Mark Guidi Writes Off Celtic Star Before A Ball Is Kicked.

It seems that life under Ange Postecoglou is going to be an interesting one. New style of play, new signings and players allowed new beginnings, it seems not all players are afforded the same courtesy by journalist and Go Radio pundit, Mark Guidi.

Speaking on the show, Guidi has totally written off Greek international keeper, Vasilis Barkas, and reckons that he isn’t the keeper Celtic need to go on and win the title, “On the evidence of last season, I can’t go on evidence of what it’s been like under Postecoglou for Barkas for the past two or three weeks.

“But on the evidence of last season I have to say no. You could almost feel the colour draining from him and that was without crowds.

“He doesn’t strike me as the kinda guy that would instil the rest of the team with confidence. I might be doing him a disservice.

“If you want to give people the benefit of the doubt and I’m all for doing that too. Anybody, whether it be Barkas or anybody moving into a new country with COVID, you can’t socialise, you can’t live normal lives, maybe not being able to get your loved ones over.

“But purely on the evidence of him being out on the pitch for 90 minutes of various games last season. I don’t think he is a title winning goalkeeper for Celtic.”

Well there you go. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t bet my mortgage on Barkas keeping a clean sheet every game, but he isn’t an international keeper for no reason.

Discounting that last season we didn’t have a settled defence, the whole team was rancid, the manager didn’t even know which keeper he wanted and that he had just come to a new country, Barkas is not afforded the same compassion as the rest of the squad.

You just wonder what is the agenda here regarding Celtic players with this pundit?

2 thoughts on “Mark Guidi Writes Off Celtic Star Before A Ball Is Kicked.”

  1. Unfortunately mr guidi has become quite a joke in recent years. If you listened to him on Clyde as a pundit, anyone who challenged his points and he had no where to go, he was reduced to playground antics. Quite sad really. He’s also been so stuck up Stevie g’s arse for such a time that the term slippy must come into question, as he is most definitely stuck up there. Sorry if that’s a bit graphic but it’s most definitely true. He made such a fool of himself at times on radio Clyde with his primary school retorts it became embarrassing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of him and that’s saying something.

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