“It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe” – The 90 Min Cynic’s interesting take on Celtic’s transfer signings

The international week, thank goodness, is over and we return to the domestic scene this Saturday with Celtic’s home tie against Ross County.

With at least three of Ange’s new signings set to make their debut against The Staggies, the boys on The 90 Min Cynic podcast were discussing the clubs transfer’s and the lack of business over the summer whilst the board waited on their new manager coming in.

We all know that story but when one of the boys brought up the mismanagement of the first team squad and how it had affected the transfer business of the club one of the hosts brought up an interestingly laid the blame at one mans door for that, “We didn’t have a manager and why didn’t we have a manager?

Because Eddie Howe had agreed. He was coming. It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe that he bailed in the last minute.

So, Dominic McKay is sitting in his office throwing darts at a dartboard looking for players and he’s doing it because he didn’t bring in players for a manager he doesn’t know the identity of?

So as soon as Ange came in, again, not ideal, I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault apart from Eddie Howe, as soon as Ange came in, we started signing players Ange wanted by the looks of it.

Straight away Liam Shaw, who was signed by Neil Lennon, who thought ‘He’s a great player‘, apparently, and Ange just had one look at him and said, ‘Nah, not for me‘. So I, again, hate to be a cheerleader for the board or Dom McKay. It’s against my natural instincts, but not a bad job and there’s another transfer window open in two or three months time.”

And there in lies the clincher. For a first window, Ange, and Dom McKay, have both worked wonders to get not only the amount of personnel in that they have, but also the quality of personnel and it will be interesting to see how the team lines up on Saturday as the supporters will be keen to catch a glimpse of their new recruits.

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