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“He refused to shake my hand” – Former Celt reveals frosty start to career with Hoops legend snub

Celtic have always had teams that are extremely competitive by nature.

Let’s face it, you have to be combative if you want to want to represent this club because the more successful you are the more other teams in the SPFL will look to take you down.

Even in training, there must be that competitive spirit amongst the players as they all vie for that elusive place in the first team.

There have been reports of fall outs and even full blown fights in the Celtic dressing rooms in the past and, for me, that is healthy. That is what you want from your team.

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The will to win and the passion from the players to do that at all costs. And for each other.

But former Celtic defender, Steven Pressley, has revealed the moment when he first turned up for training and how he was treated by Celtic legend, Neil Lennon.

Pressley signed for us in 2006 under Gordon Strachan and went on to win two league titles and a Scottish Cup but it wasn’t all plain sailing from the beginning.

Speaking on the Off The Record podcast, Pressley revealed, “I remember in my first day at Celtic and I got on the bus and Neil Lennon refused to shake my hand.

We grew to really like each other but we had some real moments on the pitch. He was quite serious. [about not shaking his hand]

It wasn’t like he was playing around with me.

I think Neil, as well, is one that wanted to test you a wee bit, and actually we became good teammates.

I really liked Neil. I seen a lot of things in Neil that I could see in myself.

But he did that and I accepted that’s what it was that we had some real battles, some real words on the field of play.” [when Pressley played for Hearts]

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