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Follow Follow have outdone themselves with shocking Ange abuse

Regular readers will know that I like to bring you news on the deranged rantings of this complete cesspit of a forum.

And whilst all the Anglo Royal hysteria cranks up to untold levels, the flag sh*gging reprobates on this thread have directed their anger towards the Celtic gaffer for dodging a question about the Queens passing to focus solely on the football.

To prove how utterly stupid they are, they couldn’t even spell Postecoglou’s name correctly to start with and then to further compound their moronic and bitter hatred, one of the administrators of the page posted this quote from a parody Twitter account as fact to stir up even more bile:

It was pointed out, however, that this quote was false but the poster has so far refused to take it down.

Why let the truth get in the way of a good lie?

One fan was triggered so much by it he called for the Rangers manager to get sacked just to teach Ange a lesson:

Aparently he’s a terrorist as well:

But I’ll leave the worst for last because this comment alone is the most reprehensible of the lot:

There are genuinely no words.

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2 thoughts on “Follow Follow have outdone themselves with shocking Ange abuse”

  1. That “quote” was so obviously and deliberately worded to appeal specifically to those knuckle-scraping scumbags. That they couldn’t see that shows how blinded they are by their hatred, and also just how utterly think and lacking in self-awareness they truly are.

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