“I’ve said it in front of 500 Rangers fans” – Listen to what Kevin Thomson’s said as he backs Scott Brown

Can you believe this is still going on?

Almost a week on and a round of Scottish Cup fixtures completed, the crowd at the BBC are still prattling on about the Scott Brown.

After their disgraceful interview with Colin Hendry where he claimed that’s ‘not what captains do’ in relation to his winding up of opponents, but please, Hendry needs to take a long hard at his own conduct.

Hendry’s past is not all glittering as he pled guilty for harassment and went bankrupt owing the taxman and creditors over £1m in payments. And I’ve not even mentioned his charge for drink driving.

That was an outstanding gaffe by the BBC to court the opinion of someone talking about the character of Scott Brown but it seems that they have tried to atone for that by speaking to the former Celtic captain’s best mate and former Rangers player, Kevin Thomson.

Have a listen to this:

The BBC have had an absolute nightmare here and it is not the first time they have made such a high profile gaffe in respect to the guests they invite on their show.

Will they ever learn?

Probably not.

No wonder they are losing all credibility amongst football fans.

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