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“Stealing patter is nothing, back in 2012 they stole a dead clubs identity”, “He’ll be calling journalists ‘mate’ next” – Celtic fans rinse Beale’s ‘we won’t stop’ war cry

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Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Or at least that is what people tell us.

It must be because I swear everything that mob across the city are doing right now it seems as if they are trying to be us.

Linked to Muscat, a Japanese manager. Bealball, whatever the F that is. 9 in a row. European Champions.

The only original idea they have ever had is being liquidated and, well, they can keep that.

But with Beale in the door two minutes, here he is, at it again, with this:

Beale said in this interview, “Me and Ross have always had a positive relationship because we have a massive enthusiasm for the game.

We’re almost like football nerds, we watch every game and know all the players. We won’t stop night and day to push this club forward.”


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I’m genuinely thinking about logging into YouTube and checking for a Mic’d Up video.

If this club ever had an original thought I have yet to see it.

No wait, I’m forgetting about liquidation:

I’ll leave it with this final one:

“Auchenhowie will be getting renamed Hogwarts at this rate” – Celtic fans react as media fawning over Beale reaches vomit inducing levels

I wrote a bit about this last night. The Daily Record’s Ryan Kent piece last night was genuinely one of the worst pieces of journalist I have ever read.

If you don’t believe me, read it here. You will see what I mean when you red it.

But over the last few days we have been subject to headlines like these:

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Like I said last night, it’s just cheap fanboy nonsense from a media in this country that has no backbone, no creativity and no credibility.

But it was this one that was the last straw for the Celtic fans:

I mean, if these guys are THAT good, if they can sprinkle magic everywhere they go, why are they at Rangers?

Why are they not at Real Madrid? Man City? Man United?

The media in this country do themselves no favour by fawning over that club the way they do.

It’s little wonder sites like mine and other great Celtic sites out there (see above) are flourishing.

“He could be a very good player for us” – Celtic tipped to move for out of contract star ‘we’ve been missing’ since Broony

As the transfer rumour mill continues to circulate Celtic, the rumours of who will be joining and who will be leaving will be firmly on the minds of the fans.

As Ange Postecoglou goes about his business quickly and, most importantly, quietly, the lack of rumours coming out of the club leave us all guessing and with an opinion who the club should be targetting.

And there is one player available who is attracting attention ever since he announced he would not be signing a contract extension at his club.

Discussing him, Paul John Dykes and Liam Carrigan certainly seem to think he could do a job for us.

Speaking on A Celtic State of Mind, Carrigan said, “I hope we are because I’m in a minority that actually really rates him and thinks he could.

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He’s not quite Celtic class at the moment but with the right training, the right conditioning and being utilised the right way, he could be a very good player for us.

I really, really liked his performance for Scotland when he came in at the last minute and did superbly well. So yeah, I like him.

I like his wholehearted approach. I think we’ve been kind of missing that, shall we say a wholehearted type of player since ever since Broony left.”

Wholehearted is certainly a word to describe his style. Available for free in the summer of for a nominal fee in January, Porteous is one that I think we should avoid.

His disciplinary record at just 23 years old is shocking. He has been banned for a total of 12 games for five red cards and a yellow card suspension.

Comparing that to Broony, the legendary captain only missed 11 games due to suspension in his ENTIRE career.

Let’s hope this one is body swerved by Ange.

“Celtic supporters would have been happy to see the back of him” – Andy Walker hails rising Celtic star

The headline does look contradictory but I guess the point I’m trying to make from the get go is, look how far Antony Ralston has come.

From a player who was on the very periphery of the Celtic first team, his career at the Hoops looked dead and buried. Especially after his disastrous loan spell at Dundee United.

The now Scotland internship looked set to be out on his ear before Ange Postecoglou walked into Paradise and worked his magic on the 23 year old.

And now? Ralston is an integral part of the Celtic machine.

So much so that Andy Walker details just how important Ralston is to the first team.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Walker said, “I think Ralston doesn’t let anyone down. I think what Celtic are trying doing is to have all over the pitch is a bit of quality and two players for every position almost.

And you can see that. And if Juranovic goes then, with Alistair Johnston coming in, he will compete with Anthony Ralston.

And I don’t think Ralston has let anyone down. He’s a player that has been improved by the current manager.

I spoke to a lot of Celtic supporters a couple of seasons ago and they would have been happy to see the back of Antony Ralston but he is a much-improved player under Ange Postecoglou.”

Ralston signed a contract extension at the start of the season keeping him tied to the club until 2026.

With the departure of Josip Juranovic seemingly on the cards, Ralston may well have the opportunity to grab that right back slot to make it his own just like fellow countryman Greg Taylor did when Diego Laxalt left the club.

He has all the attributes to do so.

The Daily Record’s latest Sevco piece embarrasses journalism

You know what? No words are needed. Just read this:

And now I want you to watch the goal. And I also want you to listen for the ‘roar’ and for Kent ‘lashing’ the ball into the top corner.

Believe me, it really, really does happen:

The “journalist” that wrote this pile of dreck was Gavin Berry of the Daily Record.

Never in my life have I read such a fanboy, pro Sevco piece in all my life. The lamb must have been really tasty when he hit publish on that bad boy.

Journalism, as we know it, is dead in this country.

“He still seems to divide opinion” – Celtic nine a row legend under the microscope

I’ve never understood the bad rep James Forrest gets from some sections of the Celtic support.

The guy has been at Celtic for every single one of our nine in a row seasons, won a Quadruple Treble and, next to Scott Brown, is one of our most decorated players in our history.

He is a bona fide legend.

But there are still some people who just don’t rate him as a player.

And speaking on BBC Sportsound, Paul John Dykes was discussing the winger when he said, “James is a player that, when we do our broadcast, he seems to still divide opinion a lot of time.

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And I’ll always stand up for him because I just think what the guy has achieved, what benefit other younger players and new players coming into the club are going to get from somebody like James Forrest, who knows the club the expectations and the standards.

So I remember when he scores that hattrick that day I felt a wee bit vindicated because I always stand up for him.

And he’s not going to play every week but what a guy to bring on .

And as I say, I’m sure he’ll be brilliant in the dressing room and on the training park.”

That is, no doubt, why Ange Postecoglou offered him a contract extension.

He still has something to offer the first team as we have already seen this season, but the professionalism he brings to the team and the stature of having a player who has won everything there is domestically must surely be a source of motivation to the youngsters at Lennoxtown that can see that if you work hard enough at your game, you can make it in this game not only for club, but for country as well.

Andy Halliday’s latest update on why Morelos is ‘struggling’ at Ibrox is just stunning

Andy Halliday. That man that knows everything you don’t need to know about football has delivered this outstanding update on why Alfredo Morelos is struggling for form at Rangers.

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“It might sound a bit silly, but a lot of it is down to he doesn’t speak fluent English and with Michael Beale being a Portuguese speaker he actually can speak to him. Can he get through to him that way. That’s the finer details. Can that help? Who knows.”

I know. It won’t as Alfie speaks Spanish, not Portuguese.

Brilliant insight from the former Rangers player now turned cheerleader.

I would respect Halliday more if he just spoke honestly about Morelos. The guys is a liability and has had chucked it.

I can see it, Gio saw it and so does every single Rangers fan.

If only Gio spoke fluent Spanish to get through to Alfie.

No, wait!

 “Misleading or deceptive conduct” – Trouble at Ibrox as £1.7m legal action taken against ‘The Rangers FC’

The Sydney Super Cup was a thorn in *Rangers side ever since the tournament was announced.

Billed as the Ange Homecoming Tour, the Ibrox fans were absolutely furious that not only was their own club playing second fiddle to a man they had backed for the sack last Christmas, they were also being paid far less money than our club for the priviledge.

Of course, they will deny that. They will claim that the ‘Old F*rm’ should never be used for a friendly match even though the Old F*rm died in 2012 but we all know the real reason why they didn’t want to take part.

Ange Postecoglou has them on strings. On and off the park.

And now, the inevitable has happened.

The cub is being SUED for £1.7m by the tournament organisers TEG Live Pty Ltd and Left Field Live Pty Ltd.

Check out the news from all the Celtic blogs across the web HERE

And what is interesting is that the papers have been submitted as a ‘claim against The Rangers FC in Federal Court on Friday‘.

‘The’ Rangers FC. Why on earth would that be?

The report goes on to say, “The promoters claim they suffered loss and damage following the wrongful termination with Destination NSW reducing their core funding by £800,000 and loss of ticket sales as well as costs of marketing.

“They are claiming £1.7m in compensation, noting a clause in the agreement outlining Rangers should play unless a ‘force majeure event’ should occur such as governmental action, pandemic or severe weather.

“The court documents also claim Rangers engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct contrary to Australian Consumer Law.”

So not only did the failure to appear in the tournament cost them millions in lost revenue, they look as though they will need to PAY almost £2m for the privilege of saving their fans faces.

Brilliant isn’t it?

“This is what I have been told” – Former Celt claims he has inside track of Celtic transfers

I’m going to bet who knows nothing about Celtic’s transfer business.

As Ange Postecoglou continues his work at recruiting players the best way he knows how, with stealth and secrecy, the Celtic gaffer is a master at pulling off a signing without the media getting a whiff of it.

Look at last seasons winter window. A triple Japanese signing caught the Scottish media on the hop and Ange’s latest recruit, although was heavily rumoured to happen, the announcement of Kobayashi took everyone by surprise.

So when Frank McAvennie claims he knows what’s going on behind the scenes, a serious pinch of salt needs to be taken with it.

“This is what I have been told,” he told Football Insider.

“The situation is that Ange speaks to his agent and tells him who he identifies with and it is his agent who deals with Mark.

“I am not saying he does not speak to Ange but the day to day things go through his agent.

“I think Ange just wants to deal with the football which is great. He tells them who he has got and who he wants and they go get them for him.“

Yeah, you not buying it either? Don’t get me wrong, McAvennie probably does have contacts within Celtic Park (for tickets etc….) but the inside scoop on Ange’s transfer inner workings?

Do me a favour.

“Sacked within a year”, “I’m glad he is gone”, “Good riddance” – QPR fans wish Beale well in new job

It’s done noiw isn’t it?

After weeks of speculation and Celtic fans laughing into their phone’s, Rangers have only gone and announced a manager with five months experience of being a gaffer to stop Ange Postecoglou.

Yep. Five months.

And he’s the real deal. Cause he ‘gets’ the club.

Never understood that reason to hire a manager for ‘geting’ the club.

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It’s a really bizarre.

I mean a reason for me to hire a manager would be:

  1. He’s qualified to run the team.
  2. He has great knowledge of the game.
  3. Can spot and recruit good players
  4. Has honesty and integrity.

Number 4 is what the QPR fans are seriously questioning as they reacted to their former gaffer’s appointment when the London club announced it, rather coldly, on Twitter:

And they all wished him well in their own special way:

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