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Andy Halliday’s bitterness reeks out with incredible live radio jibe at Callum McGregor’s Aberdeen performance

If there is one thing players should never do whilst still playing in Scottish top flight football it is this.

Become a football pundit. Because sometimes it can wind up making you look like a fool.

Granted, Andy Halliday doesn’t need much encouragement to look like a fool. He’s spent a whole footballing career doing that, but when you mix both punditry whilst still playing professionally, you can come across as a bitter wee man.

And that’s exactly how he sounded on the radio when Gordon Duncan and Roger Hannah were discussing Callum McGregor’s performance on Saturday and his passing stats.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Halliday said, “I mean what did he finish off with? 130-140 passes or something like that?

His contribution to the game, more importantly, was obviously the winner.

You’re looking at your captain and take the game with the scruff of the neck and and try and produce big moments.

And this isn’t by any stretch of imagination me taking away from Callum McGregor, but I really do feel that my dad could have made 140 passes in that game.

I mean because there was just no pressure whatsoever on Callum McGregor.

And if you give someone of that quality that time and space, he will dictate the game which is what he’s done.

And you know, you spoke about it earlier, we’ve seen Callum McGregor, if he gets time and space 25 yards out to go to take a shot at goal he’s got a clean strike so he managed to find the back of the net and get the winner.”

See when you start a statement off and caveat it with a ‘but’ you might as well say nothing at all.

I’ve said on this blog before, Halliday tries to come off as an impartial pundit but just like his hairline, the mask slips and the real Halliday comes out.

What he spouted on that show, completely unchallenged by the host or his fellow pundit by the way, was churlish, childish and downright disrespectful.

Celtic face Hearts at Paradise on the 25th February. We’ll see how Halliday fares up then against our captain.

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