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Superscoreboard discuss Rangers fantasy football signing with refreshing honesty around club finances

The Ibrox rebuild will most definitely cost the Ibrox board a pretty penny.

But what it will also do is create some tenuous links to players that are clearly out of Rangers affordability range but will whip up their fans into all sorts of delusion that they are ‘back’ and ‘where we belong’ and ‘WATP’.

It’s as sad as it is predictable.

And the latest rumour linking Man United star Scott McTominay was the latest one to be discussed on Superscoreboard.

Now, normally this show runs with these kinds of rumours and sits on the fence so they don’t upset the Ibrox fanbase, but this time it was slightly different.

Regarding the Scott McTominay rumour, host Gordon Duncan said that the EPL side would need to cover at least half his wage for the deal to work.

At £78k per week [Salary Sport] call it at least 70%.

Mark Wilson said why would he leave Man United to go to Rangers? He highlighted the wage gap being too big to bridge and that the move just wouldn’t make sense.

Gordon Dalziel agreed. The former Raith Rovers man said that even spending money on half of McTominay’s wage doesn’t make sense.

The days of the Ibrox club being able to afford these kinds of players, even on loan are long gone due to them being on UEFA’s FFP watch list.

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