Mark Guidi noticed somethings ‘strange’ about Rangers at Ross County that will intrigue the Celtic fans

Match Day Celtic Park

Rangers losing at Ross County on Sunday really set the heather on for for the title race and triggered the Celtic fans into fits of laughter.

The scattergun approach from the Ibrox fans since then has been outstanding as they look to blame anyone, everyone for a massive title slip up.

With rumours that Philippe Clement has had a bust up with a senior Ibrox boardmember doing the rounds, this week has been superb for the Celtic fans.

And now, with Rangers heading to Dundee tonight, any further slip ups means that more Ibrox hilarity will ensue until they meet Hearts on Sunday in the Scottish Cup.

However, there was something that Mark Guidi noticed about Rangers in the Ross County game that the Celtic fans will find interesting but not surprising.

Rangers’ arrogance on show

Guidi said (The Go Radio Football Show), “I found it very strange watching the game, a tone seemed to be set when Rangers took the lead.

“Now I know it’s an own goal, but look back. Look at Rangers’ celebration or lack of celebration.

“Play it back. This is a time when they are going for a title. It’s the first goal that could have taken them to the top of the league.

“It was almost as if they were already champions. It was like a friendly.

“I looked and thought, ‘Something’s not quite right.”

The self-entitlement of the Ibrox club is off the scale. Ever since Philippe Clement took over the Scottish press have been fawning over him and building him up to be some sort of footballing Messiah.

Keep it up lads, it’s working. Well, for us anyway!

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