“Someone must answer!”, “Plate heed” – Celtic fans react to Heart & Hands referee tweet

There is nothing more breathtaking than *Rangers fans sense of moral fulfullment when it comes to their club highlighting refereeing standards.

If weren’t for referee’s this season, that club would have at least six points less than they have at the moment.

I’m not going to list them all, but penalty against Hibs at Easter Road, Porteous sending off at Ibrox, penalty against Aberdeen at Ibrox and the offside goal against Motherwell at Ibrox.

You catch my drift.

Which makes me wonder why it took a red card and penalty AGAINST them to make them raise refereeing standards to the SFA.

But what I cannot have is that fanbase taking the credit for ‘highlighting’ the problem.

It’s been going of for years, mostly in favour of a team that plays in blue, but as soon as the wind changes, the faux moral crusade comes out.

And *Rangers official media partner Heart & Hand was weirdly claiming credit for the clubs behalf:

And the irony of this is quite astounding. But suffice to say, it has, rightly, been called out and the double standards of that support when it comes to referees is simply brilliant:

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