“I think that’s pathetic” – Top podcaster defends Celtic star from boo boys

Mikey Johnstone is a player that has had no luck at all over the last two seasons.

Plagued by injury which has affected his form, the youngster needs his luck to turn this season in an effort to convince the Celtic fans that he is the real deal.

As he comes under fire after another disappointing display on Sunday before being injured, the boys at The Celtic Exchange were discussing Johnstone and the online abuse he gets from the fans.

James was more so annoyed at the abuse that he called out the fans that engage in online trolling of their own players, “I think Ange believes in him and that for me says quite a lot.

He has had horrendous luck and I understand at some point if that luck eventually doesn’t turn then maybe a move away is best for everyone concerned.

But as a winger and particularly as a young winger, I feel it’s hard to judge him when he’s in again, injured, out a game, twenty minutes off the bench.

I think the only fair thing is to judge them as potentially when he gets a run of games. But he needs a run of games he needs to stay injury free and only at that point people can fairly judge him.

I think he’s so harshly judged by the Celtic fans. I understand if you don’t rate a guy as a player, but see when it gets personal and bitchy snidey stuff online?

I think that’s pathetic. If you don’t rate him as a guy, that’s cool. You wish him all the best.

Some of the nonsense that goes on. He’s a young guy, and I’ve no doubt they may jump online later on on the team bus.

And I wonder what it feels like to be a young guy reading all those comments from your own supporters.

A rousing, not defence of the player but of the man, by James that, hopefully, will make others think about the vitriol they post online that could affect a players mental health.


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