“No victim of crime would receive anything like those millions” – MP demands explanation for ex-Sevco directors £40m Government payout

Another financial scandal involving the club from Govan ensues as MP Kenny MacAskill demands answers as to why the Scottish Government have allowed compensation payments to former *Rangers directors to hit £40m.

MacAskill has revealed that the agreed payments dwarf anything received from the same kind of claims in England over a SIX YEAR period where their total bill was just un £6m.

Former directors David Whitehouse and Paul Clarke were both awarded £10.5m EACH and Charles Green was also issued an ‘eyewatering’ cheque for £6.5m

MacAskill said [The Daily Record], “The sums paid by the Crown in the fallout from the Rangers liquidation debacle are extraordinary and eye-watering. No victim of crime would receive anything like those millions.

“Nor would a victim of an accident at work or even medical negligence that could be life-changing.

“The figures paid are also considerably greater than what’s paid out in England.

“It’s Scottish taxpayers’ money and citizens, never mind victims, are entitled to know how such incredible sums were calculated and agreed upon.”

The report says an inquiry will be held headed by a judge outwith Scotland.

I wonder why that is?

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