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Rangers star will not be popular at Ibrox after Champions League disaster explanation

The worst team in Champions League history.

What a tag that is.

After their European exploits last season where *Rangers reached the Europa League Final, there was high hopes that the club could perform well in the premier competition seeing as their fans label them as a ‘European team’.

It’s that type of self appreciation and lack of self awareness that always lands them in the sh*t.

And my goodness they were up to their knees in sh*t by the time the sixth fixture was concluded.

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But why the capitulation? Why did the self proclaimed Kings of Europe fail so spectacularly?

Malik Tillman has the answer and the reason for it will not go down well with the peepul.

Speaking to Kicker, Tillman said, “It was a good group with Ajax, Napoli and Liverpool, but I think we had too much respect for the opponents.

We lost the first game against Ajax 0-4, after that we were afraid before every game that we would lose so high again. That was always in our heads, we couldn’t show what we could normally do.

Afraid. Wow.

Not looking to win, but afraid to lose heavily.

And who can blame them? Whilst Ange Postecoglou’s message to Celtic was we can compete, Gio constantly reminded us that they could not as Europe’s elite’s budget was bigger than theirs.

Cry me a river. I’m sure the Union Bears will be deeply unhappy with these words.

What’s their motto again? “We fear no foe”?

Apparently, they do!

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