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“If Celtic want to submit another offer” – Hoops alert as January target becomes ‘available’

Celtic’s transfer business is usually done in a quiet, assassin like fashion.

Yes, the usual speculation surrounds the club regarding new signings but, the truth be told, the journalists really do not have a clue what the Celtic boss is up to.

For example, many of them predicted that Cho would be next to join Ange’s revolution only for the South Korean to have a change of heart and the deal seemed dead in the water.

But now, an interview with the Jeonbuk sporting director may have put the club on alert again.

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Speaking in The Scotsman, Park Ji-Sung said, “Celtic participate in European competition which is a great experience for the player and Cho would get an opportunity to express himself by playing in the Scottish league. It would be perfect for him to improve in the future and he could stay at Celtic or Rangers which would be totally fine, or he could move on to a bigger league.

“Celtic or Rangers would be great for him to be his next step in his career. In the winter there were a few clubs interested but we didn’t make a deal, but this summer I am happy to sell him and I think he’ll be ready for his next step. First he needs to do well in our league and keep up his level, then prove it himself and I’m sure he can go to Europe in the summer.

“We don’t know yet which clubs will keep an interest in him in the summer, we’ll have to wait and see, but obviously if Celtic want to submit another offer for Cho in the summer they’re more than welcome.

“I don’t judge any club for him, we just have to see which clubs want him and from that the player will choose. I can advise him to which club will be more suited to him but it’s up to him. If Celtic – or Rangers – come in I would recommend.”

Should we go back in for him (if we ever really were) if he becomes available in the summer.

I don’t know.

I’m a firm believer that if you get a chance to sign for our great club, you should take it.

Cho didn’t and for me, that puts question marks on his ability and mindset to play for us.

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