The tactical change that shows Jota is not the main man at Celtic

Who would have thought that Jota would have moved position to accommodate anyone right?

If anything, I would have thought that the main man from last season would have been an automatic first pick for that wide left role that he dominated last season.

But Sunday showed us something different.

With Maeda preferred to start there, Jota was then pushed out to the right and after the 2-0 win, Ange Postecoglou fired what seemed like a warning to the Portuguese that he really needs to up his game and show more of the quality he displayed last season after some wasteful play in the final third.

So, why did Ange choose Maeda on the left instead of Jota.

Former Celt Peter Grant explains.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Grant said, “I prefer him [Jota] on the left, because I think he’s got that quality to come in on the right foot.

But I can understand the managers dilemma really.

Because Maeda gives you so much.

When you look at the start of last year, Abada and Jota was your two wide players and they done fantastically well. The two of them were excellent.

Very exciting going forward. And I thought it was fantastic. I didn’t think anybody would move them.

Now all of a sudden you’ve got Maeda playing there and I can see why the manager plays him.

Because he does everything else, and maybe not got that individual quality of a Jota, who’s your match winner in that respect.

For me he gives you something for the team that I know the manager loves.”

That something is work rate. Maeda is a constant work horse.

Running all day, chases down every ball. He is a good support for Taylor on that left flank.

Now I am not saying that Jota’s place is under threat. That would be stupid.

What I am saying that any notion that the team will be built around him can be dispelled now.

Ange prefers a team, not an individual which is why his post match comments criticising Jota are understandable.

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Alex McLeishs mind boggling comments on Celtic are just bizarre

Celtic Park

He’s on the list. Well, my list at least.

As one of those people who should never talk about Celtic unless you know exactly what you are on about.

Just like Barry Ferguson last night, Alex McLeish was weirdly asked about Stephen Welsh’s goal at the weekend and the answer he gave was very strange.

Speaking to Football Insider McLeish said, “I didn’t see the goal but as soon as I heard Welsh scored I said it must have been a corner or a set piece.

“The more you play at that level and make one or two mistakes, you eradicate them from your game and you become better.

“It was a surprise for me to see Stephen Welsh playing given the Celtic defence. But he seems like a kid on the up.“

Didn’t see the goal. As soon as those words came out his mouth the reporter should have just canned the interview there.

But even the direction of the answer was bizarre. How can you go from not seeing the goal to then talk about one or two mistakes needing eradicated from your game?

Did Welsh make any mistakes on Sunday? How the f*** would McLeish know? He never even saw it.

And where was the surprise at seeing Welsh start come from?

Starfelt is still injured. Jullien is nowhere near the first team so the sensible thing to do would be to start your only other centre half is it not?

McLeish, and to be fair, this publication does nothing but embarrass themselves whenever they talk Celtic.

They should just concentrate on the team from the other side of the city because neither of them have a clue about our club.

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Barry Ferguson proves yet again why he needs to stop talking about Celtic

I’m always amazed as to why Rangers leaning pundits have so much to say about Celtic and how we conduct our business.

Genuinely I do.

Pundits like Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, Alex Rae and the rest always seem to have a lot to say when it comes to how our club is run but very little about their own clubs affairs.

The reasons for that is obvious. The Ibrox club is a f**king circus. No one knows how that place is ran but when Go Radio pundit Barry Ferguson was talking transfers, he shows how little he knows about our team when he made this suggestion.

When speaking about former Hibs man Martin Boyle, Ferguson said, “Martin Boyle. I don’t know why Rangers or Celtic didn’t go for him.

“The thing that worried me about him was his end product but at Hibs he just got better and better and better.

“I was just surprised he went to Saudi Arabia but obviously the money is great.

“He’s a match winner, that’s what defenders hate. We were talking about Matondo earlier on and saying to use his pace. Martin Boyle knows how to use his pace.”

He does. But so do our own players.

Would Boyle get in our first team ahead of Jota, Maeda or Abada?

Hell I reckon he would struggle to get in ahead of Forrest.

Boyle isn’t good enough. End of.

And at 29 years old, a player in his position starts to decline rather than get better.

Stick to talking Sevco Barry, but then, even their fans think he talks a load of nonsense as well.

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Kris Boyd’s Sky Sports Champions League tears are just magical

Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

All they had to do was turn up right? Turn up, beat this wee team from Belgium, go to either Monaco or PSV and ‘fear no foe’.

That’s all they had to do.

But what they hadn’t figured out was the jump from Europa League quality to Champions League quality is huge.

And in many ways, who can blame the Rangers support?

I do. It’s as if they forgot Malmö last season.

We’ll, a harsh lesson was learned again last night and maybe, just maybe, they will now stop their sense of entitlement and face the reality that they just don’t have the class to compete at that level.

But for all the bravado post match, nothing compares to watching Kris Boyd on Sky Sports after a Rangers defeat.

Enjoy this wee clip:

Humility in victory is just as important as in defeat.

Kris Boyd has neither and it is little wonder we take every opportunity to laugh at him every single time he has to cover a Rangers defeat.

Can the Ibrox club overturn this 2-0 deficit in the return leg?

I genuinely hope not. For only to watch Boyd’s tears once more.

“Then your old pal Brendan Rodgers might look up the road” – Roger Hannah sends transfer warning for popular Hoops star

Celtic Park

Celtic have an array of talent in their squad. Of that there is no doubt.

From Jota to Hatate to Cameron Carter Vickers, every position in the team has quality in it.

And with that comes the inevitable rumours of players being tracked by clubs down south.

For me, that’s just part and parcel of having a successful team and I could live with that if it meant that Celtic were to pick up trophy after trophy.

But is there a chance we could lose one of those players this summer?

Roger Hannah thinks there could be a chance that Brendan Rodgers could nick in and try to take Matt O’Reilly if a £50m move for James Maddison goes through this summer.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hannah said, “The worry in the back of the minds of a lot of Celtic fans is if Newcastle do pay £50 million for James Madison, then your old pal Brendan Rodgers might look up the road and try and take Matt O’Reilly to Leicester to replace James Maddison because he could go in there.

He’s been far better in a short space of time than I was expecting him to be when he first arrived from MK Dons.

We knew he was a good player, but it sometimes takes a lot of 21 years of age a little bit of time to settle in.

He’s hitting the ground running here. Wouldn’t surprise me if you saw him in the World Cup finals this summer.

So far he’s only got to Denmark under 21 level. He is playing so well. And playing so well on a big level.

All it would really need, I think, is for Matt O’Reilly to take that form into the six Champions League group games and it would be very, very hard for the Danes not to take him to Qatar.”

The Celtic support saw how good he was from the first game he pulled on the Hoops.

And what we also appreciate is how humble and how O’Reilly has taken the club to his heart.

One thing you can be sure of is, money will not motivate O’Reilly’s next move. He has already proven that he is not consumed by earning his next paycheck.

He wants to play football and win trophies. Celtic already give him that.

If an offer is made for him by Rodgers, it had better be a bloody good one or we should chase him back down the road.

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“The slightest comment has you all biting like f**k” – Chris Sutton reels in Sevco fans after Champions League misery

Lisbon Lions Stand, Celtic Park

Last nights result really was their own fault. All the Rangers fans had to do was turn up and they would progress into the next round of the Champions League qualifiers.

After months of taunting us about how we can’t get through to the group stages, the Ibrox supports first dose of Champions League reality has bit them.

And hard.

Their 2-0 defeat in Belgium against  Union Saint-Gilloise surprised their supporters but when you live a life of constant self entitlement as these fans do, a dose of reality is sometimes hard to take?

And you know how they have found last nights result hard to take?

The amount of responses to a simple tweet by Chris Sutton.

Right after kick off, Sutton posted this:

Over 400 replies and almost 80 quote tweets that 6 word tweet got. Incredible fishing by the big man and the pain is all too clear for us to see:

This guy struggled hard with this one:

Not really 100% sure what this guys point is:

And this Celtic fan summed it up in a nutshell:

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“Looks like a wee boy looking for his mammy” – Sevco fans turn as new boy gets first half pelters

Celtic Park

Doesn’t really take long for them to turn on their players does it?

The heroes from Seville (if they ever where that) before kick off, were a shoe in to win this game tonight.

In fact, when the next round draw was made and Monaco and PSV were pulled out the hat, those Rangers fans already had their team there in the next round as they claimed the “fear no for”.

Hilarious now that they are behind against a Belgian side they were so sure of beating that all they had to do was turn up.

Not to be and as Rangers trail 1-0 at half time, Rabbi Matondo who was celebrated as rejecting us for them just over a week ago is the target for the twitter hard men.

So glad Matondo “rejected” us for them now eh Bhoys?

“Willie Nelson was a member of the Provos. Fact!” – Follow Follows brilliant moonhowling thread and hilarious Adidas accusation

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

This site is just a hotbed of maniacs isn’t it?

It’s brilliant. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve written about that site and it’s many ramblings but this one is the best so far.

The title gives it away: Adidas Supporting Terrorism

Cracker right? But not as good as what’s inside the thread.

From delusion to hysteria, here is what prompted the thread:

It’s also the first line from a song sang by Donkey in the movie Shrek when they go to save Princess Fiona but let’s not take away from the brilliance of this paranoid nonsense.

Some of the replies are just first class:

Not everyone had the same thought process as the moonhowler that started the thread. There were a few that called out the nonsense:

And this one wins it for me:

Thank you Follow Follow. Please, never change.

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Daily Record embarrasses itself with latest transfer “story”

Celtic Park

Wow. Just when you think this rag can’t get any worse it only goes and proves you wrong. Again.

Its been, what, the best part of two weeks since Ange Postecoglou rejected a move for Jordan Larrson and The Daily Record drags this rubbish from its dregs:

Celtic “swerve” signing race? In what way where we even in this race?

Never. The Celtic boss unequivocally kyboshed this rumour two weeks ago when we told Larsson’s representatives we were not interested in the player.

Now, I’m not saying he’s not a good player. He clearly is. He’s just not what we need at this current time and for the Record to pop with this rehashed p*sh is just embarrassing.

I suppose it’s different from saying we were ‘snubbed’ which, by the way, will happen when Larsson finally decides to choose his next club.

“I think he’s going to be a fringe player” – Former Celt says weekend star will drop out of first team

Celtic Park

I love it when players step up to prove us all wrong.

Look at last season. We witnessed Greg Taylor and Anthony Ralston flourish under Ange Postecoglou and his new system and early indications are we are about to witness the same transformation with Stephen Welsh.

The Scottish international has impressed during pre season and against Aberdeen on Sunday, he capped off a strong performance with the opening goal against the Dons.

But will that be enough to secure his place in the team? Frank McAvennie doesn’t seem to think so.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie said, “I don’t think so.

“The other boy that they’ve signed is a centre-half as well so I don’t know why he wasn’t playing.

“I’ve always said Stephen Welsh is one of the players that’s going to be on the fringe. I think he’s going to be a fringe player.

“He’s one of those players that the manager can trust when he brings him in. But if Starfelt or Jenz is fit, Stephen will be on the bench.

“The boy’s not done any harm but they’ve just spent a lot of money on a defender so they’re not going to leave him out. If he’s fit he’ll play or Starfelt will play.

“Welsh will be told that he’ll get game time but he won’t get as much as he wants.“

This is one of these times where I am going to scare myself and agree with McAvennie.

That’s not to say Welsh doesn’t have a future at the club because he clearly does. Maybe he will just have to bide his time to cement his place at the heart of the Celtic defence.

Especially after the season that Starfelt and CCV had last season.

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