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“You can’t keep doing that” – Frank McAvennie criticises Celtic fans pyro use

No pyro no party is how the saying goes right?

Well, after a young fan was hurt with one of these devices at the last Glasgow Derby, it’s time we put these things away for good.

Don’t get me wrong, the colour and vibrancy they add is excellent, but with that comes danger and possible death.

Because the amount of toxic fumes they give off along with the searing heat from the flares, it is just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt and Frank McAvennie has called on the fans to stop using them.

Speaking in Football Insider, McAvennie said, “I don’t agree with it.

“Flares are stupid because it’s just a fine for the club. It looks great and I get all that but the club can do without the fine. Celtic are the best supporters in the world and the Green Brigade is a big part of that. Football’s about football and it should just be stuck to football.

“A lot of people go to football grounds to forget everything for 90 minutes and just go and enjoy it. When I see flares at grounds I just think that’s another fine. I don’t like it. The songs are great, I like the atmosphere but just stick to that, leave the flares.

“It’s not coming out of their pockets it’s coming out of Celtic’s. You can’t keep doing that.”

I can’t see how it can be stopped. Barring stopping and searching every fan that walks into Celtic Park it’s just not going to happen.

Hopefully, the fans will see sense before someone get’s really hurt.

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