“This has got to be a wind up, surely?” – Sevco fans latest Alex Rae claim took apart

Alex Rae will say anything to try and stay relevant although I wonder he bothers because every time he opens his mouth whatever he says just gets torn apart by Celtic fans.

I mean, I have covered many of Rae’s misdemeanours on here many, many times and even he has shown his frustration on live radio at a time he got rinsed by a major Hoops twitter account over his Reo Hatate comments.

And it seems Rae still has Scott Brown on his mind almost a week after the Aberdeen fixture saw the former Celtic captain send the Sevco support into a week long meltdown.

Rae accused Brown of ‘lacking class’.

This is the same Rae who stamped on opponents and gladly took an EBT to avoid paying tax on his earnings for the years he played for the Oldco so I will take no moral lessons from a tax avoider.

But there was one comment that was took apart by the Celtic fans as both sets of fans responded to Rae’s comments:

I mean, where do you even start with that?

Know what? I won’t. I’ll let the Celtic fans do it for me:

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