“Why did it happen?” – Watch Jeremy Kyle make a fool of himself with Celtic fan rant

What has been very apparent over the last couple of days is how much these media personalities and news reporters don’t do their research before they made their comments on the Celtic banner.

That is crystal clear.

Look, whatever your opinion on the Green Brigade banner it still amazes me at how little people know about the history of our club and its deep roots to Ireland.

Because if they did have any sort of knowledge on this then they would at least begin to understand why our fans dislike the monarchy so much.

Next up to show how stupid he is is Jeremy Kyle.

He took to the airwaves to voice his disgust at the banner and showed us all that he didn’t do any kind of research before opening his mouth.

Kyle said, “We watched what happened in Scotland. (never happened in Scotland mate) Celtic fans have been slammed for absolutely the most offensive banner which was basically slagging off the Queen’s death, let me be honest.

“In contrast, there was a quite elaborate tribute from Rangers fans at the weekend. Organising it must have been amazing but the impact was wonderful.

“What I didn’t understand was some Celtic fans being disrespectful to the late monarch and Rangers fans not so…

“That was disgusting wasn’t it? Why did it happen?..

“I am amazed that the stewards didn’t get involved, I’m amazed that someone involved with Celtic at that game did not do more…”

Why did it happen? Ever heard of the famine Jeremy? Or the troubles in Ireland? No?

These people need to take off their Union Jack specs start opening their curtains and take a look out into the big bad world.

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