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Eddie Howe covers his back as interview shows how we won a watch with Ange

I never thought I would be writing about this guy again. Eddie Howe was the scourge of the year for Celtic as he led the club a merry dance for three months whilst we all waited for him to join the club after the sacking of Neil Lennon.

As the debacle ran on and on, many fans were starting to get impatient with the man that was once touted for the England job.

When he eventually led the club, on the cusp of a promise, to the back of the bike sheds he delivered a last minute knock back as he seemed to get cold feet at the challenge that awaited him in Glasgow.

And his latest interview about the task at hand with his new club, Newcastle, shows that Celtic are well shot of him.

As reported by PLZ.com, Howe was asked about how he planned to stop the club from being relegated when he said, “I can’t make any promises on that, but I can promise that the people above me, the owners, will support the team and support me in trying to achieve what we need. That’s all I can say at this time.

“It would be foolish of me to make rash promises or statements. My priority at the moment is to get the best out of the players we have.”

What a far cry from what we have in Ange Postecoglou. Celtic have a manager full of positivity, a vision for the future and a plan of how to get there.

Howe seemed devoid of any ideas, full of empty promises and a statement that reeked more of I’ll look after myself with being completely non commital.

How lucky are we to have Ange?

Is Eddie Howe doing a ‘Celtic’ as he leads Newcastle a merry dance?

We all remember the Eddie Howe saga don’t we? We also remember to continued speculation as the former Bournemouth boss kept Celtic, and Dermot Desmond, dangling like a cat playtoy as he flip flopped around taking probably the biggest job he will ever get in his managerial career.

As the former Celtic target braces himself for a return to football, he has now ‘entered negotiations’ with the richest club in the world.

Entered negotiations. Deja vu anyone?

If only someone who has had experience of Howe’s tricks would speak up and warn the Geordies that he is merely stringing them along.

I mean. What is there to consider?

Howe is in a no lose situation here. He will be handsomely rewarded with a massive contract.

Newcastle are sitting in the relegation zone, so not only is he not expected to win anything, the Newcastle fans are probably expecting to go down anyway.

Plus, he is guaranteed VASTS sums of money to spend in January.

This is a job made for Howe. Low risk. Low demand. Reputation intact if he fails, and if he is successful? He will be a club legend.

Whereas at Celtic he would have been EXPECTED to win every game. And every trophy. And not every manager, as well as player, can cope with that kind of pressure.

That’s why he was successful at Bournemouth. That’s why Newcastle would appear to appeal to him.

But negotiations are ongoing.

We will see how serious this gets when Newcastle sets their expectations of him.

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“It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe” – The 90 Min Cynic’s interesting take on Celtic’s transfer signings

The international week, thank goodness, is over and we return to the domestic scene this Saturday with Celtic’s home tie against Ross County.

With at least three of Ange’s new signings set to make their debut against The Staggies, the boys on The 90 Min Cynic podcast were discussing the clubs transfer’s and the lack of business over the summer whilst the board waited on their new manager coming in.

We all know that story but when one of the boys brought up the mismanagement of the first team squad and how it had affected the transfer business of the club one of the hosts brought up an interestingly laid the blame at one mans door for that, “We didn’t have a manager and why didn’t we have a manager?

Because Eddie Howe had agreed. He was coming. It was nobodies fault apart from Eddie Howe that he bailed in the last minute.

So, Dominic McKay is sitting in his office throwing darts at a dartboard looking for players and he’s doing it because he didn’t bring in players for a manager he doesn’t know the identity of?

So as soon as Ange came in, again, not ideal, I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault apart from Eddie Howe, as soon as Ange came in, we started signing players Ange wanted by the looks of it.

Straight away Liam Shaw, who was signed by Neil Lennon, who thought ‘He’s a great player‘, apparently, and Ange just had one look at him and said, ‘Nah, not for me‘. So I, again, hate to be a cheerleader for the board or Dom McKay. It’s against my natural instincts, but not a bad job and there’s another transfer window open in two or three months time.”

And there in lies the clincher. For a first window, Ange, and Dom McKay, have both worked wonders to get not only the amount of personnel in that they have, but also the quality of personnel and it will be interesting to see how the team lines up on Saturday as the supporters will be keen to catch a glimpse of their new recruits.

Eddie who? What’s happened to Englands Golden Boy?

With the Ange Postecoglou revolution well under way, the grief and despair the Celtic fans felt when Eddie Howe turned down the Celtic job seems to have dissipated.

The more Ange speaks the more the Celtic fans are taking him to their heart and many will have now forgotten the name of Howe.

Howe was Celtic’s number one choice. Of that there is no doubt. The coach was highly regarded in the English game after the miracles he created while managing Bournemouth, even to the point that he was tipped to take over from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal no less than five years ago.

In fact, it wasn’t so long ago Howe was the favourite to land the England job after the Euro’s should Southgate be dismissed.

It did seem Howe was was holding off accepting the Celtic job just on the off chance that a position came up in England’s top tier, but by all accounts Celtic thought the deal was done but only on Howe’s “word”.

It does appear now that Howe was not good on his word and with that comes wariness. Since Howe “rejected” Celtic, Spurs, Watford, Wolves and Everton have all appointed new managers with Howe getting nowhere near the jobs.

With Crystal Palace still actively looking for a manager since May, it looks increasingly unlikely that the former English golden boy will get that chance.

One thing is for sure. The Celtic fans, by all accounts, are seemingly loving their new boss and will forever be thinking that maybe, they dodged one here.

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Well, well, well. The man who thought he could knock back Celtic and walk into another job has once again been left in the lurch as yet another English Premier League club decides to change direction.

Eddie Howe will always forever be remembered by Celtic fans as the man who thought he was bigger than the club. Flirting with Celtic for three months with the promise of the big reveal only to walk away at the point of no return, leaving not only the fans frustrated but the club feeling embarrassed and rejected.

It was long rumoured that Howe possibly had his eye on an English Premier League job and at the time he was being courted by Celtic, he apparently had a wandering eye towards Crystal Palace, Tottenham and the Everton job when it became available.

For thirteen weeks Howe led Celtic on only to then to think he could find a more attractive proposition. But lets face it, Scottish Football, and Celtic in general, were probably punching above their weight trying to get Howe and what happened to us, is EXACTLY what is happening to Howe.

He is not big enough for the EPL now. In the short space of time he has been away from the game, the EPL has moved on from Howe. And when you look at the jobs he was favourite for, the Howe name is just sexy enough for Scotland, but not so much for England.

Howe has seemingly been throwing himself at every job going in the EPL but so far Everton, Spurs, Crystal Palace and Wolves have blanked him. Hell, even his ex, Bournemouth, have not gave him a look in.

He should have came to Celtic. Celtic had his word. A mans word is his bond. And who is to say the minute a job came up in England he fancied he wouldn’t be off at the slightest sniff of interest?

Seems Celtic have dodged a bullet with this one.

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A report has surfaced today that Eddie Howe has spoken to former Celtic warhorse Peter Grant to join his backroom team when he officially takes over the reigns at Paradise.

Grant was pivotal in his role in the famous Centenry Double season way back in 1988 where he helped Celtic lift the league and Scottish Cup double as part of a midfield duo with Paul McStay.

The boy from Bellshill, nicknamed ‘Peter the Pointer’ genuinely loved playing for the Hoops and it now looks like he could be in line for another sensational return to his boyhood heroes if Howe gets his way.

Grant was part of the ill fated Tony Mowbray era in season 2009/10 but with rumours of a bust up with Neil Lennon at the time, it seemed that was enough to end his coaching career at Paradise the first time around.

However, Grant could be in for a sensational and emotional return as part of Howe’s backroom team and if he is brought on board, one thing is for sure, the lack of commitment and passion shown by the players this season will most certainly not be tolerated by Grant and that is definitely something that is required at Celtic Park next season.


I have to confess. When, not if, Eddie Howe signs for Celtic, I believe most fans will feel a sense of relief rather than joy. Not because they didn’t think the board could pull off the move, but simply because it has been a long drawn out process and the end of this saga will represent the beginning of a new chapter in Celtic’s history.

And history is something our club is steeped in. 25th May 1967. The Estadio Nacional, Lisbon. A date that will forever be etched with pride in the memory of Celtic fans. The first British team to lift the European Cup with a team of Scots. It will be a feat never to matched again.

This amazing feat happened ten years before I was born and yet, like many thousands of fans like me, it still feels part of. Part of my DNA like it will for many thousands of fans in the future born after the fact.

The Celtic board also know this. The significance of the date will not be lost on them. Neither has the criticism they have received from the fans for being out of touch with the supporters this season. Lack of communication has been the main bone of contention and that is why I think the board will announce Eddie Howe tomorrow.

It will be a message to the fans and what a message it will be. If the appointment is made tomorrow the board will be telling the fans ‘We heard you. We are listening to you. And here is our answer‘.

Now I am not daft. I am not claiming that Eddie Howe comes into the same significance of the greatest day in our history. But it could be the greatest signing since Brendan Rodgers and look at the history created then.

25th May 2021. Could be the beginning of a new era. Mark it in your diary. It could be the most important day in our recent history.


Now that Bournemouth’s season has officially come to an end, there seems to be no reason why Celtic can’t up the stakes and announce Eddie Howe as the new manager.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, journalist Mark Guidi, has given his insight into why he thinks the deals has been held up until now.

Guidi has hinted that the Howe’s agents are possible at play and suggested that bonus’s depending on Bournemouth’s fate must be the reason he can’t be unveiled, “I can only imagine that some kind of contractual situation where bearing in mind Eddie Howe and Bournemouth parted company in August of last year.

“I think that it might be that Eddie Howe, even though he’s not the manager and he’s been away, but there will be something his contract, because we know how clever these agents are. There will be something that where if Bournemouth go straight back up Eddie Howe’s on a bonus.

“It wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case and contractually, they need to wait until Bournemouth’s season comes to an end. So it could be his appointed in the next three or four days, or it may be we wait another 10 days or so for an appointment.”

Now that The Cherries are resigned to another season in the English Championship there should be no reason left now why the Celtic board cannot announce their man and get on with the rebuild to wrestle the title back from their rivals over the water.


The clamour for the new manager is understandable. I even get the anger towards people like me that report or write about pundits and ex players opinions on when the new manager will be announced or even who the new manager will be.

From my point of view, it is extremely frustrating trying to put a positive spin on the continued speculation regarding the Celtic manager. It has been over 80 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic and by rights, the new man should be in place already.

Cast your mind back to 2016. Celtic had been put out the Scottish Cup in penalties against Rangers*. There was absolute uproar amongst the fans as the Newco denied the Hoops with a squad, quite frankly, that should never have got anywhere near that Hoops side. Ronny Delia eventually left the club and Brendan Rodgers was appointed.

That date of that appointment? 23rd May 2016. Ten days from now. Now obviously I know the circumstances were different as Rangers* are now resurgent but does anyone else remember another time when Celtic struggled against their financially doped rivals and the points difference was about the same as this season?

Cast your mind even further back. The year 2000. Oldco won the league by 21 points. Celtic were seven points worse off then and when did they eventually appoint Martin O’Neill? June of that summer. June. And what happened after that is now folklore.

And I would say that Celtic were in a worse place then than they are now. Eddie Howe looks like the man who will eventually be unveiled. There is plenty of time for the new manager to get his feet under the table and turn this around.

All that is needed is patience and time.

“If I had my last tenner” – Pundit gives massive Eddie Howe hint

As we come to the business end of the season and Celtic have nothing to play for, the talk still continues on who will succeed Neil Lennon as the next Hoops manager.

One pundit, however, is still confident that the seemingly number one choice for the board, Eddie Howe, will become the next manager and understands the fans frustrations at the time it is taking to get the deal over the line.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Andy Halliday said,“It’s all sort of speculation as we don’t know if Eddie Howe is keen to be the next Celtic manager.

“I think a lot of Celtic fans frustrations are because we’ve seen previous with this with Celtic when it’s trying to get players over the line for the like of John McGinn, to mention one.

“Eddie Howe will realise the size of Celtic Football Club. He knows what a massive job and a privilege it will be if he does manage to get over the and be the next Celtic manager.

“I personally feel as if, if I had to hang my hat and say my last ten pounds is going to be the next Celtic manager I do still think it’s going to be Eddie Howe but I can understand the Celtic fans frustrations as to why it is taking so long because ideally, they will want to get him in as soon as possible before the Euro’s start.”

With the talk of Howe taking over gone cold for the moment, Celtic fans are starting to wonder if his heart really is in coming to Glasgow and many are now of the opinion that the club should now be targeting another man.