Celtic may have unearthed a gem as new signing compared to Rodri

Celtic certainly have been busy in the transfer market this summer since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers.

The Hoops have added five new names to the first-team squad and it doesn’t look like we are anywhere close to finished yet.

With Brendan Rodgers looking to add options to his midfield, it looks like one of the signings he has made has made a real impression on journalist, Mark Guidi.

Guidi was speaking about midfielder, Hyeokkyu Kwon and compared him to Spanish midfield legend, Rodri. But not only that, despite Kwon’s relatively low transfer fee, Guidi doesn’t believe that the South Korean has come to sit on Celtic’s bench.

Guidi said, “I think with Kwon, he certainly comes with a reputation. The South Korean version of Rodri and we know what a hell of a player Rodri is.

“And Celtic are certainly looking to fill a gap in the middle of the park and unless there is somebody else we don’t know about then Kwon could well be that guy that they feel is capable of going in and do it.

“Given the impact that the Japanese players have made, and I would throw (Hyeongyu) Oh into that category as well. Ok, Oh has not quite had that impact of a Hatate or Maeda, but I think he’s been he’s been good for the limited time he’s had on the pitch.

“I don’t think they are project players. I think they’ve been brought here to come and do a job for Celtic.  I would see them very much being involved. ” (Go Radio Football Show)

To be honest, it’s a bit early to be making these kinds of comparisons as it puts undue pressure on the midfielder.

But if Kwon is half as good as Rodri and he delivers his early promise of becoming Celtic’s best player, the fans could be about to witness a very exciting player at Celtic Park next season.

Anthony Joseph clears up online rumours regarding Celtic’s recruitment policy

Celtic’s pursuit of two players from South Korea seems to have raised questions amongst the supporters on whether or not these latest signings are Brendan Rodgers‘ or the last drips of scouting knowledge from Ange Postecoglou’s reign.

And Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph has taken to Twitter to clear up the rumours online that the current Celtic additions are Ange Postecoglou’s signings.

Joseph tweeted, “Seeing a lot of comments regarding Celtic’s global recruitment search.

“These aren’t “Ange signings”. Ange’s influence definitely guided Celtic towards these untapped markets.

“Celtic scouts/recruitment know them well now. They’re continuing to identify targets in these areas.”

In reality, Celtic’s scouting network has been first class for the past two seasons. There’s no doubt that we have, and still are, taking advantage of what we have learned from the Asian market from the former Celtic gaffer.

It has proven very successful and long may that continue. But if anyone thinks that just because Ange has left our interest in the Asian and Australian markets went with him are seriously mistaken.

I would expect to see us continue our scouting in the Asian region for many years yet. Celtic are a global club. We have a global fanbase. It is only right that we also have a global scouting network.

Journalist embarrasses himself on social media after Celtic make first summer signing

I’ve never understood why journalists get themselves involved in this kind of nonsense. After Celtic signed Odin Thiago Holm yesterday, almost immediately Ewan Murray felt the need to criticise the club.

For those that are unfamiliar with Murray, he’s a golf reporter that supports Heart but continually tweets negativity about Celtic.

His nonsense on Twitter knows no bounds. In fact, he tweets more about Celtic than his own club. Many would assume that he has an anti-Celtic agenda but then, those that think that are just paranoid, right?

Anyway, after Celtic invested £2.5m on Holm, Murray came away with this nonsense:


Firstly, as Ewan well knows, if youth players are not good enough, they don’t get to play for Celtic. Those that are, do.

It’s a simple concept that he seems to miss. Another simple concept, no fact, even is that Celtoc have lost their real top talents tithe likes of Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Again, not Celtic’s fault. When clubs of this ilk come calling then it’s really difficult to say no. Especially with the promise of playing in the English Premier League or the Bundesliga.

Murray’s obsession with all things Celtic is strange to say the least. I think he should just stick to golf because when he talks about football, he just makes a Tit-elist of himself.


“Give the rest of us a chance”, “Mate ma Mrs is on here” – Celtic fans, Jota and Juranovic’s hilarious replies to Hoops star’s latest Instagram post

The Celtic players are all on a well-earned summer break. After winning a historic treble and with some participating in the latest international break, now is the time for them to take a couple of weeks R&R before pre-season starts in July.

Celtic’s Matt O’Riley was in training with Denmark just after the season ended and despite not representing the country in this international break, it’s fair to say his debut for the senior squad will not be that far away.

However, holiday beckons. So do photo’s of players in their moments of relaxation and Matt O’Riley posted a photo on Instagram that instantly made the male population of the Celtic support tell him to give it a by.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @mattoriley8

I mean, come on ffs! What chance does anyone have when O’Riley looks like something that has been chiselled out of stone?

The 21-year-old clearly looks after himself and it’s fair to say the Celtic fans, although they appreciate Matt looking after his fitness, were feeling a little insecure about the pic.

So was former Celtic, Josip Juranovic and current Hoops hero, Jota.

Matt O'Riley Celtic   It’s fair to say our Matt looks after himself so I’m going to end this blog here as I already feel unhandsome at the time of writing!  

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