flow at Celtic Park last night as every single goal that was scored last night.

But it was Kyogo’s goal that VAR put under intense scrutiny.

And it was a completely bizarre few minutes as the video ref seemed to look for a reason, any reason to try and chalk off the Japanese strikers exquisite strike.

The first check was for a possible foul by Matt O’Riley after the Danish u21 international found Kyogo with an outstanding pass.

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That check came back clear and then they incredibly checked to see if the front man was offside as he was running through on goal.

I didn’t need VAR to check as I knew Kyogo was onside from the minute the ball left O’Riley’s foot.

This still was taken about 1 second after the pass was made and unless Kyogo has the insane ability to be in two places at the same time, you can clearly see that he is onside:

After that was cleared up, I was waiting on a VAR check of the pitch, just in case the grass wasn’t green enough when Kyogo took his shot or a VAR check of the crowd to make sure everyone was watching Kyogo’s goal.

A bizarre few minutes that completely wrecks the reputation of the new technology as fair and balanced.

No wait!

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