“A bunch of fans flew out to Miami to intimidate his wife” – Incredible account of Rangers administrator tells how the peepul killed their own club

The story of Rangers liquidation has been rumbling on as the ten year anniversary passed by yesterday.

In an incredible turn of events, a story from the jailed appointed administrator David Whitehouse.

Whitehouse was wrongly pursued by the police and the CPS for accusations of fraud during his handling of the administration process of the old club. A story you can read about here.

But he has revealed that all the pain and shame of liquidation could have been avoided if US billionaire Bill Miller was allowed to take over control of the club.

Speaking in the Daily Mail, Whitehouse revealed the reasons why Miller pulled out and the acts of the clubs own fans helped kill their own club, ‘The tragedy for Rangers is that Bill Miller was not allowed to acquire the club.

‘Bill Miller was an incredibly wealthy, extremely well-advised sports fan who wanted a base in the UK.

‘He had a plan which was fully funded and supported by professional advice in the sports industry and he was prepared to invest many tens of millions in the business after acquisition.

‘He reached agreement with me, the SFA and the SPFL to retain membership in the Premiership.

‘Had he taken over, the club would not have dropped down all those divisions and would have avoided that cycle of ten years of doom and gloom. You would be looking back now at a cycle of ten years of success driven by a US billionaire owning the club.

‘He was dissuaded not to proceed for only one reason. He was intimidated.

‘A bunch of fans flew out to Miami to intimidate his wife and that’s the tragedy around this story.

Absolutely stunning and it proves the Celtic fans were wrong all along.

They never sat back and watched them die.

They actively took part in the execution!

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